• Tony Boloney’s + O’Bagel’s JUMBO Pizza Bagel Debuts in Hoboken

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    What happens when you want pizza AND a bagel and it’s not 1995? Well, most of the time you’re forced to choose, or order bagel bites and a maj #TBT, but in this situation, the pizza and bagel gods {Tony Boloney’s and O’Bagel} have come together and created the mother of all pizza bagels — a JUMBO PIZZA BAGEL. Here’s a bit more about the jumbo pizza bagel collab by Tony Boloney’s and O’Bagel in Hoboken, and where and when you can get it {hint: it’s only offered one night per week and yes, it may ruin your 2018 diet plans}. 


    Introducing the JUMBO PIZZA BAGEL:


    In clever marketing fashion, the two foodie spots have called it “Tony’s JumbO’Bagel”, creating the ultimate 30-pound jumbo pizza bagel, which sells for $60 and feeds 4-7 people {depending on your #hanger that day}. The pizza bagel will only be available on Fridays at Tony Boloney’s {located at 263 1st Street}, similar in availability to Tony Boloney’s World-Famous “Taco Pizza” which is only offered on Tuesdays each week.

    tony boloneys taco pizza

    Taco Pizza from Tony Boloney’s — only available on Tuesdays

    We chatted with a rep from Tony Boloneys who shared about the ingredients of the jumbo pizza bagel: an O’bagel *giant* bagel, Jack cheese, and smoked pepperoni. Simple, yet we’re drooling already. 

    Since the pizza bagel sitch will only be available on Fridays, to get a full pizza bagel, you’ll have to order it 24 hours in advance, so the earliest you can get a full bagel is Friday, January 12th 2018. To get slices, you can walk in this Friday, January 5th or order online — but remember that going forward it’s still Fridays only. Clearly another reason weekday #5 is the best.

    If you’re new to the Hoboken food scene, take note: Tony Boloney’s and O’Bagel both have some pretty happening menus, if you’re into carbs and cheese. Tony Boloney’s claim to fame is their insaaane taco pizza, which has been featured internationally on sites like Inside Edition, Thrillist, and the like, with O’Bagel following suit with their 30-pound Jumbo bagels {complete with lox and cream cheese aka perfect for a brunch party/football watching marathon}. O’Bagel also opened a taco pop-up shop earlier this year at their shop on 6th, met with much excitement by Hoboken residents.

    Mike Hauke of Tony Boloney’s and Stephen El-Hassan of O’Bagel

    But TBs and O’Bagel aren’t the only Hoboken spots that have hit the foodie big time in recent months; Makai Poke Co. on Washington recently debuted their Poké Pizza causing quite the stir pre-holiday season.

    So now that you’re starving AND it’s most likely Friday, go get yo’self some jumbo pizza! It’s like it’s 1995 allll over again.

    Can’t wait to see what these guy come up with next. KUDOS!


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    • Ainsley Layland

      We ordered the bagel pizza tonight and it’s definitely not 30 pounds or the size of a tire. Maybe for a clown car? But it’s just a large pizza with a bagel crust. The picture makes it look awesome but it’s not worth $60!


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