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Hoboken Makes Moves to Change Temporary No Parking Signs — What You Need to Know

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After years and years of residents {and visitors, for that matter!} complaining about Hoboken’s Temporary No Parking sign policies, the City has finally taken strides to amend the policy that has caused much frustration to local drivers.

You know what they say in the Mile Square — if you find an available parking spot, it’s too good to be true. If you’ve lived in Hoboken for more than 24 hours, chances are many have come across a parking spot at least once, only to find that it’s been marked with a rather unofficial looking “temporary no parking” sign. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about the changes being made to Hoboken’s temporary no parking signs {TNP}. 

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When the Temporary No Parking Signs Go Into Effect

According to the City of Hoboken, the new temporary sign policies were approved by City Council this past spring. The new changes to the policies seek to “reduce the amount of on-street disruption for resident permit holders.”

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These changes officially took effect on Monday, July 22nd.

The Changes 

First things first, under the new temporary sign policy changes, TNP signs must be purchased and posted further in advance than before. If one purchases a TNP sign for any reason other than official City business, construction, public safety, or emergencies, the TNP sign must be purchased and put up eight days in advance. People can buy a TNP sign at the HPU customer service window eight days in advance. Alternatively, if people buy online, they have to buy through HPU online 10 days in advance so they can be posted on HPU a week in advance.

TNP signs for construction activity and official City business must be purchased three days in advance {for permit parking zones} at the HPU customer service window or seven days in advance via HPU online.

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The Cost of TNP Signs

New fees for the TNP signs went into effect on Monday, July 22nd and are priced as follows:

  • 4-hour sign: $15
  • 8-hour sign: $25
  • 12-hour sign: $40
  • 24-hour sign: $60

What Else You Need to Know

The policy change also seeks to reduce the number of cars towed on short notice in the Mile Square. Residents know that this has been an issue for some time. After all, even if a temporary no parking sign exists in a space, drivers can’t always read the fine print or even see the sign in the first place. This misunderstanding has led to a lot of avoidable parking tickets and even towings.

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According to the City, the hope behind the policy changes is also to minimize the impact of local construction and other public projects. The explanation on their website adds:

Residential contractors will be limited to two TNP signs per location, per day. Customers purchasing TNP signs for dumpsters may only purchase a maximum of three TNP signs per dumpster location per day.

You might be wondering how will these changes be enforced. Well, there will be fines. If a resident does not remove a TNP sign after it has expired, there will be a fine. TNP signs cannot be still posted more than two hours after they have expired or else the purchaser is subject to a $45 fine per sign that remains up.

For more information on the policy changes and what they mean for you, go here.

What is your reaction to the TNP sign policy changes? Comment below!


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