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4 Binge-Worthy Books for Spring Vacation {Found Locally}

by Alexandra Maravic
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Ah yes, the springtime – the ideal season grab a book and read outside in the nice weather. Finding an excellent book to dive into that takes you far away from reality can be tough, but we’ve got that covered. Thanks to one of our writers {also the mastermind behind @HobokenBooksta}, we’ve got four awesome reads that you can tuck into. Read on to find out four binge-worthy books for spring vacation that can be found locally.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

thesilentpatient hoboken booksta

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Suspense

Every woman dreams of the perfect life, complete with a perfect husband, perfect house, perfect career, and perfect friends. Alicia Berenson had it all. She was living her dream as a famous artist, married to a drop-dead gorgeous photographer who loved her more than life itself. So why did she shoot him five times in the face?

That’s the question that consumes people nationwide as the case blows up in the media. Much to everyone’s dismay, Alicia never utters a single word ever again after that horrific night. Committed to a psychiatric institution, Alicia finds herself under the care of Theo Farber, a criminal psychotherapist. Theo will stop at absolutely nothing to get her to talk again, regardless of the price he might be forced to pay. From the very first page, the need to find out the truth is so overwhelming you just can’t stop until you do.

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Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

pachinko hoboken booksta

Genre: Historical Fiction

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Pachinko begins in a small Korean fishing village with Sunja, a teenage girl from a poor, hard-working family. Sunja’s secret romance with a rich businessman results in an unplanned pregnancy and devastating heartbreak when she finds out her lover is already married with a family of his own. As Sunja shamefully accepts her fate as a social outcast, a young minister finds himself passing through the village on his way to reunite with his family in Japan.

He finds the boardinghouse where Sunja and her mother live and they ultimately save his life when he falls gravely ill with tuberculosis. Upon his recovery, he learns of Sunja’s rather unfortunate situation and proposes to her, rescuing her from inevitable scandal. Thus, begins the four-generation saga of an immigrant Korean family struggling to survive through adversity and prejudice as war ravages their homeland. Min Jin Lee’s moving and poignant narrative will have you enchanted from the very beginning. This incredibly beautiful story of love, sacrifice, identity, and ambition will definitely not disappoint.

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More Than Words by Jill Santopolo

morethanwords hoboken booksta

Genre: Romance

As the daughter of a wealthy New York City hotel tycoon, Nina Gregory is no stranger to the importance of keeping up appearances. She’s always played the role of the good daughter perfectly. She’s even been the perfect girlfriend to her childhood-best-friend-turned-boyfriend, Tim. From a young age, her father made sure she understood that nothing was more important than family and loyalty.

When he passes away after a long battle with cancer, he leaves behind a shocking secret that threatens to destroy Nina’s carefully constructed world. To make matters even worse, she’s also been trying to ignore her devastatingly handsome boss and their undeniable chemistry {aka the overwhelming desire to take off all his clothes every time she sees him}. Nina is forced to confront her fears as she takes over the family business without the guidance and presence of her father. She finally steps out from his shadow and must figure out who she really is. This endearing story of grief, pride, self-discovery, and love is impossible to put down.

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

daisyjonesandthesix hoboken booksta

Genre: Literary Fiction

In the late ‘60s, a young woman named Daisy Jones is taking the Sunset Strip in LA by storm. Consumed by the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that is sweeping the nation, Daisy finds herself partying with rock stars and sleeping with them too. Free from all inhibitions and also wildly gorgeous, she is desired by every man and envied by every woman.

But her beauty pales in comparison to the absolute magic that is her voice. As Daisy begins to make a name for herself in the music world, a band known as the Six starts to break out onto the scene as well. Inspired by the talent of both Daisy and the lead singer of the Six, Billy Dunne, the record producer knows that the two must work together. Daisy and Billy become a songwriting and performing powerhouse, quickly becoming one of the most famous rock bands of the era. Written as an oral history, the story of the band’s climactic rise and fall will have you invested in each character’s experience and perspective. One of the most highly anticipated releases of the season, Daisy Jones & the Six has easily earned a place as a favorite read of 2019.

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