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The Best Apps for Living in a City {Hoboken, JC, and Beyond}

by Arielle
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There’s an app for everything, literally. With our phones impacting pretty much everything we do, living our best lives would not be complete without a way to live our best digital lives. With apps that can help us get from point A to point B, to ones that deliver food right to our respective doorsteps, we’ve rounded up the best apps for living your best digital life in Hoboken {and beyond}. Read on to discover what Hoboken {+ beyond the Mile Square} apps you need to download ASAP.

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Ridesharing: When it’s too cold to walk, apps like Uber, Lyft, and Wapanda are a must.

Driving and Parking: ParkMobile {the newest way to pay for parking in both Hoboken and Jersey City}, Parking Dude – an app that tells you where you can park legally {ahem, no more confusing street signs}, and Getaround {a great way to rent a car from local car owners}. Waze or Google Maps are also a must for directions and a great tool to use to avoid getting lost in a city {both when driving or walking}.

Alternative Transport: nextbike for Hoboken and Citi Bike for Jersey City – for those who want to get around on two wheels + save the environment one cycle ride at a time. Plus, these apps are great ways to rent a bike and take a ride outside on a sunny spring day.

Public Transportation: onTime, and the NJ Transit {NJT, Light Rail, and the bus} apps are a must for taking public transport within Hoboken and beyond the city borders. Apps like these are super helpful because you can easily book train tickets from your phone, check schedules in a pinch, and so much more. Smarttraxx is the go-to app for the now-free HOP bus in Hoboken as well.

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Food and Delivery

Delivery: Fastboy, Postmates, UberEats, Seamless, and Grubhub are all great options for getting your food brought to your door {perfect for lazy Sundays}. Plus, a lot of these apps allow you to tip the delivery driver directly from the app, so if you’ve got no cash, it’s no problem.

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Restaurants: Tons of restaurants have their own apps, which you can download for loyalty points and easy ordering. Some of our favorites include Shaka Bowl, Benny Tudino’s {you can also use the SLICE app for Benny’s}, Quality Greends, and LO-FATT-CHOW.

Reservations: OpenTable is a must to snag a highly coveted reservation at many of Hoboken’s amazing restaurants. The best part is that the app is very easy to use, so modifying or canceling a reservation is super simple and quick to do.

Health and Wellness

Meditation: Apps like Headspace or Calm are great for centering your mind and relaxing before bed or in the middle of the day just to catch your breath {metaphorically}.

Period Tracking: Flo Period + Ovulation Tracker or Eve are great resources for tracking your period, as well as sexual health {these are always important to stay on top of, so apps like these make keeping track of your personal health quick and easy}.

Keeping Up With or Breaking Habits: Streaks will help you keep up with a great habit or break a bad habit from the comfort of your phone. The app can track up to 12 habits.

Fitness: Many gyms and workout studios in Hoboken have their own apps as well. Places like Cyclebar, Crunch, NYSC, and Everlast Hoboken all have their own apps, so booking classes well in advance or at the last minute are easy. Mindbody also covers a ton of local classes in the area — perfect for booking last-minute fitness into your day.

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Local News

Hoboken News: The Hoboken Girl App is perfect {shameless plug, we know} for easy access to all of our articles, as well as our fully stocked deals directory {also found here}.

Reporting Local News: Hoboken 311 is a necessary download — especially if you see an issue in town that you want to be fixed, with simple ways to report issues around town and be in touch with local officials.

Hoboken + Greater Hudson County News: NBC 4 New York lets you get alerts for breaking news, as well as weather and traffic notifications from Hudson County and the surrounding areas.

Other Helpful Apps

For When You’re in Need of a Bathroom ASAP: If you’ve ever been in a pinch and needed to use the bathroom, SitOrSquat has you covered. The app is designed to help users find the nearest restroom when needed. Cue that nice sign of relief.

For Working While On The Go: The Google Docs and Google Sheets apps make it easy to keep track of and update all those worked related documents while out and about.

For When You’re Exploring Somewhere New: The Yelp app is perfect to quickly look up businesses in the area {or new area, if you’re traveling} to help users make the best choices.

Have you tried any of these awesome apps? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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