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Introducing Walter: Our First Hudson Bachelor

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Summer has been lovely and all, but snuggle season is a-comin’ {sorry summer lovers, it’s true}. And to celebrate, we’re rolling out our Hudson Bachelor Series! The Mile Square and its surrounding areas are packed with single and totally worthy men — but as any single girl or guy knows, the big question is, where are they?! The answer? Right here on Hoboken Girl.

To kick off the Hudson Bachelor series, we bring you Walter from Jersey City — available, active, and a total catch with a hint of humor and a soft spot for cookies. You’re welcome.  

Basic Deets

Name: Walter

Lives in: Jersey City

Interested in: Women

Snap Fitness JC

How long have you lived in town?: 2 years

Where did you grow up?: Fort Lee, NJ — not too far away from where we are now.

Zap Fitness

Work: I’m the Director of Guest Services and Client Development at Bounce Sporting Club in NYC. {Side note: He’s also a fitness model just for kicks!}

Deeper Details

What three words best describe you?: Creative, Adventurous, Spontaneous

Describe the perfect weekend: Destination OCR {Obstacle Course Race} for sure, but anything outside that gets the blood pumping.

Tell us about your ideal date: Dinner and drinks, but don’t be surprised if we start at a bootcamp first — a girl’s got to be able to keep up! I’m a huge fan of ToneHouse, Rumble, SoulCycle, and Fhitting Room.

What do you look for in a woman: Someone truly independent who can be a friend and companion. Someone who can easily morph from a sexy femme fatale to a tomboy. Being health conscious is a necessity. She has to be energetic and adventurous, with or without makeup, is confident in herself and is just as happy sleeping in a tent as a luxury hotel.

^Giving us major #braidenvy and repping Hoboken at Up and Out

Favorite Places Around Town

Happy Hour Spot: Antique Bakery

Place for Dinner: South House in Jersey City!

Best Italian in New Jersey?: Scalini Fedeli in Chatham. Chef Michael Cetrulo has a real talent for Italian.

What do you wish would come to the area?: I’m pretty happy with what our area has to offer already, although I would have to say one of the more exciting openings in the area is Insomnia Cookies. It’s definitely my guiltiest pleasure.

Taco Tuesday, anyone?

The Really Important Stuff

Dogs or cats?: Dogs, 100%.

Uber or Lyft?: Uber everywhere.

Adventure vacay or relaxing vacay?: Adventure all day!

MDW and Labor Day: Staycation or leave town?: I’ve become pretty happy with staycations since moving into my Jersey City apartment — with all the amenities, it’s a getaway in its own.

Celeb crush?: Sara Sampaio — the combination of dark hair and light eyes is a bit of a weakness.

You’re stuck in an elevator. Who do you hope you’re stuck in there with? Who do you hope you’re never stuck with?: I’d want to be stuck with McGyver because with a paper clip and and some gum we won’t be stuck for long. I would never want to be stuck with my neighbor on the 21st floor with the aggressive aftershave — don’t know how long I’d last.

Get in touch with @wa11y_d on IG and slide on into those DMs!


Know a guy who’s between 26-42, lives in Hudson County, interested in men or women, and would make a great Hudson Bachelor  — or are you that guy? Send us an email at [email protected]!

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