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Taiwanese Cafe, Meet Fresh, Opens New Location in Jersey City

by Diana Cooper
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The global franchise Meet Fresh has opened a new location in Jersey City. Found in 16 different states across the country, Hoboken Girl has learned that the Hudson County location has officially opened its doors at 525 Washington Boulevard. Known for having authentic Taiwanese desserts, Meet Fresh is on its way to becoming a hot spot in Newport Tower. Read on for more details about Meet Fresh’s newest location and what you can expect to find on the menu.

Meet Fresh

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About Meet Fresh

Established in 2007, Meet Fresh as a company was founded by a family in the Feng Yuan District of Taichung, Taiwan, who crafted soft taro balls and herbal jelly desserts through traditional Taiwanese methods. The founders aim “to bring authentic local tastes to the international stage,” per the brand’s website. 

The company invested $600 million in constructing their global headquarters and central kitchen in Taicang, Mainland China to manufacture high-quality ingredients and supply stores around the world. This has been operating since 2013. (For a quick tutorial on how taro balls are made, see here).

meet fresh bowl

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The only other location in New Jersey is part of the newly built outdoor strip mall, Festival Plaza, located at 1727 Route 27 in Edison. This particular Meet Fresh opened in the later part of 2019. 

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The Menu

The brand prides itself on serving desserts made fresh daily with there being no preservatives and made with traditional flavors. The website states that Meet Fresh adhere’s “strongly to serving customers the best-tasting desserts and believes sincerity to be the key to customer satisfaction.”

Meet Fresh

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On the menu, customers can expect to find dessert combos, various teas, small bites, and shaved ice.

The three signature series items are the taro ball signature, made with taro balls, taro paste, sweet potato taro balls boba, and shaved ice; the grass jelly soup signature, made with mini Q, red beans, boba, and grass jelly soup; and the red bean soup signature, made with taro balls, sesame rice balls, taro, red beans, boba, and red bean soup.

The shaved ice items available to purchase are red bean milk shaved ice, pudding and Q mochi milk shaved ice, and the Q mochi milk shaved ice. 

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The dessert combos feature nine different items, mixing both icy and hot bases with toppings selected by the customer.

The tea selections feature regular iced teas, herbal teas, winter melon teas, and milk teas.

Lastly, the small bites include various puddings, Q mochi, and mung bean cakes.

meet fresh jersey city new location

(Photo credit: @meetfreshusa)

Meet Fresh in Jersey City recently celebrated its soft opening on June 19th and will have its grand opening celebration on Saturday, June 26.

The shop plans on being open 7 days a week from 12PM to 8PM. According to pictures posted on Google Reviews, the new location already has a line out the door and already has a 4.3 rating.

To follow Meet Fresh in Jersey City, visit the recently launched Facebook page found here or follow along on Instagram here.

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