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Coming Soon to Jersey City: Grove Corner Taco Bar

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Jersey City, it looks like there’s another place that wants to serve you tacos. Actually, it might even be a familiar face. If you have ever taken a stroll down Newark Avenue in Jersey City, then you may have noticed the Grove Corner Bar, located at 116 Newark. If you’ve taken said stroll somewhat recently, then you might be like this reddit user who recently noticed new signage. “Coming this fall,” the sign reads underneath the awning for GCTB. Keep reading to find out what’s coming soon to Jersey City — Grove Corner Taco Bar.

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A History of Grove Corner Taco Bar

This may not seem like a big deal but those of us are who are in-tuned to the Grove Corner Taco Bar’s history might know that this will be the second time GCTB has opened as GCTB and the fourth time it has re-opened at all.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Let’s dive into the history of the 116 Newark spot.

Grove Corner — which rests at Grove Square in Jersey City amongst other local biz’s like Bistro Jeffrey’s, Wine + Whiskey Bar, The Underground, and Favia Pizza — was re-opened as such back in 2017. While the place underwent some quintessential re-branding, it seems to have stayed within the same ownership as it was prior.

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Which brings us to: Grove Corner Re-Branding, A History. The spot at 116 Newark started off as The Coffeeshop. Soon after, it became The Third Base Sports Bar. Then in 2017, it re-opened as the Grove Corner Bar. This latest version of the spot now seems to feature the word “Taco” in-between “Corner” and “Bar.”

According to a Jersey Digs article dated November 2017, the Third Base Sports Bar became Grove Corner Bar, also a sports bar, nearly two years ago. This latest bout of re-branding seems to have more of a focus on the food, what with the word “taco” added and all. But that’s just a guess; only time will tell. As of now, however, the taco bar portion of the locale isn’t open yet.

The Re-Brand

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Back in 2017, part of Grove Corner’s re-branding was a new-and-improved menu, live music, and other forms of entertainment. No word as of yet what Grove Corner Taco seeks to bring to the table — other than the fan-favorite Mexican dish, of course.

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As for Grove Corner’s social media presence, it’s been pretty mum since May 2018. Known on Instagram as the handle @grovecornerjc, their bio says “Coffee Shop” but also self-describes itself as a sports bar with “the best drink specials and happy hour in Jersey City.” The bio also boasts $8 wings, tacos, and sliders. Hoboken Girl will be keeping a look-out for any new social media updates.

Speaking of tacos, Jersey City is hardly devoid of the soft or hard shell delicacy. Grove Corner Taco Bar will join a legion of delicious taquerias in local JC — Órale! Mexican Kitchen, Los Cuernos, Gringos Tacos, Mezcal Kitchen, and Taqueria Mi Mariachi to name a few.

Are you excited to try out Grove Corner Taco Bar? Comment below!

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