• Federal Government Adjusts Nursing Home Rating: Here’s Where Hoboken + Jersey City Stand

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    After the federal government adjusted the standards of nursing homes by announcing a new way to assess the success of these facilities, nursing homes in both Hoboken and Jersey City have been rated by the new system. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. While the CMS has always been responsible for assessing the standards of public facilities like nursing homes, this latest adjustment makes the requirements much stricter. With these new strict requirements, Hoboken and Jersey City have some new rankings. Keep reading to find out where Hoboken + Jersey City stand in the federal government’s nursing home ratings.

    About CMS

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    “CMS is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of nursing home residents by ensuring they are receiving the highest quality of care possible,” agency administrator Seema Verm said in a news release.

    CMS is also responsible for administering the Medicare program, administering Medicaid on a state level, health insurance portability standards, and the Children’s Health Insurance program. As an agency, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has the mission of upholding stringent regulations in order to put patients’ health, safety, and quality of life first.

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    The new-and-improved inspection process seeks to expand the available staffing details, hold Medicare-certified nursing homes accountable with more meaningful, detailed metrics, and overall, to provide more quality information about the care of residents.

    So, what are some of the changes? The standards of staff are much more intense now. Previously, automatic one-star ratings were given to nursing homes that reported having no registered nurse on site for seven days in a quarter. Now, these new adjustments have cut that standard down to four days.

    Nursing homes with five stars have above-average quality while those with one star are considered to have below-average quality.

    Where Hoboken + Jersey City Rank

    Now that we’ve broken down how the ratings work, find out where some of Hoboken¬† + JC’s nursing homes stand in the ranking.

    Hoboken University Medical Center {308 Willow Avenue, Hoboken}

    Overall: 5 stars
    Health inspections: 4 stars
    Staffing: 5 stars
    Quality measures: 5 stars

    Alaris Health at HarborView {178-198 Ogden Avenue, Jersey City}

    Overall: 3 stars
    Health inspections: 2 stars
    Staffing: 3 stars
    Quality measures: 5 stars

    Alaris Health at Hamilton Park {525 Monmouth Street, Jersey City}

    Overall: 5 stars
    Health inspections: 4 stars
    Staffing: 3 stars
    Quality measures: 5 stars

    Peace Care St. Joseph’s {537 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City}

    Overall: 2 stars
    Health inspections: 1 star
    Staffing: 4 stars
    Quality measures: 5 stars

    These more stringent adjustments are hopefully improving nursing homes nationwide for the better. Of the 15,000 Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing homes in the U.S., over 1,600 of them received one-star ratings.

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    That four-day registered nurse standard from earlier, well, that’s the main reason so many long-term care facilities received one-star ratings. Others were downgraded to one-star ratings due to other staffing issues such as not submitting payroll documents or not verifying payroll documents.

    What do you think about the new nursing home standards? Let us know in the comments below!

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