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The Hoboken Bride: 8 Ideas for an Authentic {Jersey Shore} Bachelorette

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Wedding season is in full swing, and there’s much to celebrate –which of course includes the bachelorette party.

There are so many fun places to go that don’t require a plane ride, and today we’ll recap my bachelorette {round 2} that does just that — fun just a drive away {Vegas who?}. My original was in a different location last fall {post about it coming soon!}, but my friends {and HG contributors} Jacquelyn, Tiffany, and Alexandra planned a weekend extravaganza DTS since they couldn’t attend the first one {along with some other amazing Hoboken ladies}, and I thought I’d share our experience.

1. Road TRIPPPP {Garden State Parkway South}

hoboken girl bachelorette party jersey shore

First and foremost, get yourself a great crew to head DTS — complete with tunes. Honestly, car rides are my favorite; I love spending time gabbing with friends and rocking out to 90’s throwbacks, Top 40, and some EDM too. TIP: Leave before 2pm on a Friday and you’re golden, leave after 4:30pm and we’ll see you on Saturday. #trafficwoes

2. Parker House Happy Hour {Sea Girt}

hoboken girl bachelorette party jersey shore parker house

If you haven’t been to the Parker House, you haven’t lived a true Jersey Shore weekend. Located in Sea Girt, this DTS staple looks like — yes– a house, but is a great brunch spot, happy hour spot, dinner spot, and of course – place to get rowdy at night. We did all four, oops.

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Vepo Clean


3. Spring Lake Inn Lodgings {Spring Lake}

Hoboken girl bachelorette jersey shore spring lake inn

Zap Fitness

This spot was a little fancy for a bachelorette party, but oh-soooo-cute, and they serve DELICIOUS breakfasts {homemade bed and breakfast style}! The Spring Lake Inn was featured on an HGTV makeover show, so many of their rooms are super adorable! We stayed in one such room {called the Nostalgia Room}, and it was super fun – loved the art deco decor. We had to be a little quiet coming in late at night, but it was SUCH a nice place and way better than a skeevy motel.


4. Surf Taco {Point Pleasant}

hoboken girl bachelorette surf taco

Before you head out to the bars, Surf Taco is the perfect appetizer to your vodka sodas for later. You need some sustenance, and tacos are an easy in-between food that isn’t too light or too heavy. Surf Taco is a local “chain” that is housed mostly on the Jersey Shore {we also heard rumors they are coming to Hoboken…yay!}.


5. Bar Anticipation {Belmar}

Bar Anticipation Hoboken Girl Jersey Shore Bachelorette

Some of my girls{I took the pic so missed being in it, waah} at Bar Anticipation — also called Bar A. This is a REALLY fun bar, and we had a blast — very down to earth, people dancing everywhere {Tiff even did a burpee on the dance floor and it was NBD} — located in Belmar. It has actually been ranked as one of the 50 Best Bars in the US by several websites; I’m not saying it’s for everyone — but we had a great time.

6. Martell’s Tiki Bar {Point Pleasant}


martell's tiki bar hoboken girl

Martell’s is another DTS staple. They have live music, housed right on the beach, and an overhead in case it rains. Oh, and their drinks are nothing to scoff at either:

martells tiki bar jersey shore bachelorette hoboken girl

Get the yard with a shooter; it’s SO delicious. After one of those you’ll be feeling ready to shake what ya mama gave ya on the dance floor. We had a great day for day drinking-turned-to-night-drinking, and then we got some pizza on the boardwalk {Tiki Bar is right on the boardwalk so you can walk all around}.


7. Jenks Club {Point Pleasant}

hoboken girl bachelorette jersey shore jenks

Jenks is virtually right next to Tiki Bar on the boardwalk. It’s very guido in attendance, but don’t let that scare you. We had a ridiculously good time. There was first about an hour of intense house/techno music {seriously, you felt it in your soul}, and then there was a cover band that was phenomenal — everyone was rocking out. Highly recommend this bar for a big group of people since it’s huge!

hoboken bachelorette jenks jersey shore

^ Solid Crew.


8. The Beach!

spring lake beach bachelorette hoboken girl jersey shore

If you do nothing else while down the shore, make sure you go to the beach at least ONCE! There are so many fun things to do all over the area, but there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of the sun on your face and the ocean waves crashing in and out. It was such a fun weekend overall, and I’m so thankful to have such great friends who hosted it for me — life is nothing without good friends and great memories 🙂


There are many other solid Jersey Shore locations to hit up —  these are just from our weekend, but we’ll save the rest for another time {Alexandra’s bachelorette is coming soon!}. It’s so great to have such fun places to go only a car ride away.

How about you — what’s your favorite spot DTS for a girls’/bachelorette weekend?



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