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PIE 66 Pop-Up Coming to Hoboken and Jersey City + More Local News

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Hey, Hudson County! It been a week and then some. From more e-scooter DWI charges to a flying car company that wants to use Jersey City’s waterfront to try out its prototypes to a pie pop-up gracing us with its presence, there has been tons going on, to the say the least. Fear not, as we’ve got you covered to help you catch up. Keep reading for all the top news stories you missed this week. 

Second E-Scooter User Charged With DWI, Third Alcohol-Related Incident Since Scooter Launch

dog on scooter

Since Hoboken Girl reported the first-ever DWI e-scooter charge in Hoboken last week, two more people have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated while riding an e-scooter. The first DWI charge was for Nicholas Cutrone, 26, of Hoboken who appeared visibly unsteady while unlocking, then operating a scooter near Newark Street and Park Avenue. Cutrone was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and refusal to submit to a breathalyzer.

A week later, Erin Salvin, 26, of Morganville crashed an e-scooter into a vehicle as it was leaving a parking spot. Salvin fell into the vehicle, then to the ground. An officer ran to her aid, then after noticing the smell of alcohol on her breath, administered a field sobriety test. Salvin was put under arrest for suspected driving while intoxicated. When she eventually provided breath samples, her BAC was double the legal limit. Salvin was charged with DWI in a school zone and reckless driving and was issued several motor vehicle summonses.

According to Keith Ferrante, the third alcohol-related incident for an e-scooter driver was only “suspected” and it happened back in August. The incident occurred on August 14th at 6th and Hudson Streets when a person fell off a scooter and sustained fractures and ultimately, non-life-threatening injuries. It doesn’t appear that the person was charged, though Ferrante does consider that incident as alcohol-related.

In the aftermath of all these alcohol-related e-scooter incidents, Lime is urging people to never drink and drive an e-scooter.

Brick + Dough Opens in Union City

brick and dough union city 4

{Photo credit: Victoria Squirlock}

Craving pizza and live in Union City/Weehawken? Then you’re in luck. Brick + Dough soft-opened in Union City on Friday and is ready to serve the local area with its delicious hand-made dough and specialty slices. Open now at 218 48th Street, right on the border of Union City and Weehawken, Brick + Dough is the latest venture from Jason Rosenthal, who has worked locally in Montclair as a personal chef for the last seven years. Click here for more info.

Flying Car Company Wants to Test Out Prototypes on Jersey City Waterfront

flying cars jersey city

It’s happening, it’s really happening! The time of the Jetson’s has finally come. According to Jersey Digs, Kitty Hawk Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based company working on a flying car prototype, wants to bring its flying cars here to Jersey City to test them out.

Kitty Hawk Corp. has filed a request with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as part of a proposal to bring its Flyer aircraft to Jersey City’s waterfront. Kitty Hawk filed “waterward” and “landward” waterfront permit applications back in August and described the company’s vision to develop “a temporary hangar and one temporary floating dock for the test pilot program.”

Wondering WTH is Kitty Hawk? The company is funded by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google and describes its Flyer Aircraft as an electric vehicle that can also fly three to 10 feet above the water.

Forget the PATH. We could be flying to work!

PIE 66 Pop-Up Locations Coming to Hoboken and Jersey City

pie 66 popup

{Photo courtesy of Bucket + Bay}

Bucket + Bay is working on a new concept shop called PIE 66. Don’t worry — no matter where you live, either in Hoboken or Jersey City — there will be a nearby location in either area. Yep, PIE 66 is coming to both Hoboken and Jersey City in two separate locations: 150 Bay Street and 153 First Street. Bucket + Bay scoop shops in both locations are closing for the season and in their places, you’ll find a selection of six pies, paired with six gelatos.

“We’ll be hand-crafting a selection of homestyle pies that can be enjoyed by the slice or whole pie,” says Jen Kavlakov, artisan in chief at PIE 66. “My goal is to create a healthier, tastier alternative to the standard pies that are made with things like corn syrup.”

Yep, that’s right. Most pecan pies are made with corn syrup. PIE 66 is looking to change that with their healthier alternatives and each one will be paired with Bucket + Bay gelatos.

“For the ultimate comfort-food experience,” Kavlakov adds.

