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WomenRising: Dedicated to Domestic Violence Support + Local Families in Need

by Noelle
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We love highlighting local non-profits in the area, especially when they help women in need. WomenRising is an amazing local non-profit organization that has been a lifeline to women and families in need of financial assistance and emotional support due to being victims of domestic violence for over 100 years. Last year, the organization celebrated 115 years of dedicated service to local families in need of a helping hand.  Many families and victims of domestic abuse living in the Hudson County region have found success while using the resources provided by this organization. Here’s a little more about this wonderful non-profit, Women Rising, located at 270 Fairmount Avenue in Jersey City.

Although WomenRising was founded in 1905, the organization did not begin addressing community concerns until 1911. Since that time, the Board of Trustees, a group primarily led by women, began to provide women and their families with access to helpful services. Some of the successful programs offered by the organization are the Domestic Violence Program, the Family Advocacy Program (FAP), and Family Support Services (FSS).

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The Domestic Violence Program has been providing victims of violence, specifically women and children, with direct access to a 24/7 hotline service. In addition to the hotline, which has been in place for over 30 years, the program has continued to offer victims counseling, assistance with legal issues like custody, access to support groups, and a series of other helpful services.

The FAP and FSS are examples of family service programs that equip women and their at-risk children with guidance and social support. For example, the FAP serves families that are in crisis by providing them with counselors who work closely with each family member to enforce improved behavior and communication skills. FSS, on the other hand, is a short-term service that focuses on helping families and individuals create positive goals for the future.  

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Interested in assisting the organization in its effort to better the lives of local women and children? Residents can either donate their time or money to the charity’s mission. Donations can be made online, by telephone, or they can be mailed over to the organization’s New Jersey location. Residents can also find flexible volunteer opportunities on the charity’s website. Future volunteers can dedicate their time to the charity by filling out a simple online form.

Dedicating your time to this nonprofit will result in better lives for the women and children of Hudson County who are striving to achieve a better life. The group’s volunteers, counselors, and other staff members have successfully helped their clients gain access to jobs, educational opportunities, and affordable housing.

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On a personal note, we love giving back to this wonderful org. In 2018, our Hoboken Girl Helps team was nominated by WomenRising for the Volunteer Service Award, given to local organizations or people who have helped WomenRising raise funds, awareness, and support.

The HG team painted their children’s room, organized a tampon/diaper supplies drive, and raised funds for their non-profit, which we continue to do in our Hoboken Girl shop. 10% of all proceeds from Jersey City merch go towards this organization.

women rising

Although Women Rising has continued to grow in support, the organization continues to work towards reaching new milestones and assist women and families in bigger ways. The non-profit has uploaded a calendar onto its website that lists both the location and time of future events, as well as ways to give back. Want to donate? Click here

COVID-19 Updates

Directly from the WomenRising website:

As our country begins to open up and return to some sense of normalcy, WomenRising, Inc. would like to remind you that we are here to serve you. As COVID-19 progressed, WomenRising continued to serve the Hudson County community through a variety of means while we assured the safety and well-being of our staff, our clients, and our community. As our state begins to open up again, we plan to remain equally as conscious and cautious.

• As always, if you are in imminent danger, call 911.
• All of our programs are still functioning: Call our 24/7 hotline for assistance 201-333-5700 and requests for information or a specific service will be directed to the appropriate staff member.
• Access to WomenRising’s headquarters remains closed to the public.
• All counseling and case management sessions will continue to be conducted in-person, by phone, and/or other means of communication mutually agreed upon by the client and counselor.
• Volunteer efforts remain suspended.

We are grateful for the work of our staff and our many colleagues and the support of our community for our ongoing efforts to serve. If you have any questions or wish additional information, please contact info@womenrising.org or call (201) 333-5700.

If you’d like to gain more information about this wonderful organization or volunteering opportunities, you can visit their website at womesrising.org or call 201-333-5700.


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