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This Mile Square Couple Got Married at Koko Klub in Hoboken

by Samantha Impaglia
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Meet Nicole and Ray Nevins, a Hoboken couple who just got married locally in August. The two met while working at the fashion brand Theory, and have lived in the Mile Square together for two and a half years. Nicole and Ray had Hoboken tied into every aspect of their relationship: from getting engaged at Pier 14 and then getting married at Koko Klub; to having their rehearsal dinner at Grand Vin; and getting their wedding cake from Hudson Cakery. We had the chance to talk with the pair and their life in Hoboken. Read on to learn more about this couple and for more details about their local wedding.

koko klub wedding hoboken

The Hoboken Girl: What do you both do for a living?

Nicole Nevins + Ray Nevins: Nicole is the Retail Coordinator at Etro, and Ray is the Senior Manager of Inventory Control at Theory.

HG: What city do you both live in + for how long?

RN + NN: We live in Hoboken, NJ. Ray has lived in Hoboken since 2016 (6.5 years) and brought Nicole over from the Upper East Side in 2020 (2.5 years in Hoboken).

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HG: When/where did you + your partner meet?

RN + NN: We both worked together at Theory and fell in love.

nicole ray wedding

HG: Was there an instant connection/chemistry between you two?

RN + NN: No — we both actually helped each other with dating apps! A friendship began in 2019 and it’s all history from there.

HG: How long have you been together?

RN + NN: Since January 2020.

HG: When was the moment you knew you were meant to marry each other?

RN + NN: When we kissed on January 3rd, 2020.

HG: Tell us about your proposal.

RN + NN: Our engagement was on August 27th, 2021, a year prior to our wedding. Ray took out Nicole to our first date restaurant, Del Frisco’s, and walked Nicole back up town along the water. We both decided to take some selfies on Pier 14, and Ray proposed mid-selfie! Ray’s cousin-in-law was there and we took some engagement photos on Pier 14, then walked up to Pilsner Haus Biergarten to celebrate with all of our friends.

pier 14 engagement

(Photo credit: @rosieposephoto)

HG: How surprised were you? Were you expecting it?

RN + NN: I knew it was coming because Ray kept saying to get my nails done. But I didn’t know when it was happening. The big surprise was seeing all of our friends at Pilsner after the engagement.

HG: How long was your engagement?

RN + NN: Exactly one year.

nicole ray wedding

HG: Where did you get married + why that venue?

RN + NN: Kolo Klub. We chose there because it’s all of our firsts. The first time Ray and I went out together was there, it’s where our engagement party was, and it’s right around the block from our apartment.

HG: How many people did you have at your wedding?

RN + NN: 65

HG: What was your favorite moment of the day?

RN + NN: Our first looks were both of our favorites.

HG: Did you work with a wedding planner? If so, who + how was that experience?

RN + NN: We worked with Santina Dimaggio, our wedding coordinator. She was the absolute best and her company’s name is Four Seasons Events.

nicole ray wedding

(Photo credit: @rosieposephoto)

HG: Did you use any local vendors?

RN + NN: We chose everything local — a true Hoboken wedding:

HG: Any advice for couples planning a wedding locally or in general?

RN + NN: Get a wedding coordinator — and use Santina! Nobody wants to send emails a week before the biggest day of their life. She was a godsend.

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HG: What are you looking forward to most as a married couple?

RN + NN: Having the same last name, enjoying this next chapter together with our puppy, Norman. We love that we came into our apartment as boyfriend and girlfriend, got engaged, and are now married. Hopefully, we’ll be leaving as parents.

nicole ray dog

HG: What are some of your favorite local date night spots?

RN + NN: Grand Vin, Orale, Dino + Harry’s, Bin 14, and morning coffee dates at Mojo!

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