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4 Must-Read Books for Your March Book Binge

by Alexandra Maravic
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March is here and with this month comes one special time of year — spring break. Now, regardless of whether or not you’re in school, it’s still a great time of the year to take some time for yourself or even book a quick getaway. And with that downtime comes lots of additional hours in the day to pick up a good book. Thanks to one contributor + the woman behind @hobokenbooksta, we’ve rounded up a few must-read books for your March book binge.

Truth Be Told by Kathleen Barber {Formerly titled Are You Sleeping}

truth be told

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Thirteen years ago, Josie Buhrman’s father was brutally murdered while she was sleeping soundly in her bed upstairs. Ever since that horrific night, the thread holding the pieces of Josie’s life together began unraveling at an alarming speed. Shortly after the case was closed, her mother ran away to join a cult in California, to never be heard from again. Her twin sister and other half, Lanie, became a stranger seemingly overnight. After committing one of the worst acts of betrayal one girl {nevermind sisters} can do to another, Lanie is the absolute last person on the planet Josie wants to be around. All Josie wants to do is escape her troubled past and pretend that everything is normal.

During her travels across the globe, she unexpectedly meets the love of her life, Caleb. Not anticipating anything more than a one night stand, Josie gives him the edited version of her history. Fast forward some months later, they are planning a future together but Caleb still doesn’t know the truth about Josie. When Caleb suggests moving to New York City, Josie is apprehensive but how hard could it be to disappear and maintain her carefully constructed identity in a city of more than 1.6 million people? When a tenacious investigative reporter comes knocking at Josie’s door, she learns the hard way that she can run, but she can’t hide.

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Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

would like to meet

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Zap Fitness

Evie Summers is a workaholic with little to no time for anything but catering to her narcissistic, overbearing boss. She’s spent years chasing the coveted position of agent and it finally feels within reach. When prodigy screenwriter, Ezra Chester, reneges on his deal to write a rom-com for the agency, Evie jumps at the opportunity to whip him into shape with the hopes that her boss will finally acknowledge her hard work with a well-deserved promotion. Unfortunately, getting Ezra to do anything is pretty much impossible. That is, until Evie promises to try different meet-cutes just to prove that it’s possible to fall in love just like in the movies. Undeniably charming and witty, Would Like to Meet is a refreshingly modern take on romantic comedies and the reader can’t help but root for Evie’s success with the turn of every page.

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

the wives

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Imagine being so in love that you wouldn’t think twice about marrying an already married man. Thursday couldn’t either until she met Seth. Instantly enchanted by his good looks and irresistible charm, Thursday quickly realized she could never say no to this man. Not even when he asked her to accept his unconventional polygamist lifestyle and the thought of sharing him with other women was unbearable. But she would rather have some of Seth than none at all. However, her perspective begins to change when she discovers shocking evidence containing the name of another wife. While she knows this is uncharted and dangerous territory, Thursday cannot ignore the persistent little voice telling her to dig deeper. This nail-biter will keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat just dying for more. 

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On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

Genre: Coming-of-Age

A letter from a young Vietnamese man to his illiterate mother, On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous is at its roots a true testament to the importance of acceptance, compassion, and self-love. Be prepared for Ocean Vuong to take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you bear witness to the hardships Little Dog had to endure throughout his childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. The adversity Little Dog faces due to race and his struggle with his sexuality is especially sobering because no matter how much progress we make to become an all-inclusive society, we can always do better. Ocean Vuong presents a powerful narrative that explores other pertinent issues at the forefront of American society today like addiction, mental health, and abuse and connects them to the reader in a way that emphasizes the universal relevance. It is impossible to put down this unforgettable book and walk away unaffected. 

Which of these books are you excited to pick up this month? Let us know in the comments!


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