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Introducing Jimmy: Hudson Bachelor of the Month

by Hoboken Girl Team
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If Oprah’s Golden Globes speech left you with all the feels, then you will love this month’s Hudson Bachelor. Meet Jimmy Knowles, a five-year Hudson County resident who is loving life and living it filled with delicious Italian food, funky fitness classes, and a lot of karaoke. Without further ado, we ring in the new year with our Hudson Bachelor of the month: Jimmy!  


The Basics

Name: Jimmy Knowles {like Beyoncé}

Lives in: Hoboken

Interested in: Men

Age: 28

JK Therapy
Vepo Clean

Height: 5’ 6”

How long have you lived here?: I moved to the Cast Iron Lofts in JC in July of 2013 {after a year of commuting to the city every day on #NJT from the suburbs of Philadelphia – the time of my life I now refer to as ‘the dark year’} and then to Hoboken in July of 2015, so coming up on five years in the area.

Zap Fitness

Where did you grow up/go to school?: I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a town called Horsham {home of the fightin’ Hats – our mascot was a literal top hat… you can’t make this stuff up}. Think equal parts Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook, and Chuck Bass… because. I went to school in Ithaca, New York {Ithaca College #gobombers} where I got my B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications {and my M.A. in ~*PaRtYyINnG*~}

What do you do for work?: I’m an Account Director at an agency called CIVIC Entertainment Group, which is a division of Seacrest Global Group {yes, that Seacrest}. We specialize in entertainment and event marketing, PR and partnerships – it’s akin to an event planner on steroids. We work with some of the leading brands in tech, entertainment, and lifestyle producing large scale events all across the globe {I promise it’s not as glamorous as it sounds, but I did touch Beyoncé}.


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Deeper Deets

What three words best describe you?: More, tequila, please.

Perfect weekend plans include: Sleeping in… definitely sleeping in. But after I wake up I *try* and make my way to the gym, grab brunch with friends, accidentally get drunk and then take some time to explore in Hoboken or the city. Depends on my mood, really… but I’m the kind of guy that likes to be constantly doing something.

Ideal date: I’m relatively adventurous when it comes to dating – I like to do something more experience-driven vs. your traditional dinner and drinks {i.e. cooking class, karaoke bar, bowling, Broadway show, etc.}. I feel like the experience piece allows people to open up and eases the tension a bit. I’m also super into basic, trendy, millennial, boutique fitness classes… so don’t be surprised if we kick things off at Rumble or Soul Cycle.


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Favorite Places Around Town

Happy hour spot: I haven’t seen the light of happy hour in years, but in the off chance I find myself off the clock in time {or at least on a conference call where I can keep myself muted}, I love The Wren in The Bowery.

Place for dinner: This is a tough one – I’m a huge foodie at heart {but an insanely picky eater at the same time} so deciding where to eat {or where to Seamless} is easily the most difficult part of my day. When I’m in the city, my go-to is Cote – think bougie Korean BBQ with the most delicious cuts of meat that will touch your lips or anyone else’s. Jersey-side, I can never turn down a night at Bin 14 or Anthony David’s – I’ve never been disappointed by either {but also admittedly find myself at Tony Boloney’s more than I would like to publicly admit}.

Best Italian restaurant in New Jersey?: If anything, this survey is just proving my biggest weakness: my indecisiveness. One of my favorite Italian restaurants in NJ is Arminio’s Italian Corner in Chatham, but in Hoboken it is without a doubt Augustino’s. I think the audible cries of sheer ecstasy still linger in the walls from my most recent visit.

What you wish would come to the area: If you had asked me this three months ago I would have said Soul Cycle because I guess I’m just basic, but now that’s here, so I feel like we’re missing a solid karaoke bar / lounge. I was unapologeticly in an all male acappella group in college {Adam Devine in Pitch Perfect, but like in real life} so singing is a way for me to unwind and go back to my roots. My go-to karaoke song is “Holdin’ Out For A Hero” {which in this context just seems desperate and a bit extra}.

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Bachelor Rapid Fire

Dogs or cats? Dogs, always. I don’t mind cats but I feel like they are always plotting something.

Uber or Lyft? Uber for days, everywhere.

Adventure vacay or relaxing vacay? Relaxing vacay for sure – my life is an adventure, so when I get the time to myself to decompress and do absolutely nothing except concern myself with beach or pool, I’m damn sure going to take advantage of it.

MDW + Labor Day – staycation or leave town?  Depends on my mood really – I’ll usually find myself at my house down the shore or out east during the summer months, but also enjoy the time to take full advantage of summertime in Hoboken.

Celeb crush? Uhh… equal parts KJ Apa, Dacre Montgomery, Zac Efron, and Chris Pine… and Hugh Jackman / Chris Hemsworth. Don’t make me choose between them, because I won’t do it.

You’re stuck in an elevator. Who do you hope you’re stuck with? Who do you hope you’re never stuck with?: Part of me wants to say my mom because she almost always has snacks with her {or like… a fresh pot of sauce / chicken cutlets in her purse… that’s not a joke}, but I’m gonna go with Oprah, because no one would ever actually let Oprah get stuck in an elevator. Also, I just ugly cried through her entire Golden Globes speech, so I’m really riding the Oprah train right now. And I know this is cliché, but I never want to get stuck in an elevator with Donald Trump. I don’t think I need to explain myself there.


How can we get in touch? 

Slide into my DMs – @JimmyKnowles1

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