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Where to Find Bubble Tea in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Risha Jagadish
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Boba tea, also known as Bubble Tea, originated in Taiwan. This milk tea came to America in the 90s but took off on social media in the mid-2000s and is now a full-blown sensation across the country. There has been a tradition built around getting a cup of Boba be it on long walks, studying, or even first dates. Each drink primarily consists of four parts: tapioca pearls or jelly, choice of tea, milk, and a sweetener. Read along on where to find your Boba fix in Hoboken and Jersey City.


Gong Cha {527 Washington Street}

Gong Cha

{Photo credit: @gongchatea}

Gong Cha, which translates to “Tribute tea for the emperor” is known for its premium tea and tapioca pearls and is one of the most famous bubble tea brands. The drinks are crafted with ingredients from the finest Taiwanese tea estates, and they keep the pearls and tea fresh every 4 hours. They are currently offering hot drinks alongside the menu of chilled bubble tea. The house specialty is the milk foam green tea that can be customized with your choice of topping.

Kung Fu Tea {536 Washington Street}

kung fu tea

{Photo credit: @kungfuteausa}

Founded in Queens, NYC, Kung Fu Tea is a New York-born and raised bubble tea franchise. They are a local crowd-pleaser in Hoboken thanks to the vibrant décor and Instagrammable bubble tea options. Some of the unique toppings include red bean, oreo, and herbal jelly.

Mango Mango {620 Washington Street}

Mango Mango

{Photo credit: @mangomangonyc}

Mango Mango is conveniently located on Washington Street and is a perfect culmination of desserts and bubble tea. The brand was an instant hit in New York and the menu and drinks explain why. They have delectable mochi and classic desserts with a variety of flavors ranging from mango {of course}, matcha, Madagascar vanilla, and lots more.

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Satay Malaysia Cuisine {99 Washington Street}

If you thought Satay was only famous for the reasonably priced lunch menu and deliciously flavored noodle soup entrees and fried rice, it’s time to think again. We are officially spilling the tea, that they also have an entire menu dedicated to bubble tea. You can choose from a variety of classic milk tea options or even a flavored iced tea with Boba – a perfect companion for the upcoming spring weather.

Vivi Bubble Tea {117 Washington Street}

vivi bubble tea

Two birds one stone is the strategy when paying a visit to Vivi Bubble Tea. They have a ramen menu designed to satisfy all your food cravings, as well as an interesting array of bubble tea options. Each drink is made fresh upon ordering and they have seasonal flavors and new products to keep things juicy. The Vivi Signature Fruit tea might just be the best start to Spring 2021.

Jersey City

Babo Teahouse {10 River Drive}

Babo Teahouse

{Photo credit: @baboteahouse}

Long walks and Bubble tea is the new love story of 2021, especially when the bubble tea joint is located right by the Newport Waterfront. Babo offers various options of bubble tea and they also serve homemade gelato and the chicken wings are a must-try from the menu.

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Coco Bubble Tea {420 Grand Street}

Coco Bubble Tea

{Photo credit: @cocoteausa}

We’re definitely in love with Coco and the March deal {buy one Thai tea and get one Thai bubble tea for free} They have a variety of unique flavors such as cranberry, strawberry, sweet potato, classic Thai tea, and a whole oreo chocolate series for all the decadent chocolate lovers out there.

Moge Tee Newport {564 Washington Boulevard}

Moge is a classic bubble tea spot in the area. From basic milk tea to pretty-in-pink tea and classic fruit tea that tastes as good as it looks, this place is a real gem in the area. Each drink brings with it a unique burst of flavor and doesn’t be surprised if you’re tempted to order everything off the menu.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea {30 Mall Drive}

Real Fruit Bubble Tea

{Photo credit: @officialrealfruitbubbletea}

Sometimes nothing beats retail therapy {with a side of bubble tea, of course}. Real Fruit is located in the Newport Mall and offers a range of bubble tea and fresh juices. Aside from the regular tapioca and jelly toppings, they also have a whey protein topping to keep you fueled for your shopping spree.


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