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How to Throw a Birthday Celebration While Social Distancing

by Alexa Martin
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Social distancing may be necessary, but it’s also a bummer. In times like these when we’re forced to miss the celebration of birthdays, weddings, and other happy life events, it’s easy to get caught up in the loneliness of being stuck inside. Nonetheless, there are certainly ways to get creative and celebrate someone’s special day while also practicing social distancing. From virtual celebrations to sending goodies straight to someone’s front door, we don’t need to forgo making someone feel special on their birthday. Here’s how you can virtually celebrate:

how to celebrate birthday social distancing

Organize a Surprise Virtual Birthday Party

It’s OK to sneak around when you’re planning a surprise birthday bash for your significant other or friend. Send out an invitation, set up an iPad or computer, and let the rest virtually unfold when the surprise happens. Bonus: Amazon Prime some party hats and streamers and really get the party started, order some for you and all your pals that will be virtually attending. These virtual meeting options are free to use for a get-together:


Zoom is a great platform to use for large groups of people. It is also free to sign up for. Simply sign up, opt to host a meeting with video on, and send an invitation to your guests via email.

Google Hangout

Google Hangout is free and easy to use if you have a Google account. You can invite members to join a Hangout via video call, phone call, or messaging. You can either invite guests by email or by copying a link to send out.


The Ol’ Faithful of video chats {if you have an iPhone or iPad}. Start a chat with one person and continue adding as many guests as you’d like, within reason. Consider starting with one person and continue adding more and more to increase the surprise!

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Have a Netflix Party

Yes, this is a thing now. Netflix has launched an extension to be used on Google Chrome called Netflix Party. Through this extension, you can send a link to friends, inviting them to watch a movie or show together. The best part is that you can talk to one another during the movie without actually talking using their chat feature that appears on the side of your screen. Make sure everyone has the extension downloaded and ready to go, send an invitation, and you have an instant movie night.

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Send Someone Their Favorite Delicious Treats


{Photo credit: @carlosbakery}

There is no doubt about it…food heals all. If a birthday party is what you’re missing, at least you can have party treats. There are a ton of delicious options you can still have delivered to make someone’s day {think cake, cookies, ice cream, + more}. Here are some local options to order from:

Baking Mama {88 Hudson Street, Hoboken}

You can order ahead of time cookies, cupcakes, macarons, and cakes from this local Hoboken spot. The variety of cake flavors {including mocha, carrot, red velvet, + more}  offered will cater to anyone’s taste preference and can be ordered in a variety of sizes. You can customize the flavors and fillings and also add a fondant message to the top of the cake, making anyone feel special on their birthday.

Carlo’s Bakery {95 Washington Street, Hoboken}

You can order a variety of desserts through Carlo’s website. There are rainbow birthday cakes for a classic celebration or you may consider going with boxes of rainbow cookies, cannoli kits, or even cookies and cream cannoli chips + dip.

Prato Bakery {201 Washington Street, Hoboken + 371 4th Street, Jersey City}

If you’re not a birthday cake fan, no problem. Think about sending some delectable cantucci {almond cookies} to someone’s door for their special day. Prato Bakery offers a variety of box sizes on its online store with flavors varying from chocolate, fig, apricot, and more.

Red Ribbon Bake Shop {591 Summit Avenue, Jersey City}

This bakery offers packages of traditional Filippino desserts with free three-day shipping. You can choose from a selection of treats such as mamon, mango bars, brownies, + more.

Order a Meal from their Favorite Restaurant to be Delivered to their Door

If your friend or S.O. has a favorite restaurant or meal from a specific place, consider ordering food for them {seriously, food is the easiest + best gift of all}. There are so many restaurants offering delivery during this time. Give them a call, order your friend’s favorite meal, and have it delivered as a surprise birthday dinner. For bonus points, add a slice of cake or another sweet treat from the menu to be enjoyed after dinner.

Organize a Virtual Group Workout

If your friend is into working out and staying active, pay for a virtual workout class {or find free classes online} that you can take together. There are so many local fitness businesses offering streaming classes online so you don’t miss a beat. Then, reward the birthday guy or gal for completing an at-home workout with one of those sweet treats you sent.

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Send Flowers

Consider sending a floral arrangement or nice plant from a local flower shop. You can always order from larger companies such as 1-800-Flowers, ProFlowers, or UrbanStems. However, for Hoboken residents, Soho Flower & Garden {located at 264 1st Street} recently launched their e-commerce shop. They have a gorgeous variety of potted plants {that will last even longer than flowers} as well as care instructions for each type. As of right now, they only deliver to Hoboken so if you live in town, be sure to browse their website.

Send a Gift


{Photo credit: @happyboxstore}

One thing that remains the same when throwing a virtual birthday party is the gifts. For starters, benefit your local businesses by purchasing a gift card for the birthday guy or gal to use at a later date. If your pal likes to pampered, get him or her A gift a certificate to a salon or spa to use in the future. We all certainly have time to shop online now so a gift card to their favorite stores to spend while stuck at home would also be well-received.

Additionally, the Happy Box Store is a great way to send personalized gift boxes for that special someone. You can build a box or choose from one of their curated gift boxes to be delivered right to their door.

Send a Fun DIY They Can Do At Home


{Photo credit: www.tonyboloneys.com}

Finally,  gift your friend something fun they can do while stuck inside! Check these local options out:  

Hudson Cakery (1816 Willow Avenue, Weehawken)

Hudson Cakery offers DIY cupcake and sugar cookie baking kits. Although slightly unconventional, if your friend enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, they just may like creating their own birthday treats! You can pick these kits up curbside or have them delivered to you in Hoboken or Weehawken for free.

Sugarsuckle {600-604 Newark Street, Hoboken}

Sugarsuckle offers a variety of baking kits to use at home. All ingredients are pre-measured and provided for you, the toughest decision you’ll have to make is deciding which kit your friend would like best! They offer delivery as well as pickup at various locations around town. Whether it’s Rice Krispie treats, banana bread, or mini cheesecake bites {YUM} one of these kits are sure to brighten anyone’s birthday.

Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street, Hoboken + 363 Grove Street, Jersey City}

Tony Boloney’s is selling pizza making kits for $20 each. Included in the kit is two dough balls, mozzarella, their house-made sauce, lemon vinaigrette, and mushroom and pepperoni toppings. The kit also includes a pair of their signature dice so when dinner is done, their pizza box game can be played. Send a kit to your friend, have them sign on to Tony Boloney’s pizza-making class, and they’ll have an instantly delicious birthday celebration.

Have you celebrated someone’s birthday from afar? Share how you pulled it off in the comments below!


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