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Introducing Gary: Hudson Bachelor of the Month

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Our Hudson Bachelor Series continues this month with Gary — or shall we call him Garebear — a fun-loving, outgoing guy with a seriously soft spot for ice cream. Gary is about to light up your #MCM {and we know you’re not mad about it}. This November, clear a little place in your heart as we introduce you to Gary — HG’s Hudson Bachelor of the Month, coming in hot a few days early.

The Basics

Name: Gary, but some people call me Garebear

Lives in: Uptown Hoboken

Interested in: Men

Age: 26

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Height: 6’3”

How long have you lived in the area? I moved in April 1st, I’m a newbie. So, just over half the year.

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Where did you grow up / go to school? I’m a born and raised Jersey boy. I grew up in Hillsdale, New Jersey. Most people aren’t familiar with it. However, it’s close to Paramus. I went to Ramapo College of New Jersey for undergrad and both of my masters programs.

What do you do for work? I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher; I’ve taught 4th and 5th grade as well as students on the Autism Spectrum. I wouldn’t want any other job!

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Deeper Deets:

What three words best describe you? Goofy, fit, and loyal.

Describe your perfect weekend: In my opinion, perfect weekend plans include sleeping in, heading to Crossfit, then heading to brunch and wandering around Hoboken or heading into the city. I don’t like to miss out on any action. I’m always on the go.

Tell us about your ideal date: An ideal date for me would be fairly traditional. A nice dinner and drinks. Maybe some ice cream… actually, on second thought…definitely ice cream! If ice cream is followed up by a nice walk and some time together, I am happy!

Favorite Places Around Town

Happy hour spot: I love Pier 13 — stuffing my face at the food trucks before I grab a drink is the best! Those lounge chairs are convenient after some Frosé. 

Place for dinner: It’s hard to decide, I love The Elysian, the food is always great, the drinks are awesome, and the atmosphere is on point. It’s great to sit outside on a nice day with a drink.

Best Italian restaurant in New Jersey: My favorite Italian restaurant in New Jersey would have to be Bellisimo in Park Ridge, New Jersey. They have really fresh food and the staff is excellent.

What do you wish would come to the area: Two suggestions I would make to come to our area would be Whole Foods and Dairy Queen. I think Whole Foods would be really appealing to the population in our area and Dairy Queen is the best. Ice cream is the key to my heart.

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Bachelor Rapid Fire:

Dogs or cats: Both, I have had both growing up and would be happy owning either.

 Lyft or Uber: Uber for sure!

Adventure vacay or relaxing vacay: Without a doubt I’d go on an adventure vacay. After all, we are only young once.

 MDW and Labor Day — staycation or leave town: For MDW and Labor Day, put me on any beach. It doesn’t matter where. It’s the first and last time to catch a tan. 

Celeb crush: Hmm, there are so many. Probably Channing Tatum… 

You’re stuck in an elevator. Who do you hope you’re stuck with? Who do you hope you’re never stuck with? If I was stuck in an elevator I would hope to be stuck with the Genie from Aladdin so I could use the magic lamp. On the other hand I would hope NOT to be stuck with Sara McLachlan from the ASPCA commercial, she would make me depressed thinking about those poor animals.

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Know a guy who’s between 26-42, lives in Hudson County, interested in men or women, and would make a great Hudson Bachelor — or are you that guy? Send us an email at [email protected] with your photo + story for a chance to be featured!

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