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Your Guide to Jury Duty in Hudson County

by Chloe Riley
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Checking off another item on the list of adulting, today you have been hit with that dreaded, important-looking green envelope. No, it’s not the extra tax return you’ve been dreaming of receiving on a rainy day. You have been summoned to jury duty, a requirement as a citizen of the United States of America and resident {or former resident} of Hudson County. Keep reading to find out what to do when you are summoned to jury duty in Hudson County.

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How You Get Summoned for Jury Duty

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You will receive mail from the Superior Court of New Jersey summoning you to report for a minimum of two days or one full trial. The summons will include instructions on how and where to complete your juror qualification questionnaire. There is also a phone number to call {201-748-4410} or you can check online here after 5:00PM the night before to find out if you will need to show up in person.

While the initial reaction would be to toss this paper in a pile never to be seen again, it is important to note, this paper does double duty {pun intended} as your badge for your jury service, so keep it close.

How Often You Can Get Called To Serve

Could have sworn you just got summoned? You can be summoned every three years for jury service.

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Where to Go for Jury Duty

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The Hudson County Superior Court is located at 595 Newark Avenue, about a five-minute walk from the Journal Square PATH station. Once through security, head upstairs to the fourth floor via the elevators or skip the line and take the stairs.

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Where to Check-in if You Are or Are Not Assigned {To a Case}

If you have not been assigned to a case yet, you will need to check-in at the front desk in the assembly room on the fourth floor. Likely there will be a line and they will split you between those checking in for their first or second day. Once they have scanned your badge, you can find a seat in the pews, desks, or tables located to your left and right. If assigned to a case, the trial judge will instruct you regarding the trial schedule, reporting times, any recesses, lunch arrangements, etc. You can proceed to the floor of the courtroom your case is in {don’t worry if you don’t remember the room, just ask}.

What To You Bring With You

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Not unlike packing for a day of travel, you can bring phones, laptops, iPads, books, mags, etc. Free WIFI is available and while there are a few plugs in the assembly room {which get snagged early}, it might be a good idea to bring a portable charger if you have one. You also may want to bring headphones to tune out the TV, but make sure the volume is low during the day or you may miss them calling your name.

How Long the Day Lasts

A jury duty day can last anywhere from 8:30AM-4:30PM. Throughout the day they will call names to be sent to various courtrooms. If you’d like to take a 10-15-minute break, you can sign yourself out {and back in upon your return} at the front desk. For your coffee fix, there is both a Dunkin’ and Starbucks a few minutes’ walk in either direction.

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How Long the Lunch Break Is

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You’ll be allotted a one-hour lunch break each day. There is a cafeteria within the courthouse, but if you’d like to stretch your legs, check out Toasted Bagels & Deli at 520 Summit Avenue. You can’t go wrong with the classic Italian sandwich on a toasted roll or try the Alice Combo {Boar’s Head honey turkey, brie, romaine, tomatoes, and honey mustard}.

Depending on how many cases there are that day, you can be dismissed early. Whenever you are dismissed, just make sure you receive the letter to your employer as proof of your service. They will also let you know if you will be needed for the next day. Three weeks later, don’t have another heart attack when you see more mail from the Superior Court of New Jersey. This one is a check {petit jurors receive $5 for the first three days and $40 for each day after, while grand jurors receive $5 for each day of service}. And, as the assignment judge says every morning, “Thank you for accepting your invitation to the party.”

What tips do you have for surviving jury duty? Let us know in the comments! 

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