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My Gym Hoboken: A Vibrant Play Space For Little Ones

by Erin
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We’ve already covered the seemingly endless amount of workout options throughout the Mile Square, but once you have a baby — it’s a whole new ballgame. Enter: My Gym, located in Hoboken. And no, it’s not what you think.

A bright, colorful space just for kids, this unique spot settled on the third floor of the Monroe Center {720 Monroe to be exact} and is home to trampolines, ball pits, colorful mats and more — pretty much everything your childhood dreams were made of. While the franchise offers open play for members, they also offer various classes throughout the week based on age group {six weeks to 10 years}. Our writer Erin too her tot to the littlest group, Little Bundles, for ages six weeks – six months and had a blast. Read on to find out all about My Gym, Erin’s experience, and why it’s great for little ones.

my gym hoboken

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The Space

Easily accessible via stroller {praise be}, My Gym is located on the third floor of the Monroe Center, right across from the elevator. There’s plenty of stroller “parking” outside, just nowhere to lock up your chariot if that’s important to you. As you walk in, a friendly staff member greets you as you take a seat on the bench to take off your shoes. {Note: It’s a socks-only space, don’t forget. But if you do, they have socks available.}

The large open space is filled with fun activities, gymnastic equipment, mats, and other items reminiscent of gym class when we adults were kids, and the kids’ eyes light up at the bright colors and fun music playing overhead.

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The Class

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The class is led by a main teacher and assistant and follows a similar routine each session – beginning with circle time. Afterward, class members go around the room introducing themselves and their baby and then begin with a fun baby warm up to stretch and move their little bodies. Once they’re “warmed up” class begins, sometimes with a song, activity, or puppet show.

My baby’s favorite part — the swings —was a highlight of the session — as was parachute time {it’s impossible to not get excited when you see your gym teacher bust out the parachute}.

There’s also dancing, some free time to explore the gym, and a discussion question of the day where parents can share things such as their favorite baby-friendly restaurants, nursery decor, and other fun topics that new parents can bond over. {And I say parents because it’s not just moms. My husband joined us once when he was home, and he loved every minute.}

Before you know it, the goodbye song plays and it’s time to go on your merry way, or a grab coffee and a bowl downstairs at Playa Bowls. Time flies when you and a bunch of tiny humans are having fun.

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my gym class

{Photo credit: @mygymhoboken}

For all families, your first My Gym class is free, which is a great way to give it an initial go. Members can pay a $75 lifetime membership fee to continue attending, which includes the Little Bundles class once a week until your baby ages out.

Author’s note: Now that my daughter has “graduated” {cue the tears} to the next age group, Tiny Tykes (7-13 months) it’s $110 every four weeks to attend the class once weekly.  Included in this pricing is also attendance at all open play and special events.

Have you brought your little one to My Gym yet? Did he or she love it? Let us know in the comments!

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