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Hoboken’s First Public Fishing Club: Here’s What We Know

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Hoboken is known for a few things — you know, Sinatra, the Oreo, birthplace of baseball, and if you’re originally from Hoboken — you know that this town has always been known for its sports. Whether it’s football, baseball, or basketball, the Mile Square has dominated the area for decades. Yet, there is one sport that never had the proper resources to allow locals to enjoy it, and that sport is fishing. Now, local fishermen can join the Hoboken Fishing Club — a public club —and partake in the sport with like-minded people.

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Fishing in Hoboken

Hoboken has always been fishing-friendly, no matter your views on the Hudson River’s wildlife. Pier A has a dedicated area for fisherman to clean their fish, but that area is very popular in town and is saturated with foot-traffic throughout the day. This often leaves the local fisherman to set-up shop in close-quarters with each other along the pier, quite crowded together and causing them to be on high-alert at all times while carrying heavy, dangerous equipment. For years, these fishermen have made it work with what was available.

While the club has already been founded, and membership continues to grow, the founders of the club are still looking for a permanent home along Hoboken’s pier where members can fish safely and in their own dedicated space. The first meeting for members will be held sometime in the coming weeks and the location will be announced soon.

The Founders of the Hoboken Fishing Club

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Thanks to Dairen Coto, Yasmin Coto, and Rico Colon, local fishermen will now have a community of people, male and female, professionals and beginners, that they can not only fish with, but hang out and get to know each other while collectively participating in the sport.

“Our first goal is to get a pier dedicated solely to fishing, but once that’s accomplished, we want to start an initiative that will allow us to clean the water, and ultimately create better fishing conditions. We plan to reach out to the city so they can guide on what we can do to help clean our waters. This would allow for the best fishing experience out of the Hudson,” Dairen shared exclusively with Hoboken Girl.

Dairen and Yasmin are from Hoboken, and Dairen and his brother Leo are barbers and the owners of Hoboken’s Trim barbershop located at 303 1st Street.

Yasmin has worked in the corporate world for most of her life — most recently for Ironstate Development and Applied Property Management for the last 15 years, starting out in the accounting department and eventually making the switch to property management at 333 River Street. She currently works at the Hoboken Marina Sailing Club that manages Pier 12 and is now the Chief Lobbyist for The Hoboken Fishing Club.

Rico, also born-and-raised in the Mile Square — along with his brother Leo who is a police officer — plans to offer fishing lessons for adults and children.

“These waters are great for fishing. Striped Bass migrate through the Hudson River, along with other species of fish,” Rico explains.

Rico is also a U.S Army Disabled Veteran that served six years and fought in the “Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan” and is currently a self-employed contractor for Uber Ride Share for the last two years. As a well-seasoned fisherman, he’s hoping to pass down his knowledge of the sport to anyone that is interested.

About The Hoboken Fishing Club {HFC}

The official launch date for the club is TBD. In the meantime, the team is keeping members updated and hosting fishing events at neighboring piers. They will be coordinating BBQs, crabbing events, fishing competitions, and more. Once the club is open, they will continue to host fun fishing events to raise money for the club and build a fun, inclusive culture for locals to kick back and enjoy a beautiful day on the pier.

The best part is that the club is open to everyone, it is not exclusive.

All you have to do is email Yasmin at Y.coto@hobokenfishingclub.com to join.

When asked what inspired them to start a fishing club, Dairen explained that “We enjoy fishing and know enough people who share the same passion. We feel that Hoboken needs a fishing club with a dedicated pier solely for fishing because it is dangerous and can be an annoyance for bystanders sitting along the pier while we cut our bait and cast our hooked rods. Also, it seems to be a neglected sport in Hoboken. Every sport in this town has a dedicated location, so this was the perfect opportunity to create one for fishermen in the area.”

As it stands, there are already 70 members, and as the word spreads around town, the numbers grow by the day. “At the rate it’s growing, there may be 100 members by next week,” Dairen told Hoboken Girl.

While there are other fishing clubs in the area, what will make Hoboken’s stand out is that “we will have a home base fishing pier where we can educate anyone who has an interest in the sport, get together with friends, and enjoy our sport in a safe, dedicated area,” Dairen shared.

As more details on the Hoboken Fishing Club unfold, we will keep you updated!

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