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Hoboken Girl Helps: Hudson County Volunteering Opportunities

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When things feel a little out of control in the world, it’s important to figure out how you can help {and no, that doesn’t just include sharing a Facebook status}. It means getting out there — being active and engaged in your community. To help, we’ve created an opportunity for Hudson County residents to give back to their community: a new volunteering program called “Hoboken Girl Helps.”


What’s the goal of the program?

Monthly, we’ll be creating volunteer event opportunities for our readers at local non-profits and organizations in need in Hudson County. It’s our hope that we can introduce new places in need of volunteers, encourage active community engagement, and facilitate volunteering opportunities for local residents.

How does it work?

There will be a date each month that we pick to do a specific project, and then we’ll announce the date and project in a blog post on HobokenGirl.com and on social media {@hobokengirlblog on all platforms}.

How do I sign up for an event?

Once the volunteering location is announced, you’ll “reserve” a spot {it’s free!} to participate in a day of volunteering with other Hudson County residents. There is a limited # of spots available for each project, so make sure to sign up quickly once posted! As mentioned, sign-ups are free, donations are welcome {donation opportunities/links will be on the Eventbrite page as well}.

What if I can’t make the event date chosen?

We will be hosting volunteer events monthly/bi-monthly throughout the year, so there will be many dates to choose from.

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If you want to help out but can’t make the event, we’ll be posting a donation link through the Eventbrite sign-ups page to which you can donate to the cause or fundraiser in the event that you can’t attend. Volunteering information for that specific charity/organization will also be shared in the post so that you can get involved on a more regular basis, if interested.

There’s an Eventbrite link with donations. Where does that money go?

Every single penny that we earn through Hoboken Girl Helps projects goes to the charity/non-profit/organization we are helping that month. We’ll be listing out any supplies that are needed for the event {ex: paint to make over a room, etc} and offer a donation link. Once the money is raised and event has taken place, we’ll do a recap sharing about the event and project — as well as listing everyone who has helped through volunteering or donations.

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What happens once I’ve signed up for the event?

As a participant for the event, we just ask that you share the Eventbrite link to the volunteering event with your family and friends to help raise money for the specific project {and further donations for the cause}. We’ll be listing out what money is needed for supplies for each project for full transparency.

After you’ve shared the link and are all signed up, you’ll receive an email before the event with specific details and instructions for volunteering pre-event. Then, show up ready to help!

Interested in helping in a bigger way {rather than just a one-time event sitch}?

Right now, our man power can only allow for bi-monthly {soon monthly, we hope!} events — but we are looking to expand our volunteering team. If you’re interested in helping coordinate these volunteering events pro bono, please email [email protected] about your interest.

Know of a volunteering opportunity/organization in need {that would be a good fit}? 

Don’t be shy! Email us and let us know about it: [email protected]

Own a local business and want to help with supplies or other donations?

 Please get in touch — [email protected]. We’d love to work with you!

Where/what is your first event going to be?

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be making over the children’s room at WomenRising, a local Jersey City organization serving women and their families on Saturday, February 25th. Stay tuned for the event post so you can register for the event in the coming weeks.

We’re so excited to get started. Stay tuned, and make sure you’re in the loop:

Click here to sign up for updates and get notified when our 2/25 event goes live!






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