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Surf Taco Is Open in Hoboken {As of Friday, September 29th}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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In 2001, Surf Taco first opened the doors of its Point Pleasant location — and eight locations, a Zagat’s rating, the addition of a full bar in Jackson, and a catering menu later, they’re *finally* opening in Hoboken. If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you know that there have been rumors of Surf Taco opening in Hoboken for several years. Just today as of August 10th, the taco gods have answered our prayers {especially since we called it in 2013 + 2015!} — the esteemed Jersey Shore taco joint Surf Taco is officially coming to the Mile Square at 62 Newark Street. They posted on their Facebook page earlier in August to share the news, and now they’re officially open to the public as of Friday, September 29th, 2017.

Here’s a peek into the new space’s interior when we went by today:

^Necessary signage, obviously.

The store manager shared that they weren’t 100% about opening tomorrow due to the major amount of construction on Newark Street, but their Facebook post at 3PM on September 28th said differently.

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^The seating area — same set up as old Taco Truck location.

Zap Fitness

^A little wall mural

But before we get into the deliciousness and how much we love them, here’s a little timeline of their teasing and taunting of opening in Hoboken:


Their {VERY Mean} 2013 April Fool’s Joke:

Previously, they posted on April 1st 2013 a VERY cruel April Fool’s joke sharing the {dare we say ‘fake’} news that they were opening in Hoboken.

Finally we heard back from them after numerous messages, from staffer “Veronica” sharing the following:

Then, in 2015, we heard rumors AGAIN about it opening.

But still nothing set in stone. Crickets and taco-less, if you will.

But then, on August 10, 2017, finally, their Facebook page confirmed the news almost 4.5 years later:

They’ll be in the old Taco Truck location.

If you’ve ever been to their locations {especially the OG in Point Pleasant}, you know these taco guys don’t play. Their ingredients are fresh, delicious, and easy-to-order. It’s a welcome addition to Hoboken, that’s for sure — though it’s a ‘chain’, it’s NJ local — which we can get down with. According to their mission, “It’s all about the Jersey Shore and the communities we live in. No trip to the shore would be complete without a “wet” Mavericks burrito & a tasty baja surf taco,” — so we’re guessing now that Hoboken is also going to be sharing that feeling.

Even though we had beef with Surf Taco {or should we say shrimp?} for running us around and breaking our hearts in 2013, we’re looking forward to fall of 2017 so we can continue that DTS feeling in September and beyond! And if you haven’t tried their tacos yet and don’t want to wait until fall, Surf Taco currently has Belmar, Jackson, Lacey, Long Branch, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, Seaside Park, and Silverton to get you acquainted.

Excited to welcome them to the neighborhood! Have you eaten at Surf Taco DTS? What did you think?

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