Café Esmé Opens in Jersey City

cafe esme jersey city

{Photo credit: @cafe.esme}

Café Esmé has officially opened in Jersey City as of a week ago. The new café, located at 485 Marin Boulevard, comes from Daniela Sarbu, who also founded World of ABC, The Waldo School in Jersey City. Though small, Sarbu wants the JC community to know that their 710-square-foot space is known for big flavors and big spirit.

“We are in a small space but we have big hearts and good products and coffee,” Sabru tells Hoboken Girl in an email.

According to the café’s official Instagram, they offer gorgeous latte art, avocado toast with eggs and goat cheese, omelets, and more. Café Esmé is open on weekdays from 6:30AM-7:00PM and weekends from 8:00AM-6:00PM.

Lime Hero Project Earns $1,500+ for Hoboken Community Center

lime scooter

In the wake of some not-so-great press for Hoboken’s e-scooter pilot, Lime is doing something good for the community. The Lime Hero Project has raised more than $1,500 from more than 200 riders in Hoboken. The money will go to the Hoboken Community Center.

The Lime Hero program allows riders to “round up” the cost of their rides. So, if it costs $3.59, you can choose to round the price to $4 and the remainder of that $4  goes to the Hoboken Community Center. Pretty cool, huh?

“Hoboken is appreciative to e-scooter riders and Lime for generously giving back a portion of rides to the Hoboken Community Center,” Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in an official statement. “The HCC is a valued non-profit partner in the city and provides critical services to those in need. I encourage all users to consider rounding up their ride to support a great cause.”

Jersey City Man Founds Nonprofit That Has Planted 30,000 Trees


Jersey City resident Ford Seeman has founded Forest Founders, a nonprofit organization with the mission of planting trees to offset our carbon footprint and ultimately, reverse global warming. In a small amount of time — 18 months — Seeman’s nonprofit has planted about 30,000 trees. 

“We want to create the tools for individuals and businesses become carbon accountable,” Seeman told Patch. “Through planting trees, businesses can attract more environmentally-conscious consumers.”

He continued, “According to scientists if we want to reverse global warming, we’re going to have to plant 1 trillion trees. We have the space and the inventory, we need the people, and we think we can do it.”

Forest Founders is a subscription-based service for both individuals and businesses. Members’ monthly membership fees are used to plant 16 trees on the member’s behalf. According to FF, 16 trees per person is the number of trees needed in order to offset the average American’s annual carbon emissions.

“We want a corporation’s culture to be as environmentally conscious as possible,” Seeman added. “It has to start with commitment and the understanding that economics and the environment don’t mix. We need to find more ways to have businesses and nature have a symbiotic relationship. We’re all in this together and every bit helps.”

Pilsener Haus + Biergarten Debuts Fall Menu and Welcomes New Executive Chef

pilsener haus and biergarten fall menu

{Photo courtesy of Pilsener Haus + Biergarten}

Right in the thick of autumn, Pilsener Haus + Biergarten has made two big changes, welcoming a new executive chef Oren Shukrun and debuting their fall menu. Chef Oren, who has 25 years of international culinary experience, served as a cook in Israel’s Armed Forces for three years, studied in Haifa, then went on to cook at luxury hotels in Eilat, Israel’s beachfront resort city. In 2010, Chef Oren moved to the U.S., working as a private chef and preparing menus for high-profile NYC society events. He then went on to work at Pomegranate in Brooklyn. Now, Chef Oren plans to bring Biergarten guests’ favorite Austro-Hungarian classics.

New to the menu are the Pilsener Haus flatbread, smoked turkey leg, fritto misto, yellow fin tuna tartare, keilbasa in a blanket, and apple strudel.

Dom Eats Local Comes to Jersey City

Chef Dom Tesoriero, star of the newly-premiered web series Dom Eats Local, recently visited Jersey City on one of his stops for the show. According to NJ.com, Tesoriero is the chef behind Mac Truck NYC, Manhattan’s first {and only} gourmet mac and cheese food truck and was also a contestant on Season 11 of Food Network Star.

To watch the full episode of him in JC, check it out here.

33rd Annual Hoboken House Tour Kicks Off October 20th

hoboken house tour 2017

The 33rd Annual Hoboken House Tour kicks off today, Sunday, October 20th. As per the tradition, nine Hoboken homes and condos are featured on the tour, provided by the Hoboken Historical Museum. From 10:00AM -4:00PM, the self-guided tour brings visitors around town where they can get an in-depth look at some of the Mile Square’s most interesting homes. The homes can be visited in any order and the tour itself takes about three hours.

