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Loveprint in Jersey City: Turning Fingerprints Into Unique Jewelry

by Alexis Spoden
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Anyone in need of a unique gift idea that is both personal and heartfelt, look no further than Loveprint Jewelry, based in Jersey City. Loveprint is a unique jewelry brand that takes loved ones’ fingerprints, or furry, four-legged friends’ pawprints, and turns them into pendants, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, and more. Keep reading to learn how founder, Camille Cesari, turned her love of fossils, and passion for jewelry design into the Loveprint collection. Read on to learn all about Loveprint in  Jersey City, turning loved one’s fingerprints into unique fine jewelry.

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The Background

Owner and jewelry designer, Camille Cesari, grew up spending summers on the Finger Lakes where she would find herself enjoying the outdoors, painting, and collecting fossils. Naturally, she chose art as her major in college, hoping she would take after her Roman ancestor, Guissepe Cesari, an Italian Renaissance painter. Camille spent years practicing landscape architecture when she finally discovered that jewelry design was actually her calling. 

After years of creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry, she found herself playing around with soft wax to create models for her designs. She began to mold the wax with her fingers, noticing the distinct impression it was making. A then a lightbulb went off and Loveprint was born.

To Camille, Loveprint is more than just a fingerprint impression or just another piece of jewelry. It is a contemporary and modern expression of the people we love. Our fingerprints are what make us distinctly different from one another – they are our own personal “fossils.”

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How It Works

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The process for customers is quite simple. First, customers must purchase a Loveprint Kit, which counts as a $50 down payment toward the finished piece of jewelry. The kit comes with two balls of soft wax in order to make the impression, detailed instructions, and an order form. Kits can be purchased online at www.loveprintjewelry.com or at Hazel Baby + Kid’s two locations in Jersey City {note — the physical Loveprint retail space in Jersey City is no longer open, but Camille’s items can be found at different popups shops locally}. Camille also makes house calls in order to take the fingerprint impressions at no charge. After submitting the wax impression, it will take around three to four weeks to create the finished piece of jewelry.

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About The Jewelry

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{Photo credit: @loveprintjewelry}

Loveprint can turn fingerprints into an assortment of pendants, bracelets, key rings, rings, and charms. Pendants can be round or square, with or without a bezel, and customers can choose from sterling silver and 14kt or 18kt yellow, rose, or white gold. Pricing for sterling silver pendants range from around $125 to $405, and gold pendants range from around $475 to $995 depending on size. 

For more information on pricing, assortment, and the Loveprint story, visit www.loveprintjewelry.com or on Instagram @loveprintjewelry.  

Have you ordered from Loveprint yet? What did you get? Let us know in the comments! 

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