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These Hoboken + Jersey City Spots Are Open Before 7AM

by Katie Stilo
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Whether it’s cravings for a carb-filled nightcap after a long evening of dancing, or the caffeine fix needed to kick-start your early morning workday, we’ve rounded up places all over Hoboken and Jersey City that will be there for you in the wee morning hours. We spent time searching for places that are open before 7AM — because we know the very last thing you want to do when the sun is barely up is spend precious time looking for where you can find breakfast, especially if you’re a first responder. Look no further, early birds and night owls alike, these restaurants, bakeries, and delis have a variety of options available in the wee hours of the morning, and all are located in Hoboken + Jersey City. 

Open 24 HOURS

Bagels on the Hudson | 802 Washington Street, Hoboken 

Bagels on the Hudson

Starting your morning before the sun is even up can be difficult, but bagels certainly make it easier to get out of bed. Bagels on the Hudson opens at 5:30AM during the week and is open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. This gem has your back with the classics and daily chef specials to try out. Picking up breakfast for hungry coworkers? Check out some of the care packages available at a reasonable price. 

City Diner | 31 Montgomery Street, Jersey City


We live in a state that has the most and some of the best diners in the world, so naturally, we had to kick this roundup off with a diner! City Diner is the best in Paulus Hook (some would argue the best in JC) — and this 24-hour spot has all the perks a traditional diner has to offer but with an urban edge. There are tons of options to choose from, and the menu includes all diner must-haves like disco fries, hot open-faced sandwiches, and milkshakes, as well as some creative options like Granny Smith Sweet Potato Fries. Plus, the diner delivers.

Dunkin Donuts | 400 Newark Street, Hoboken

Sometimes a good cup of coffee can solve all of your problems. Dunkin Donuts, though not a small-owned business, has one 24-hour storefront out of the several locations within the Mile Square. From iced coffee to breakfast sandwiches to doughnuts, this spot is pretty straightforward.

The Station Hoboken
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Primetime Convenience | 305 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

This deli off Washington Street is perfect for commuters looking to grab a quick coffee or snack before heading towards the train or bus. It is also a great spot for those looking to pick up something while walking their pets early in the morning before work. There are several Prime locations throughout Hoboken, including 720 Monroe Street that are open 24 hours.

La Brujeria | 590 Grand Street Jersey City


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(Photo credit: @labrujeria_jc)

Tacos 24/7? Yes, please! La Brujeria serves up delicious tacos, tamales, egg platters, burritos and more all day and night. With dozens of authentic Mexican options to choose from, you won’t be limited in your choices no matter what time of day. Everything is also made fresh to order here.

McDonald’s | 234 Washington Street, Hoboken

No, you’re not technically shopping locally, but when the late-night (or drunken) hunger hits, there’s nothing like an order of nuggets, fries, and a McFlurry. With the all-day breakfast menu you can indulge in McMuffins, pancakes, and biscuits, too – whatever your pleasure.

Stella’s Pizzeria | 315 Grove Street, Jersey City 

Stella's Pizzeria

More than just pizza is available at Stella’s despite the name. Wraps, classic breakfast sandwiches, cold/hot subs, and a number of appetizers are a few of the items on the extensive menu. Located just a block from the Grove Street Path station, Stella’s is a great place to stop before or after the train. 

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Paradise Deli | 226 Newark Avenue, Jersey City 

Paradise Deli is exactly what the name says: a paradise for the hungry (and probably sleep-deprived). With deli classics available 24/7, even for delivery, you won’t go hungry. Parade also offers canned foods and household items. top in for your ham and cheese omelet and also grab your laundry detergent while you’re there. 

Magic Deli & Smoke Shop | 159 Newark Avenue, Jersey City 

Not only does Magic Deli also serve as a smoke shop for those who partake, but there are also deli sandwiches available. Catering to customers with the munchies and customers just starting their day, this smoke shop has more than meets the eye. 

Neptune Bakery & Deli | 1612 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City


Craving something sweet instead of savory? Well, don’t underestimate Neptune Bakery just by its unassuming appearance (those are usually the best places). At first glance, this 24-hour spot looks like any traditional bakery with a good assortment of pastries and donuts but what you need to know is it makes some of the best egg tarts (otherwise known as custard cups) this side of the Hudson — or perhaps anywhere. Good thing it’s open 24 hours, as it gives you endless chances to be one of the lucky ones to get a tart fresh from the oven.