Ready to get started? Pick up your booklet at the Hoboken Museum, 1301 Hudson Street, or the Fire Department Museum.

Suite Tee’s Celebrating its 1st Anniversary in November

suitee wax jersey city

Suite Tee Wax Studio is celebrating its first anniversary on November 1st. Located at 172 Newark Avenue, Floor 3 in Jersey City, Suite Tee will be offering specials on all their services on November 1st, as well as free manicures, goodies, and beverages for patrons to take home. Suite Tee offers services such as waxing, tanning, manicures, pedicures, makeup application, hair styles, massages, and more. Happy 1st anniversary, Suite Tee!

Airbnb Vote Live TV Special Airing on Comcast

airbnb homeaway 11

Airbnb has, since its conception, been an interesting conversation topic in Jersey City and surrounding areas. On Tuesday, October 22nd, the Airbnb Vote Live TV special featuring Airbnb spokesperson Liz DeBold Fusco will air at 12:00PM on Jersey City Comcast cable channel 190, Livestream.com, YouTube, and Facebook. The point of the special, which is hosted by Jersey City Show’s Pat O’Melia, is to address the advantages and disadvantages of the Airbnb referendum vote, set to take place on November 5th.

Not sure what the referendum vote is? Airbnb is an online marketplace in which a person can book a short-term stay. Now, on November 5th, voters get to vote on an ordinance that prohibits short-term rentals for more than 60 days in properties where the owner does not live on-site. The ordinance also prohibits Airbnb rentals in buildings with more than four units.

Got questions? Fusco and O’Melia will be answering questions posted to Facebook live on the show.

If passed, the new ordinance will go into effect on January 1st, 2020.

Meeting to Discuss Grand Street Redesign Held Last Wednesday

judge hotel givebacks 1024x1024

Last Wednesday, a public meeting was held in order to discuss the proposal to redesign Grand Street. You may remember that in 2018, the City of Hoboken had a Concept Development Study done, which made recommendations on changes to be made. The idea behind the changes, of course, is that they would improve the pedestrian, cyclist, and user safety of Grand Street. While many of those changes were adopted, Hoboken is now looking to adopt the rest of the recommendations in accordance with the Vision Zero JC Action Plan and Bicycle Master Plan.

Interested in learning more about what’s in store for Grand Street? Check out jerseycitynj.gov/TrafficSafety for more info.

Dresdner Robin Is On Board for Jersey City Whole Foods

dresdner robin jersey city whole foods

{Photo credit: Dresdner Robin vi Patch}

A Whole Foods in Jersey City just became that much closer to being a reality. According to both Patch and Insider NJ, land-use consultancy Dresdner Robin has mapped out the home of what could potentially be Whole Foods. Dresdner Robin looked at local and state approvals and even procured site plan approval from the Jersey City Planning Board. Using laser-scanning tech, Dresdner Robin virtually mapped out where the WF would go and found a place for it in what is currently a parking garage.

“This development at Harborside introduces necessary retail space into Jersey City’s rapidly growing downtown, at a key transport hub,” said Fred Worstell, president of Dresdner Robin, in an official statement.

It looks like Whole Foods Market in Jersey City will go in Jersey City’s Harborside 4A, which is owned by Mack-Cali Realty Corporation. Harborside 4A is 10 stories, featuring three levels of Class A office space. The Whole Foods would go into what is currently a parking garage, which spans seven stories. WF would take over 47,000 square feet of the building.

Mack-Cali also released an official statement.

“We are very excited that Whole Foods Market selected Harborside for its future Jersey City store,” said Mack-Cali Senior Vice President of Communications, Deidre Crockett. “Jersey City has been anticipating the arrival of Whole Foods Market, and our ability to creatively retrofit Harborside 4A will make that a reality. Dresdner Robin’s survey informs the overall reconfiguration of the building, and their work securing approvals has allowed development to proceed.”

Paper Source Coming to Hoboken

paper source

{Photo credit: Lara Cohn}

It looks like Paper Source will be opening soon as new signage on their door seems to confirm they are currently hiring. According to the sign, seasonal positions are now available and employees even get a discount on products. According to their website, the Hoboken Paper Source location is currently looking for Customer Service Associates and a Shift Supervisor, part-time.

