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O’Bagel Opens a Taco Pop-Up Shop in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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While we’re waiting for Surf Taco to join the ranks of Hoboken food locales, O’Bagel has quite the taco treat: a Taco Pop-Up Shop! More recently well-known for his 30-pound bagel creation, Stephen El Hassan, owner of O’Bagel is at it again — he and his team have opened the taco pop-up within their current midtown Hoboken location, and will be serving tacos on select nights throughout the week until September. We took a quick trip to O’Bagel’s Taco Pop-Up {located at 600 Washington Street} on its opening evening to give you the lowdown on all of the #eeeeeats:

You don’t have to go into the shop to order your tacos, as O’Bagel has created an outdoor pop-up situation where you can order your food. They have their doors open, and there’s a little make-shift cashier station right in the door so you can pick up your tacos on the outside. There’s added seating, which is perfect for summer nights when you’re craving some comfort food.

The tacos are made in-house and served Thursday through Saturday evenings, 7PM-2AM. Stephen shared with us that he’s going to switch out the cuisines every few months to make things interesting {he hinted he’s already got the next idea planned — can’t wait to see!}. “We wanted to create an upscale twist on comfort food that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re making $100 a week or a million a week, people will want to come enjoy delicious tacos.” #Truth.

You may be wondering what O’Bagel’s expertise in tacos is, we’ll have you know that the flavors and seasoning were very authentic — quite delicious actually [and cheap!]. So which tacos did we order? Of course we had to try the street corn – {which is $3.75} complete with three tacos — chicken, veggie, and short rib— {$3.25-4.25 each} *and* the Loaded Patata {waffle fries, braised short rib, avocado crema, chipotle aioli for $4.75}.

SO delicious. And +5 for the waffle fries. J’amaze. 

They don’t serve alcohol ATM, they’re considering BYOB to go alongside the pop-up. A fun little addition to midtown Hoboken for the summer, and we’re excited to see what Stephen comes up with next!

Have you tried O’Bagel’s pop-up yet? What’d you think?


Photos by our lovely contributor Tamara!



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