VIP Diner | 175 Sip Avenue, Jersey City


With the many different neighborhoods in Jersey City, come different diners. VIP diner may just be Journal Square’s most reliable 24-hour spot because let’s be serious, when you’re served great food in comfortable booths and are open 24 hours, there’s not much more you can ask for. This is a traditional no-frills type of place that looks old school inside and out (Grecian-trimmed paper placemats included). The kitchen serves traditional diner fare — you should come here for the classics like the perfect stack pictured above or some of the best curly fries of your life.

White Mana | 470 Tonnele Avenue, Jersey City


White Mana is a pretty legendary place in Hudson County – being the 1939 World’s Fair building is a historical landmark and was the 1939 World’s Fair building, as well as the first Manna to open. When originally introduced, it was called the “diner of the future” and an “Introduction to Fast Food,” and it’s been owning the hamburger game for decades. While everything on the menu is amazing (especially between the hours of 2AM and 3AM), come here for the cheeseburgers, waffle fries, and fountain sodas. The burgers are more like sliders than full burgers — which means it’s totally okay to have several – we won’t judge!

Open at 5AM

JP’s Bagel Express | 52 Newark Street, Hoboken 

More bagels! JP’s in the heart of downtown Hoboken provides the carb load needed to tackle a long day. With dozens of whipped cream cheese options to put on your hand-rolled bagel, you’ll run out the door to make time to stop in before work. JP’s also has plenty of breakfast and lunch sandwich options available as well. 

El Sazon De Las Américas | 305 Grove Street, Jersey City 

A line out the door even at 530 am is the sign of a crowd-pleaser, and El Sazon is no exception. That’s exactly the sight at El Sazon on weekdays. Serving up traditional Hispanic breakfast items such as mangu pequeno, yuca pequeno, and guineos pequeno in addition to more traditional American breakfast items. There are also juices and shakes to wash down your breakfast.

Krispy Kreme | 95 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City 

Donuts and early mornings go together like breakfast sandwiches and hangovers. Getting a fresh glazed Krispy Kreme donut to kick start your morning is guaranteed to make your day sweet (pun fully intended). Bonus: Krispy Kreme also has delicious coffee to go along with your pastry! 

Open at 6AM

O’Bagel | 600 Washington Street, Hoboken 

Hoboken residents already know this is the place to go any morning of the week for a solid breakfast sandwich, or just a bagel with cream cheese. Open at 6AM, we recommend the Bee-Sting on O’Bagel’s latest menu (a slightly dressed-up version of its cousin the BEC – the addition of scallion cream cheese and a hot honey drizzle take this classic up just a notch).

Little Market | 400 Newark Street, Hoboken 

This little market has a big menu to offer customers. From knishes and pastrami to bagels and omelets, the Market has it all. It’s even kosher! Try a pastrami, egg, and cheese on a croissant to switch up your morning breakfast. 

Delight Deli | 56 Monroe Street, Hoboken 

Delight Deli is sure to be a delight to your stomach. The menu has classic breakfast sandwiches and a bunch of munchie options for the snack lovers out there. With a great menu of delicious paninis available, you can pick up breakfast and lunch all before your head out to start your day. 

Hoboken Hot Bagels | 634 Washington Street, Hoboken 

Hot out of the oven and straight to the customer, Hoboken Hot Bagels is open early for takeout and delivery. Those of you that work from home yet start early can get breakfast delivered straight to your door. Bagels, sandwiches, coffee, and pastries are all available here. 

Fresca Gourmet | 115 Town Square Place, Jersey City 

Fresca’s menu has the classics you’d expect: bagels and coffee. If it is not broken, don’t change it. The team keeps it simple with a delicious breakfast menu with lunch options as well. Reliable and dependable is perfect for those mornings when your brain needs a few more minutes to wake up. 

