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The Best Local Water Delivery Services in Northern Jersey

by Steph
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This time last year, Hoboken Girl was investigating the tap water situation in both Hoboken and Jersey City. We released a two-part podcast all about everything you need to know about water, federal water standards, the efficacy of water filters, and even got to tour the Boonton Reservoir in New Jersey, operated by SUEZ Water.

Ultimately, we came to the conclusion — with the help of experts in the field — that Hoboken and Jersey City’s tap water is totally safe to drink. However, you may not want to fill your cup directly from the faucet. Just because the water’s safe to drink by federal standards doesn’t mean it’s the best water out there for you.

Since then, tons of Hoboken Girl readers have expressed interest in learning more about water and by extension, local water delivery services. If you’ve never heard of a water delivery service, it’s a company that specializes in cleaning or purifying water before delivering it directly to your doorstep or allowing pick-up services. Some water delivery services are bottled water services, while others offer alkaline water.

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What’s the Difference Between Alkaline and Purified Water?

All of the local water delivery services outlined below offer either purified water or alkaline water. Or both, in some cases. If you’re not sure what the difference is, it mainly has to do with pH and minerals.

Alkaline water has been filtered in order to increase its pH. If the pH of water exceeds 8.0, then it is generally considered alkaline. Alkaline is on the total other side of the spectrum compared to acidic water. Alkaline water, therefore, adds minerals rather than stripping the water of its natural minerals. The distillation process usually removes these natural minerals.

Purified water, on the other hand, is water that has been filtered to remove impurities like chemicals and contaminants. However, this process usually strips the water of its natural minerals. Purified water has no one pH, but it is likely either 7 — neutral on the pH scale — or under, meaning that it tends to lean acidic.

While neither is necessarily better than the other, it just becomes about preference when choosing your water.

Want to learn more about local water delivery services throughout North Jersey? Keep reading for some of our favorites.

Tribeca Beverage Company

The Tribeca Beverage Company offers pick-up and delivery of bottled water, either purified water or alkaline water. Tribeca Water serves New Jerse and the New York metropolitan area, including Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, and more. {They also just opened a service in Los Angeles, CA, too!} For $20/mo {plus a delivery fee for NY and CA}, users get the choice of 2 five-gallon jugs of either alkaline or purified water delivered to your home. Each alkaline water jug has a pH of approximately 9.5. Additional jugs after the first two are $8.50 per water delivery. Contact them at 973-913-4568 or visit their Facebook or website for more info.

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Rica Water

Rica Water is a purified osmosis and alkaline water service based in Englewood, New Jersey. Though they do offer delivery, Rica Water is not offering delivery to Hoboken or Jersey City at this time. However, if you have a car, you can still take a drive over to Englewood and fill up a gallon or two of either purified water or alkaline water with a pH of more than 8.0+. You can bring your own bottles or purchase gallon jugs there at Rica. If you BYO five of your own bottles for a fill-up, you get the sixth bottle free. Fill-up is $1 per gallon.

Contact them at 201-569-1002 or visit their Facebook or website for more info.

Poland Spring Water Delivery

Poland Spring is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known water delivery services and luckily for Hudson County, we have a delivery service center right here in Jersey City. Unlike the two options above, Poland Spring offers bottled spring water — not alkaline water. The pH of Poland Spring is usually around 7, which is about neutral. Your first order qualifies for $50 plus free delivery when you select recurring delivery. Contact them at 808-759-9257 or visit the company’s website to schedule a delivery service.

Diamond Rock Spring Water

Diamond Rock is a spring water delivery service, but they also sell coffee and tea K-cups, too. diamond Rock services Bergen, Hudson, Essex, and Union Counties and is based in Ridgefield Park, NJ. A five-gallon bottle costs $7 to refill or you can get a six-pack of 1-gallon bottles for $7. Contact them at 201-440-1112 or visit their Facebook or website for more information or to schedule a delivery.

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Better Water Delivered

Based in Cherry Hill, NJ, Better Water Delivered offers purified water delivered to your door {whether it’s your home or your office}. When you sign up, your first three bottles are three, then after bottle after is $5.99. Call 856-530-0102 or visit their Facebook or website for more information or to schedule a delivery.

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