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Preschool Prep Options in Hoboken For Toddlers + Kids

by Ashley D'Onofrio
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Navigating your child’s academic path can be exciting, but also a ton of work. And for our Hoboken mamas and papas, there is no shortage of school options for the little ones of Hoboken, and if your son or daughter is not ready for school because of age or time commitment, there are plenty of ‘Preschool Prep’ options available. This is a great way to introduce your child to separation, socializing, and overall classroom instruction. Most of the preschool prep options are just a few hours and have flexible scheduling for as little as one to two days a week {some can be five days, too}. If you are unsure where to begin the search, read on to discover local Hoboken preschool options that might fit your needs for your child’s preschool prep. 

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{Photo: Little Bee Learning Studio}

Movement Space at the Monroe Center {720 Monroe Street}

The Movement Space at the Monroe Center offers “School Time” which is two days a week for two hours. The schedule is either Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday and both sessions run from 10:30AM-12:30PM. The program runs from September to May, just like a regular school schedule.

This program is a great introduction to being dropped off, listening to a teacher, and beginning that separation anxiety most tots face. Many of the students have already been here for a Mommy + Me class, which makes it a bit easier to transition. Miss Dena, one of the teachers at The Movement Space, teaches through creative art projects, singing, dancing, and imaginative play.

There is also a summer camp option available should, you want to try it out before September. Keep in mind the class sizes are small {six in total} and fill up quickly.

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Little Bee Learning Studio {163 4th Street + 522 Jefferson Street}

This studio also offers a preschool prep class for two hours and parents can select from a single day or multiple day options, so there is even more flexibility to fit into a busy schedule. Little Bee offers classes from 8:30AM-10:30AAM or 10:40AM-12:40PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Your child will get a chance to enjoy some individual free play, songs, and story time. There is also a morning circle time to focus on collaboration, along with snack time. There pricing is available by emailing info@littlebeelearningstudio.com.

Hugs & Bugs Club {529 Willow Avenue + 537 Park Avenue}

Hugs & Bugs Club has always believed in a very hands-on approach and promotes your child getting messy and learning through all the senses. This prep program has creative art projects, sensory activities, and great stories to tie into the lesson. There are two, three, and five-day options available from 3:00PM-5:00PM, and to enroll children must be two by September 1st.

Also, due to popular demand, Hugs & Bugs Club opened a second location in 2018, which is called The School at Chrysalis Cove {537 Park Avenue, Hoboken}.

Urban Jungle Play {1140 Maxwell Lane}

On top of the open play and drop off hours, Urban Jungle offers a preparatory school for two or three hours a day. Parents can choose from two days or even five days a week for their child, as Urban Jungle is another great way to introduce children to separation, teachers, and the idea of school. The ages allowed for the preschool prep school are 18 months to three years old and is helpful in beginning a firm routine as well as socializing with other children.

The three-hour option from 9:00AM-12:00PM focuses on unstructured play, snack time, and what Urban Jungle calls an “outside excursion.” Children do not have to be potty trained and Urban Jungle instructors + teachers are willing to assist in the potty training process {this is helpful to know as other facilities will not change diapers}.

Kidville {1202 Shipyard Lane}

Kidville, most well-known for baby classes has a Kidville University that has a play based educational mentality. This allows children to lead in exploration and learn through imaginative play. They have classrooms from Pre-2 through four years old. The Preschool Prep option is two days a week for two hours. The teachers create a keepsake photo book for the entire class, which is something unique and really great for children to take home. Kidville allows for full-year enrollment or session specific.

The Inner Athlete {720 Monroe Street}

For parents looking for another preschool prep option, keep in mind that The Inner Athlete has a great one that is two and a half hours long. This winter it was held Tuesdays and Fridays, but founder Lisa is flexible when it comes to scheduling should a large enough group request a day. This is a great way to introduce children to separation and socialization while keeping them active. The class is divided into two 45-minute sports classes and then a snack and craft session. The craft is themed with the sport they’re playing that day. It is definitely a way to teach a child about teamwork and sportsmanship while learning new sports.

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Hoboken Montessori School {158 14th Street} and Tessa International School {720 Monroe Street}

Aside from these specialized programs, schools like Montessori and Tessa also offer school for the two-year-olds of Hoboken. These are great private school options which allow your child to continue past the preschool prep age, but have opened their classrooms to our youngest school goers.

So, if you are not ready for a full day program for your little one these are great options for them to begin separation and for mommy to get some alone time {cue a relaxed sigh}. Children often enjoy socializing, story time, and learning through play, and preschool prep options are a great start to a lifetime of loving school.

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