Noellery’s Newest Additions: Adorable Home Decor + Office Supplies

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Forget trekking to HomeGoods, you’ll never guess where there are home accessories {okay you might because of the title, lolz}, but Noellery is now more than just jewelry and accessories. Their latest products include items for every inch of your home: from living space and office to your bathroom. Whether looking for a housewarming gift or just something extra to spruce up your own space, Noellery – in Hoboken {at 123 Washington Street} or Jersey City {321 Grove Street} – has just what your apartment needs. Here are a few of our favorite finds at Noellery in Hoboken:

Bath & Bubbles


There’s nothing like a glorious bath time routine and these floral {foaming} shea butter hand soaps come in colorful patterned containers which make them not only beautifully scented, but also easy to look at on your bathroom or kitchen counter. If you’re into soaps in dishes — not pumps — the marbled soap bars beneath are nourishing and color-coordinated for any decor palette.


For something a little extra: read {we have no shame in being “extra”} these uniquely-shaped handmade soap bars are one-of-a-kind and contain real ingredients — not to mention they smell divine. They’re pretty enough to display in a glass vase {in a bathroom} if that’s your thing.

Office Supplies


As you can see, Noellery is stocked with a variety of paper pads to choose from, so if you can’t choose just one, test out one of each.


Office spaces crave a makeover every now and then, so refresh your workspace with pad + pen sets plus colorful notepads galore. No matter how bad your day might get at work, sit these paper mantras on your desk for some positive vibes {we’re ALL about ’em}.

PSA: these credit card holders are ideal for our Hoboken Girls on-the-go.


Transform your drab cubicle into a *home away from home* with this giant “chase your dreams” note pad + mini stickies. The stickies are useful to tag any important documents, whether a read for work or your next good book.

Motivational Mugs


Every cup of coffee should come in a motivation mug. These fox mugs are one of many cute varieties at Noellery. Not going to lie, it was tough not to feature the mug with New Jersey on it {and a heart over Hoboken, of course}. But it’s there!

Pretty Prints


Don’t forget to dress up any room {or office} with a cute print. The library of prints on our way through the front door is easy to miss, but make sure to come back around to flip through the never-ending assortment.

To-Go Tumblers


When life gets busy, sometimes the only time for wine is on-the-go. These tumblers are perfect gifts for bridesmaids {or a crazed mother of the bride…}, sisters, and best-friends.


Noellery carries something for everybody {and every home} and don’t forget to also check out their assortment of personalized accessories for your next gift-giving occasion.

As you know, shopping local is very important to us. It’s so important to support our community and encourage our town to keep these locally-owned businesses growing.

What’s your go-to housewarming gift?

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This post is sponsored, but our team LOVES Noellery and thinks everyone should #ShopLocal, and often.


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