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What Hoboken Ward Do I Live In?

by Lara Cohn
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Hoboken is one square mile, packed with 60,419 residents, per the 2020 Census. Whether you live uptown, midtown, or downtown, there is a ward for you, and a councilperson to go along with it. A ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. Wards are usually named after neighborhoods, landmarks, geographical features, and in some cases, historical figures connected to the area. Some wards, like in Newark, are divided by geography: North, South, East, West. But like our friends across the pond in London, which is divided into a whopping 25 wards, the 48 streets that make up the City of Hoboken are divided up into six numbered wards, First through Sixth.

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Find The Ward

ward map

(Photo credit: City of Hoboken)

First, take a look at this map of Hoboken on the city’s website for a colored-coded breakdown of the wards. The map also breaks down by numbered district for each ward, which determines the polling location for residents. Wards One and Two have six districts, whereas Wards Three, Four, Five, and Six have seven districts.

Still not sure what ward is which? Check out the State of New Jersey Department of State website here to locate the ward, which also includes a polling place and where to get one of those cool “I Voted” stickers. To start,  use the search bar to type in your address. If an exact match is found in the records, the site will list the following:  ward number, district number, upcoming election dates, and the polling location address + hours.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the correct ward, district, or are not registered to vote, contact the Hudson County Clerk’s Board of Elections

Find Your Council Person

The Hoboken City Council is the law-making body of the city and it monitors the operation and performance of city agencies, makes land-use decisions, and has sole responsibility for approving the city’s budget. It also legislates on a wide range of other subjects. The Council is comprised of three At-Large members elected to represent the entire City and six members elected to represent one of our city’s six wards

So now that you have found the right ward, below are some interesting facts about each and how to get in touch with the councilperson. 

First Ward

The First Ward is made up of residential buildings like 333 River Street and Marine View Plaza, tons of dining options, bars, mom and pop shops, gyms, Pier A + C parks, as well as corporations like Jet.com, Pearson, and Wiley Publishing. The boundaries go from the Hoboken Terminal to as far west as Newark Street and Observer Highway, as far east as the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, and as far north as 4th and Washington Streets. Exciting news in the First Ward is the new downtown dog run at the municipal garage on Hudson Street. 

Your Council Person: Michael DeFusco

Telephone: 201-420-2000 ext. 2104

Mobile Phone: 646-372-4341

Email: [email protected]

Second Ward

Those who live in the Shipyard, Maxwell Place, Park + Garden, or Hudson Tea buildings, or from 8th Street between Washington Street and Castle Point Terrace (moving west up to 12th Street and Willow Avenue to the city line), are uptown and in Ward Two. The Second Ward boasts Pier 13, the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, Hoboken Historical Museum, Elysian Park, Maxwell Place Park, 14th Street Ferry terminal, soccer fields at 16th Street and Park Avenue, and the new Harborside Park at 15th Street on the border of Weehawken and Hoboken. Issues affecting the Second Ward continue to be the Union Dry Dock site and the Monarch project.

Your Council Person: Tiffanie Fisher

Telephone: 201-420-2000 ext. 2015

Mobile Phone: 201-208-1674

Email: [email protected] 

Third Ward

According to Third Ward Council Member Dr. Michael Russo, the Third Ward is “the heart of Hoboken”, which is an eclectic mix of residential, restaurants, shops, as well as Hoboken’s + Hudson County’s premier artist and office space, the Monroe Arts Center. This ward’s boundaries run from 3rd Street between Clinton and Monroe Streets, up to 6th Street where it expands west and continues north to 9th Street between Park and the Light Rail. The ward recently welcomed a brand new Resiliency Park at the intersection of 7th and Jackson Streets that boasts a playground, gymnasium, and infrastructure to capture over 450,000 gallons of rainwater. The second phase of the park will include the build-out of the one-acre public plaza, which will feature step seating with a tilted lawn panel, play sculpture, and a large plaza area designed to accommodate vendors and seasonal markets. The ward will also have more residential and businesses to come this year.

Your Council Person: Dr. Michael Russo

Telephone: 201-420-2000 x 2106

Mobile Phone: 201-401-9687

Email: [email protected]

Fourth Ward

The Fourth Ward starts at Grand and Newark Streets, moves up to 3rd Street, and then over to Monroe and 6th Streets. Born in Hoboken, Councilman Ruben Ramos’ ward is home to Hoboken institutions like Leo’s Grandevous and Losurdo Brothers Delicatessen, Northern Soul, and new spots like Cafe Sophia. The neighborhood is growing with new additions like ThomasIce Cream Café. 

Your Council Person: Ruben Ramos

Telephone: 201-420-2000 x 2107

Mobile Phone: 201-401-7947

Email: [email protected]

Fifth Ward

The Fifth Ward encompasses 8th Street between Park Avenue and Washington Street, over to 9th Street and up to 12th Street and Willow Avenue, then up again to 18th Street and Willow Avenue.  It is home to both popular supermarkets ShopRite and Trader Joe’s, Columbus and Viaduct Parks, Wallace Elementary School, Bowtie Cinemas, Hudson Table, the Pilsener Haus + Biergarten, the Gravity Vault Rock Climbing Gym, and the new Edge Adams rental apartment building, which is home to the third location for Bwé Kafe, the popular Hudson County coffee shop. 

Your Council Person: Phil Cohen

Telephone: 201-420-2000

Email: [email protected]

Sixth Ward

Hoboken’s Sixth Ward begins at 2nd Street between Washington and Clinton Streets, over east to 4th Street up through 10th Street on Sinatra Drive, and over west to Clinton and 8th Streets. It is home to Church Square Park, the Hoboken Public Library, Hoboken University Medical Center, Stevens Park (Little League Field), and Sinatra Field. The small businesses in the Sixth Ward include Davis Stationary and Washington General, Big Fun, Beawoof, and Hoboken Pet. The Sixth Ward isn’t short on places to grab a bite to eat either, whether it be at Mario’s or Benny Tudino’s for a slice, Otto Strada, coffee at Empire Coffee, or Hidden Grounds, and a Sweet cupcake.

Your Council Person: Jennifer Giattino

Telephone: 201-420-2000 ext. 2100 

Mobile phone: 201-780-6779

Email: [email protected]

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