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Hoboken’s Hop Shuttle: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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The Hop shuttle in Hoboken is a great way to inexpensively commute around the Mile Square. Residents of uptown and downtown Hoboken are united in their lack of knowing where to “hop” onto the Hop, as well as where the journey will take them, so we’re here to give you some information that should make your next ride through town a little easier. Read on to find out how to navigate the Hop in Hoboken.

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The Hop shuttle routes can be tracked and accessed via a new app called PassioGo. The City of Hoboken’s website stated that the upgrade has happened as a means to “enhance service for users of the free Hop bus service.” The new app can be accessed via the web and has download options available for Apple and Android phones to track the Hop while on your mobile device.

The 2023 HOP Pilot Program

The City of Hoboken sent out a press release on May 11th, 2023, saying that the HOP shuttle will adding extra hours to its operation schedule for the next six weeks to better meet the needs of residents and alleviate morning congestion due to high commuter ridership to the Hoboken terminal area. The pilot program schedule will run from 7:30AM to 7:30PM, and the senior shuttle will continue to operate as scheduled between 8AM and 4PM on weekdays.

Hop Schedule + Routes

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There are four Hop shuttles, known as Red, Blue, Green, and Senior Shuttle, and they each have a different route.

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The hobokennj.gov site shows the hours as Red running from 10AM-6PM Monday through Friday, Blue running from 8AM-8PM Monday through Friday, Green running from 8AM-8PM, Monday through Friday, and the Senior Shuttle running from 8:00AM-4:00PM Monday through Friday. The Senior Shuttle runs from 8AM-4PM on weekdays.

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The Blue Hop is primarily located downtown. It begins at 2nd and Bloomfield and will remain below 4th Street, finishing its route at the Newark/Washington. You can find it at 2nd and Bloomfield 10 minutes after the hour, and then again 30 minutes later. It takes about 17 minutes to get from its starting point to the PATH, but keep in mind that time can increase or decrease depending on traffic, double-parked cars, construction, burst water mains…this should come as no shock to locals.

The Red Hop also starts at 2nd and Bloomfield, but goes all the way uptown to 12th and Willow, over to Hudson, and then back down, ending up at the PATH. Although there are a few specific “stops” that are designated for each route, you can actually grab the hop anytime you see it coming, just give it your best Carrie Bradshaw-cab-hail and it will stop for you. The Red Hop runs every 30 minutes on the hour and will take uptown residents about 15-20 minutes to get downtown, depending on where you catch it.

The Green Hop starts downtown at Bloomfield and 2nd, and runs uptown along Adams and Madison, heading back downtown on Willow at 12th Street, ultimately ending at the PATH Terminal. This route also runs every 30 minutes on the hour during peak times (8AM-10AM + 4:30PM-7PM)and during off-peak times it runs 10 minutes past the hour, and then every 30 minutes.

The Senior Shuttle beings at the Multi-Service Center at 2nd and Grand, making its way uptown past City Hall, Hoboken University Medical Center, and more. The route ends back at the Multi-Service Center.

For a full breakdown of each route, please click here.

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Things to Keep in Mind

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Next time you’re rushing to catch the Hop or are still a little confused about how the system works, we’ve rounded up a list of tips to keep in mind for your next Hop ride or adventure:

  • – You can track where the Hop is in real-time on your desktop here, or you can download the PassioGo app for iOS and Android to track it on your mobile device. We highly recommended for those of you who realize after three blocks of walking that your computer bag is actually heavier than you thought.
  • – The Hop logo on the side of the bus is multi-colored, so make sure to read the digital sign on the side of the shuttle to see if it’s Red, Blue, Green, or Senior.
  • – If you see a Hop but can’t remember the route associated with the color, hail it down and ask the driver. They are very nice and accommodating.
  • – The Hop will let you off at any intersection along its route. Just pull the stop request cord that runs along the upper part of the windows. We’ve also seen people politely say “next stop,” or “next corner” if they are sitting near the driver.

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