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Hoboken TBT: The History of Columbus Park

by Noelle
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We decided to unlock a piece of Hoboken’s rich history every Thursday. Sure most Hobokenites know that Hoboken was home to the one and only Frank Sinatra, but we doubt they know much about the beautiful landmarks and parks they pass on their daily morning commutes to the PATH. If you’d like to know a bit more about the area you call home you’re in luck! Get ready for a major throwback because we’re heading back to Columbus Park (on 9th and Clinton) circa the early 1970s.

Columbus Park Then 


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This vintage looking snap was taken by photographer and former Hoboken resident Caroline Carlson during the early 70s. This spacious park was created long before this picture was taken. In fact, it was initially designed by a well-known landscape architect, Charles N. Lowrie, who passed away in 1939. The unknown children in the image are photographed beside the pavilion — the yellow structure that is immediately recognizable in the center of the park. These Hoboken kiddies would most likely be found playing on the original playground {with an allegedly epic slide} in the 70s that no longer exists today.

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Unfortunately, in 2002, the unusually structured playground with its slide-to-write-home-about was broken to pieces in order to make way for a playground that met safety guidelines {…channeling avoiding the Action Park disaster, anyone?}. While the new playground might appear average to any frequent park-goer, it’s just as special as the original because it was dedicated to a woman who tragically passed away during the 9/11 attacks. The park also contains a memorial that was constructed after the unfortunate death of a former Hoboken High School teacher during the mid-1990s. Random useless fact: To this day, the word “remembrance” is still misspelled on the monument. Oooops.

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Ever wonder how the park got its name? Just take a look at the bronzed statue of American explorer Christopher Columbus that stands in the center, and you’ll get a good idea of why this public space is called Columbus Park {even though word on the street was that he wasn’t the best of guys…}.

We hope this throwback has motivated you to begin to explore the rich history in our little city. There are so many things we’re excited to uncover, and we can’t wait to share them with you! This exciting project was made possible by the Hoboken Historical Museum‘s public photo database.

Interested in learning more about Hoboken’s past? Make sure to check back on Thursdays for our next #HobokenTBT and a dose of local history. To submit historical photos, email hello@hobokengirl.com or tag @hobokengirlblog on Instagram with the hashtag #HobokenTBT. xo

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