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The Best Spots for a Pedicure in Hoboken + Jersey City, According to Locals

by Alexis Spoden
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Summer is here, salons have reopened, and it finally seems as if we’re starting to finally get back to normal. Our feet, however, may not be sandal-ready just yet, thanks to that little moment in history known as the quarantine. Do not fret, as Hoboken Girl has made the next step easy by filing down a list of the best pedicure {and manicure, because #whynot} spots in Hoboken and Jersey City, directly from the locals. Read on to make sure you nail your choice. 

Modern Nails | 728 Washington Street A, Hoboken

Hoboken Girl - HGmanimonday- Modern Nails - Update

Modern Nails has been a local favorite for years, and with good reason. This spot has a wide selection of nail colors to choose from, and the standard pedicure includes hot stones at the end for no added cost and much-added relaxation.


  • – Pedicure – $23
  • – Spa Pedicure – $35

What locals say: “Modern Nails is my favorite for a pedicure! Even the regular one they are thorough with the whole process. I used to hop around nail salons but I am a fan of them for pedis!” – Johana Gutierrez

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Snap Fitness JC

The Nail Bar | 501 9th Street #B, Hoboken

This family-owned salon has experienced technicians to cater to every clients’ needs. The Nail Bar uses EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizers to clean all the instruments and foot spas after every use. The salon also uses disposable liners for pedicures so clients can ensure a safe, quality pedi. Call 201-459-1555 in advance to make an appointment.


Zap Fitness
  • – Pedicure – $24
  • – Spa Pedicure – $44
  • – Paraffin Pedicure – $38

What locals say: “I love the spa pedicure at Nail Bar in Hoboken!” – Cecilia Rosenbaum

Cuteticles | 410 Central Avenue, Jersey City + 389 Central Avenue, 2nd Floor, Jersey City

cuteticles nail spa jersey city

Cuteticles Nail and Spa has two locations in the Heights both of which offer a clean, sanitary, and fun atmosphere for clients to pamper themselves. They are also opening another location on Jersey City’s West Side, coming soon! Cuteticle’s website outlines all of its safety precautions it is taking after reopening such as utilizing face masks and shields, customer temperature checks, and thorough sanitization measures. Its classic pedicure won’t break the bank either, and the salon offers several pedicure levels, depending on customers’ needs. One great perk to take advantage of is its rewards program where clients can receive points and discounts for every dollar spent.


  • – Classic Pedi – $28
  • – Spa Pedi – $38
  • – Deluxe Spa Pedi – $48
  • – Signature Spa Pedi – $58
  • – Oxygen Spa Pedi – $68
  • – Ultimate Spa Pedi – $78

What locals say: “Cuteticles in the Heights is very clean and they always do a great job. Show Nails is also great in Hoboken. Very clean and they have really good specials all the time for pedicures.” – Kerry Tague 

Tutti Spa + Nails | 1119 Hudson Street, Hoboken

Tutti Spa and Nails has 19 locations across the U.S. and raving reviews from clients. The salon’s modern, chic interior and welcoming atmosphere are just a few reasons they stand out to clients. Tutti uses disposable liners and tools as well for a stress-free experience. Among its several spa pedicure services, the salon also offers additives such as foot reflexology and extra callus eliminators. Call 201-710-5001 in advance to make an appointment.


  • – Pedicure – $28
  • – Peppermint Spa Pedicure – $45
  • – Sea Salt Pedicure – $55 {on ClassPass!}
  • – Green Tea Spa Pedicure – $55
  • – Silky Milky Spa Pedicure – $65
  • – Reflexology Spa Pedicure – $75
  • – Organic Lavender Spa Pedicure – $85
  • – Tutti Signature Pedicure – $100

What locals say: “Check out Tutti nails! They have the brand Zoya which is nontoxic. Lots of fun colors to choose from.” – Jillian Weisbord Josephs

Dream Nails + Spa | 601 Observer Highway, Hoboken

hoboken girl - dream nail and spa - HGmanimonday - polish selection

Dream Nails offers a variety of special spa pedicures designed to pamper its clients. For example, the Organic Spa Pedicure includes only organic products, a 25-minute massage, and callus remover. A callus remover can be added to any other service for an additional $10. Be sure to also stop by Monday through Thursday for its mani-pedi special at $30. Call 201-238-2454 in advance to make your appointment.


  • – Basic Pedicure – $25
  • – Buffing Pedicure – $30
  • – C/Gel Pedicure – $60
  • – Peppermint Spa Pedicure – $40
  • – Green Tea Spa Pedicure – $45
  • – Silky Milky Spa Pedicure – $60
  • – Purissima Spa Pedicure – $70
  • – Organic Spa Pedicure – $80

What locals say: “Rosa at Hoboken dream nails is the best for pedicures!” – Bree Kennedy

Nail Atelier | 168 1st Street, Hoboken

Nail Atelier has eight pedicure stations in its large space, including two private stations in its small, backroom for a more exclusive experience with a friend. The salon offers a variety of special spa pedicures for an added cost, but even its basic pedicure is not so basic. A hot stone massage and the hot wax heel treatment comes with the regular pedicure. An extra 10-minute foot or chair massage can be added for $15 and callus remover for $9. Call 201-222-5044 in advance to make an appointment.


