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Local Libations: Cocktails to Order in Hoboken {While Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution}

by Alex
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Raise your hand if you’re still sticking to your New Year’s Resolution…


Well, maybe.


After a holiday filled with indulging and enjoying many of us think of cutting back and kickstarting a healthy year by getting their diet back on track. For many of us, alcohol is an area we think of when a calorie reduction is needed — and with good reason! A 10 ounce margarita can have over 500 CALORIES! Having a few and you’re already in a caloric danger zone if you’re watching your sugar/calorie intake. But, like many social butterflies or wine-lushes {errr we mean lovers}, the thought of less vino and cocktails in the winter months just makes you sad. You want to be able to enjoy a drink, socialize with friends, and get yourself out of the house — especially in this frigid weather! So, we’re going to share some healthi-ER cocktails in Hoboken that you will not feel as guilty about when imbibing. Here goes:

The Turtle Club: The Raspberry Pawnshop + The Shrub


Pardon how dark it looks, the Turtle Club has a very cool neighborhood vibe that keeps its lights low 😉

The Turtle Club has a cocktail playlist, and many of these cocktails are mixed with fresh fruits and herbs – love me some muddled anything! Their Raspberry Pawnshp is made with bourbon, muddled raspberry, honey, fresh lime juice, and just a splash of white cranberry juice. While it definitely has some sugar in it, it tasted refreshing and didn’t bring on the major guilt about drinking a one or two. My roommate sipped The Shrub — made with vodka, strawberries, balsamic, fresh lime juice, and splash of citrus soda. When served, it almost has a bit of a froth on top…absolutely delicious! The best part about enjoying these freshly made cocktails is they lack the fake sugar that usually leads to those deadly alc/sugar hangovers {minus a little white cranberry juice}.


City Bistro: The Pomegranate Twist

CIty Bistro

City Bistro also has an extensive cocktail list but this one takes a bit more navigating! Don’t fret, you can still enjoy 1/2 price Mondays without spoiling your resolution. After inquiring with one of the friendly bartenders, we found there are definitely drinks on the healthier side. One of the best options on the cocktail menu is the Pomegranate Twist. This cocktail is made with citrus vodka, a pomegranate liquor, pomegranate juice, and fresh limes. Pomegranates have a lot of antioxidants and are known to be a super fruit. Antioxidants, you say? We’ll take it!


Elysian Cafe: The Cactus Cooler + The Jalapeño Margarita + The Pimms

My Margarita from Elysian Cafe this afternoon

Elysian Margs = healthier spin on the traditional. Not as sweet but just as tasty!

While Elysian Cafe has beautiful outdoor area perfect for dining al fresco, it is one of my favorite places to go during the winter. Something about velvety curtains when you first walk in and the decor make me feel cozy! They also are set up with adorable lights for Christmas that make a great atmosphere to enjoy your holiday cocktails. Elysian has several options for healthy cocktails. The Cactus Cooler is made with gin, muddled mint, lime juice, and agave. It is a refreshing drink that will have you dreaming about summer! The Pimms cup is made with Pimms ( a type of fruit liquor) fresh lime juice, lemon lime soda, and cucumber. The Jalapeño margarita is also a healthy option for a classically sugary drink. Made with jalapeño infused tequila, fresh lime juice, agave, and mint. Don’t forget that the spice from the jalapeños is suppose to give your metabolism a good boost!


BYO Champagne, all day, errr day.

Editor Jen's Veuve + Benny T's obsession

Editor Jen’s Veuve + Benny T’s obsession: Perhaps not 100% calorically sound, but still delicious nonetheless.

Heather Dubrow has the right idea with her champs. Due to carbonation, champagne actually has a less calories than wine and can fill you up a bit more – albeit it does contain sugar, so should be consumed sparingly. Adding some to some club soda {yes, we know it waters it down a bit but at least you’re getting a little kick as you sip} or some fresh squeezed juice can definitely reduce your caloric intake with champagne even more {think: BRUNCH}. This makes champagne the perfect beverage to bring with you to any of the hoboken BYOBs of course — brunch, sushi dinner, or even an italian restaurant. Champagne and pizza? Yes Please!


Editor’s choice: Stoli Orange Vodka and Club Soda.

Stoli Orange and Vodka 902 brewing

Stoli Orange Vodka and Club Soda – Editor Jen’s drink of choice!

Takes like a “creamsicle” and keeps you hydrated at the same time. Done & done.

There are many ways to enjoy some Hoboken cocktails and still stick to a healthy diet…but of course, in moderation. Always make sure you think about sugar content if you’re watching your sugar intake {remember juice is basically sugar water unless fresh-squeezed}, and don’t be afraid to make tweaks to any cocktails on the menu. A courteous bartender is usually more than happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions. And if you are overindulging with some sugary drinks {even the less sugary ones above}, make sure to alternate with a glass of water or club soda in between! Stay tuned for Part II, coming atcha very sooon.


What are some “healthier” cocktails you’ve come across in the Mile Square?

Disclaimer: This article is used for information only. HobokenGirl.com provides this information to the public, and it does not condone drinking and driving or excessive alcohol consumption. You must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages.

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