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Where to Watch the Games in Hoboken: Part II

by Jennifer Tripucka
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If the first part of the March Madness/sports-watching-bar/restaurant list didn’t impress you, hopefully part two will. I’m assuming that it was because we didn’t talk about how you’ll probably be hAngry if your bracket is going kaput when you’re watching the games.

So here are a few places that will satisfy your H-Anger when your team loses. Because we all know that you get extra cranky when you’re hungry. If you missed the first part of this list, click hereWithout further ado:

1. Rooftop Vibe: City Bistro {56-58 14th Street}

city bistro view

TVs + the skyline. Doesn’t get much better.

In a few words, the view from City Bistro is pretty sweet. They have TVs outside which is clutch, however, the bar is cash only on the roof so bring some paper. I love it here, as long as I’m in the mood to make the trek up the {very steep} stairs to the roof! Space is limited, so come early!


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2. Yummy Uptown Eats: Hudson Tavern {51-53 14th Street}

hudson tav 8

Not EVERY sports bar has scallops that are this delicious ready for the eating whilst you watch some games.

Golden Door Dispensary

The Hudson Tavern is grossly underrated {or lets just say not on many people’s radar} as a great spot to grab a drink and a bite to eat while watching the game. It has a large area to sit by the bar or dine privately — which is amazing. Space doesn’t come easy in Hoboken, most of the time — and this spot is a mix of cozy, comfy, and fun in my book. For more about this bar/restaurant, click here.


3. Tasty Downtown Eats: Hotel Victor {77 Hudson Street}

hotel victor

Another great spot that is easy to get to from the PATH {think: across the street} to watch some games. And, if you’ve read the post here, you’ll know which app is my top recommendation on the menu. YUM.

5. Your NYC Friends Will Come: Texas Arizona {76 River Street}


Let’s face it, your NYC friends are a pain and think they’re too good for Hoboken. Well, good! STAY THERE. We have more fun here anyway. But yeah, your friends will literally have to go OUT of their way to get lost and not see Texas Arizona immediately when they get off the PATH. Just explain to them the PATH is like the Subway but cleaner, faster, and less creepy. Maaaaybe, just maybe they’ll come over and hang.


There you have it. Hanging with your NYC friends IN Hoboken while eating delicious food and watching the games. Check check check. Where is your favorite place to watch the games in Hoboken?


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