Margherita’s | 651 Newark Avenue, Jersey City 

Don’t let the name confuse you, it’s not THOSE margaritas (or the Italian restaurant in Hoboken). These are, however, Italian classics. Hearty and mouth-watering subs, wraps, and calzones round out the menu. Many specialty pasta dishes, entrees, and pizzas are also available. 

New York Style Deli Market | 418 Baldwin Avenue, Jersey City 

Get your NY deli fix without ever leaving the Garden State. You guessed it, chopped cheese is on the menu. Staples you would commonly find in a NY bodega are among the items available on the menu. 

Starbucks | 98 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey CIty 

A tried and true staple of Americans everywhere: Starbucks. In a rush? Place a mobile order of your favorite latte or cappuccino so you can zip in and out of the store in no time. Starbucks has a number of pastries and breakfast items as well to round out your breakfast order. 

Wonder Bagel | Multiple Locations in Jersey City

Wonder Bagels

It’s kind of hard to avoid Wonder Bagel in Jersey City as there are many locations scattered across town. This makes it easy to pick up no matter which direction you’re heading towards! The menu consists of many types of bagels, spreads, sandwiches, omelets, and more. 

International Bagel | 213 Newark Avenue, Jersey City 

Although the name may lead you to believe only bagels are served, International Bagel has quite an extensive menu. With dozens of pastries and baked goods, juices, coffees, and teas, there’s something here for everyone. Try the avocado toast on Texas toast for a unique twist on the classic.

Little Sandwich Shop | 333 Grove Street, Jersey City 

“Little” may be in the name but the big flavors in the sandwiches are what this shop should be known for. The Little Sandwich Shop has a wide menu of specialty sandwiches, gyros, Reubens, and wraps. The breakfast menu also includes pancakes, pastries, and breakfast burritos. Not in the mood for a sandwich? There are also delicious salads. 

Hudson’s Grill Sandwich Shop | 160 Greene Street, Jersey City 

You certainly won’t get tired of coming to Hudson’s every morning because the menu has enough options to keep you coming back to try more. “Create your own” omelets, breakfast sandwiches and wraps leave the customization options endless to what your hungry heart desires. Head back for lunch too as the options are just as plentiful.  

El Cabanal Restaurant | 238 14th Street, Hoboken 

Located near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, El Cabanal should be a necessary stop before heading into downtown Manhattan. The menu consists of classic Latin American breakfast classics you can get elsewhere. Choose local and you won’t be disappointed by the flavor and quality from El Cabanal. 

Au Bon Pain | 101 Hudson Street, Jersey City 

With remote working here to stay, Au Bon Pain is here to help you tackle those early morning work calls with a coffee and pastry by your side. Call it multitasking at its finest when you can order your breakfast and also answer emails all from the comfort of a local cafe. Help increase your productivity with free wifi. 

Larsen’s Diner | 508 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City 

Diner classics you know and love such as French toast, waffles, eggs, burgers, sandwiches are served up here at Larsen’s. Check out the website for some menu coupons that could help you save a dollar or two next time you visit. 

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On Fire Halal Food | 50 Regent Street, Jersey City 

Halal is not just a late-night munchies food. The many delicious plates On Fire Halal Food has to offer include go-to’s like a chicken with rice dish as well as other fun meals you may not have tried yet. Located close to Jersey City Medical Center, health care workers who are either just leaving or starting their shift can get breakfast items or a dinner to go. 

Dixon Deli | 385 Varick Street, Jersey City 

With one of the best bacon, egg & cheese in town, Dixon Deli is a spot locals know and love. The hometown vibes and dependable, delicious sandwiches are why you should add Dixon Deli to your morning routine. Make sure you have some dollar bills at the ready as this spot is cash-only. 

The Cottage | 136 Monticello Avenue

the cottage jersey city

Fresh-baked goods galore, The Cottage has everything from pastries and sweets from Balthazar Bakery, The Cookie Cake Company, and Doughnut Plant. There’s also a ton of products that are vegan and vegetarian and non-dairy.

Villa Deli Mini Market | 198 4th Street, Jersey City 

Villa Market offers a number of salads, sandwiches, wraps to customers, This is a full-service market with pantry items and other goods available. Villa Market is your one-stop-shop for mornings when you need to get your shopping done as well as pick up breakfast to fuel your day. 


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