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IV Elements: A Hoboken Go-To for Vitamin Drips this Summer

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Alternative medicine has become a popular field that uses non-traditional healing practices for different health conditions. IV Elements, a mobile holistic IV therapy company in downtown Hoboken, provides access to alternative medicine across New Jersey and Manhattan (they even have an Asbury Park location for all our Jersey Shore goers). Located at 89 Hudson Street, Suite 205, this woman-founded business works with functional medicine practitioners to provide a holistic approach to every client. Read on to learn more about IV Elements + its services.

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All About IV Elements + Its New Location

Started in December 2018 by Rebecca LaMarca, APN and functional medicine practitioner, IV Elements provides an array of alternative medicine treatments to clients with various conditions, such as acute and chronic infections, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, mold issues, cancer, addiction, infertility, hyperemesis (pregnant mothers), and more.

IV Elements is a mobile holistic IV therapy company providing access to alternative medicine options servicing Hoboken and Hudson County along with all of NJ and NYC,” said LaMarca. “Our nurses come to you wherever you are, either at home, work, an event, or you can come to one of our locations.”

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IV Elements, which is moving into a new storefront in Asbury Park this November, currently has three locations: Hoboken, Ridgewood, and Asbury Park. The company is a la carte with all of its vitamins separate, allowing clients to pick and choose their own cocktails.

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Operating a Rewarding Business

When asked about the best part of working at IV Elements, LaMarca highlighted the positive impact they’re making on clients who battle debilitating ailments.

“Seeing these success stories firsthand is the most rewarding part,” she said. “We successfully detoxed clients off heroin, opiates, and alcohol with our NAD programs. Two of our cancer clients are in remission from breast cancer, who received high-dose Vitamin C, mistletoe therapy, ozone therapy, and chelation therapy.”

Additionally, LaMarca noted that many clients experience more energy, less brain fog, lower anxiety, brighter skin, better sleep, weight loss, decreased viral loads, and overall higher quality of life — especially for those with chronic conditions.

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Providing High-Quality, Functional Care

IV Elements provides consistent, functional care by employing full-time nurses who have ER/critical care experience. The team also collaborates with other functional medicine doctors to create personalized treatment programs for each client, analyzing their medical histories, and working with their other providers.

“I’m always learning,” said LaMarca. “Keeping up to date with courses, conferences, and articles is key not only for my clients but the nursing staff and company itself. This year already, I have met and learned from the top naturopathic doctors in the U.S. offering mistletoe therapy.”

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In terms of the business’s future, LaMarca hopes to increase its services and options for clients while continuing to provide high-quality IV infusions.

“We want to pride ourselves on not being a typical medispa or hangover IV company, yet an alternative medicine company offering IV vitamin drips tailored for every individual,” she said.

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IV Elements is located at 89 Hudson Street, Suite 205 with two other locations in Ridgewood and Asbury Park and mobile services to NJ and NYC. For client inquiries, call 888-611-3747 or email [email protected].

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