‘The Joint’ Chiropractic Opens Jersey City Location

the joint chiro jersey city

{Photo credit: @thejointchiro}

The Joint just opened in Jersey City. New to 140 Bay Street as of September 2019, The Joint is offering $29 introductory visits and a starter price of $79 a month for up to four visits. If you haven’t heard of The Joint, it’s a group of chiropractors working together to make chiropractic care easier and more affordable for those who need a tune-up.

“The team in New Jersey chose this site because they reside in New Jersey and [had] local knowledge of the area,” Joint spokesman Preston Wahlquist told Jersey Digs. “Additionally, the urban location in a redeveloped area was desirable in expanding our reach in this kind of setting.”

You’ll also find The Joint in Hoboken, so the company’s no stranger to the area. There’s even another New Jersey location in the works for early 2020, though the actual location or city has not yet been disclosed.

Hoboken Family Pharmacy Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

hoboken family pharmacy

It’s been almost 10 years since Hoboken Family Pharmacy opened its doors on 1st Street and this year, HFP is celebrating. Their 10-year anniversary is December 1st, so be sure to show them some love and stop by to support. Happy 10th anniversary, Hoboken Family Pharmacy!

SST Studio and Rentals Dance Studio Announces Weehawken Location

sst studio weehawken

SST Studio and Rentals is a recording studio, dance studio, and rehearsal complex and it’s bringing its new location to Weehawken, right at Park Avenue. SST Studios has housed talent like Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and even the Rolling Stones.

The new Weehawken location is a 2,000 square feet dance studio with 40 feet of mirrors on one wall and 28 feet of mirrors on the other. There’s audio-visual production tools, free parking, and a free van shuttle service for clients who need to get back and forth to Manhattan.

La Dolce Vita in Jersey City Has Closed

In recent closure news, Hoboken Girl can confirm La Dolce Vita has closed permanently. While commenters in the JC Heights Facebook group were going back and forth trying to figure out what led to La Dolce Vita closing, not much about why LDV shut its doors is known. The location at 398 Central Avenue is now vacant.

Grove Square Management Files Lawsuit Against Grove Square Businesses, Accuses Businesses of Fraud

grove corner taco

Grove Square Management has filed a complaint against Square Two Holdings LLC and Jeff Favia. Together, these two business entities operate five different restaurants at 116 Newark Avenue: Bistro Jeffrey’s, Grove Taco Corner Bar, Wine + Whiskey Bar, The Underground, and Favia Pizza.

Filed in Morris County Superior Court, the complaint alleges these five restaurants have been lying about “ongoing problems” with their businesses. These alleged lies include health code violations, maintenance issues, ongoing tax liabilities, and more.

No official word on how this will affect Grove Corner Taco Bar, which was supposed to open this fall. It’s hardly the first time GCTB postponed its relaunch. GCTB has rebranded and reopened as many as three times and with this latest transformation, it looks like it may be affected by the pending lawsuit.

Hoboken Police Department Investigating Armed Robbery

hoboken police patch

Hoboken Police are currently investigating an alleged armed robbery report. The incident took place around 5th Street and Garden Street, by Church Square Park. Police responded to the call around 2:00AM on Saturday, October 12th, according to hMag. Two female victims alleged two males ordered them to hand over their cash and phones, claiming they also pointed a gun at them. The males then fled west.

The victims have described the robbers as a “skinny black male about 5’6” wearing dark pants and a dark hooded sweatshirt with dark sneakers and white accents “and “a dark-skinned Hispanic male about 5’4″ wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt with a baseball hat along with dark-colored pants and white sneakers.”

If you have any information about this incident, police are asking you contact Hoboken Investigations Bureau at 201-420-111.

Sparrow Wine & Liquor Co.’s Armando Luis Named 2019 Market Watch Leader

market watch news

{Photo credit: Market Watch}

Armando Luis, the owner of Hoboken’s Sparrow Wine & Liquor Co., has been named the 2019 Market Watch Leader by Market Watch. In the article, titled “Superstar on the Hudson,” Armando is praised “for his careful preservation of the store’s legacy, his commitment to customer service, and his aptitude for changing with the times.” Read the full story here.

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