  • – Pedicure – $28
  • – Paraffin Pedicure – $40
  • – Peppermint Spa Pedicure – $45
  • – Green Tea Spa Pedicure – $55

What locals say: “Nail Atelier in Hoboken is by far the best mani-pedi in downtown/midtown Hoboken. They are friendly, very clean, and do a great job.” – Kimberly Favara

Grace Nails | 48 Essex Street, Jersey City

Grace Nail’s basic pedicure includes a foot massage with hot stones and natural Shea butter. The salon also offers a rewards program for added discounts which is a plus. If that isn’t enough to convince customers to book an appointment, Grace also makes it on the list of salons with excellent sanitary practices, utilizing disposable liners and tools. During COVID times, Grace Nails is charging visitors five dollars extra for each of its services. Call 201-309-1888 in advance to schedule an appointment. 

Pricing: {+ $5 during COVID times}

  • –  Classic Pedicure – $30
  • – Gel Pedicure– $55
  • – Paraffin Pedicure – $45
  • – Callus Treatment Pedicure – $45
  • – Buff Pedicure – $35

What locals say: “Grace Nails inside Liberty Towers {near Exchange place} is great. Very clean, and they use hot stones as a part of their standard pedicure” – Brianna Steinhilber Sanchez 

JC Creative Nails | 355 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City

jc creative nails

JC Creative uses disposable liners, new packaging for their tools, and has three UV lighting cleaning machines so clients need not fret. The salon offers a ton of pedicure options from which to choose, and for prices that won’t break the bank. Call 201-626-1488 in advance to book an appointment. 


  • – Pedicure –$25
  • – Buffing Pedicure –$30
  • – Gel Pedicure – $38
  • – Lavender Spa Pedicure – $38
  • – Organic Spa Pedicure – $45 {Monday–Wednesday before 3:00PM, $40}
  • – Deluxe Vegan Spa Pedicure No.1 {includes free manicure, foot mask, sugar callus remover, and 10-minute massage} – $55
  • – Deluxe Vegan Spa Pedicure No.2 {includes callus remover, legs = foot massage, hot stone, and collagen socks} – $60 {Monday–Wednesday before 3:00PM, $50}

What locals say: “JC Creative Nail Design is good, and there are upgrades available. I tend to get a 10-minute chair massage too. It’s really good.” – Morgan S. Gertler

LadyBird Nail + Spa | 187 Warren Street, Jersey City

LadyBird Nail + Spa in Jersey City was mentioned a few times from locals when asked about their favorite spots. They are not open yet but will be back up and running mid-July. Owner, Jenny Cho, takes pride in using the best products, hiring the finest technicians, and going the extra mile when it comes to clients. Every pedicure is also performed with a new set of sanitized, pre-packaged tools for clients’ comfort and safety.


  • – Pedicure – $28

What locals say: “Just went to LadyBird Nail and Spa today – best pedicure I’ve had anywhere!” – Ashley Marie

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Show Nails | 804 Washington Street, Hoboken

Show Nails in Hoboken has a vast selection of services on its pedicure menu that sound delicious enough to eat, such as the Raspberry Spa Pedicure which includes a raspberry scrub, mud treatment, pomegranate hot massage oil, and raspberry lotion. Call 201-386-1616 in advance to book an appointment. 


  • – Basic Pedicure – $24
  • -Buffing Pedicure – $29
  • – Gel Pedicure – $49
  • – Lemon Spa Pedicure – $40
  • – Raspberry Spa Pedicure – $40
  • – Chocolate Milk Spa Pedicure – $48
  • – Sweet Green Tea Spa Pedicure – $48
  • – Organic Spa Pedicure – $58

What locals say: “Show Nails on Washington Street in Hoboken always does a great job and they have a weekday special that’s 25% off any service.” – Kerry Tague

718 Beauty Bar | 718 Washington Street, Hoboken

718 beauty bar

In Hoboken, 718 Beauty Bar offers an array of unique pedicure services, including its signature CBD Pedicure. It’s gorgeous interior featuring sofas for pedicure chairs and reclaimed wood benches makes the whole pedicure experience feel more luxurious. Each pedicure is also performed with a plastic wrap liner to ensure cleanliness, and the salon is following all of the necessary sanitation protocols to provide guests with the utmost hygienic experience. Hot stones can be added to any service for just an extra $5, worth it! Visit the website to schedule your appointment.


  • – Pedicure – $23
  • – Express Pedicure – $15
  • – The Hoboken CBD Pedicure – $60
  • – MASK CBD Pedicure – $75
  • – Jelly Pedicure – $40
  • – Spa Pedicure – $55
  • – Gel Pedicure – $50

What locals say: “A little walk from the path but worth it. You can take the 126 bus right up Washington Street.” – Meg Tesser

Shining Nails | 1201 Adams St


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Shining Nails opened its doors for business in April of 2023. It accepts walk-in appointments as well as appointments through Vagaro. The nail salon services include acrylic nails, manicures, pedicures, and more:

  • Regular Manicure: $15
  • Gel Manicure: $40 ($50 for French)
  • Dip Powder Manicure: $55
  • Acrylic Manicure: No
  • Regular Pedicure: $35
  • Gel Pedicure: $50
  • Spa Pedicure: $50+
  • Hot Stone Pedicure: N/A


Have you been to one of these salons for a pedicure, or love another local spot? Let us know in the comments!


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