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The Best Apps to Use for Commuting in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Sheryl McCabe
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For those tired of navigating the endless battle against traffic snarls and missed transportation connections, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve curated a few convenient solutions, ensuring that your travels through Hoboken and Jersey City are not only hassle-free but also enjoyable. Let technology be your guide. Read on for the best commuting apps to use in Hoboken + Jersey City.

best commuting apps hoboken jersey city

City Mapper

Originally developed for London’s public transit system, City Mapper quickly adapted to the NYC metro area. Similar to Waze, this app offers multiple route preferences, including options to avoid rain or longer walks. It provides detailed directions, such as specifying the subway exit. Plus, it allows users to crowdsource data, so you can see other users’ updates on your route or submit your own.

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Via, a rideshare app, can sometimes have rides as cheap as a bus fare. This is at the cost of sharing the vehicle with other riders and the route optimization for the driver as opposed to the user’s convenience. In addition, you’ll likely have to walk to the end of the block or so to grab the ride. Via covers Jersey City.


best commuting apps hoboken jersey city citibike

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If you’re not convinced that Citibike is one of the cheapest and most accessible ways to move around, maybe the investment in bike lanes from Hoboken and Jersey City will change your mind. Both Hoboken and Jersey City have committed to creating bike lanes and have adopted initiatives from a Swedish nonprofit committed to eliminating road deaths, Vision Zero. Don’t forget your helmet, especially if you grab a white bike–those are electric.



Zap Fitness


Sometimes there’s just a day that you need a car. Getaround is for the occasional car driver. Users can either offer their vehicle to be rented or rent these cars. Maybe you’re heading to the Catskills for the weekend or maybe there are some errands you need to run after work. Select a time and day, and just follow the app’s instructions to unlock your rental.

NY Waterway


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The NY Waterway app is the official mobile application for NY Waterway, a private ferry company that operates commuter and tourist ferry services in the New York City metropolitan area. The app gives you ferry schedules and allows passengers to buy tickets ahead of time. It also helps passengers locate buses you can grab once you get to the midtown stop in New York, which is one of the most direct and easiest ways to get crosstown.

Passio Go for the Hoboken Hop

 Users can select the Hoboken Hop in Passio Go app to see live tracking of all the buses. Users will also get updates from the city about schedule changes and cancellations. The Hop is free, so riders won’t need any tickets.

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NJ Transit Mobile App


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Patrons can avoid the hassle of ticket machines and change fumbling with the NJ Transit Mobile App. Passengers can purchase NJ Transit tickets in advance and receive real-time updates on delays and cancellations. The app also provides estimated arrival times for the next bus at any NJ Transit stop. Plus, take advantage of the rewards program, offering discounts on local businesses through in-app purchases.

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