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Grounding: How to Calm Your Thoughts with 4 Easy Techniques

by Sara
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Feelings of being overwhelmed, as if the days are meshing together, if you’re unable to keep your thoughts straight, or suffer from a bit of anxiety or insomnia, you’re not alone. In fact, these feelings are all too common. We are all so busy in the NY metro, juggling so much, and constantly worrying about something scheduled weeks from today. If all this sounds familiar, then practicing grounding techniques daily {or whenever you feel yourself floating away, like Mary Poppins} is something that might be of value to your mental health. Our contributor Sarah Khosrowjerdi MS L.Ac. explains how to engaging in grounding to Mother Earth. Read on to find out how to engage in grounding to help calm your thoughts and worrying mind.

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Grounding 101

No, you don’t have to be a yogi or be able to meditate in order to ground yourself. Grounding is simply re-connecting your spirit to Mother Earth. If that’s too crunchy for you, simply look at it as re-connecting yourself to the ground, sending your racing thoughts out of your head and into your feet. Grounding is a way to balance the energy from above {head and mind} with the energy below {pelvis and feet}.

How to Get Grounded

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Using the Earth

The quickest and easiest grounding technique is to use the power of Mother Earth – perhaps standing in lush green grass barefoot, and dipping your toes in the ocean or sand.

A Calming Foot Bath

Of course, when it is flipping freezing outside and no grass is to be found {or none of the above is readily accessible}, standing in warm water past the ankles is just as effective. To make the experience even more delicious, add in Epsom salts, lavender, or peppermint essential oils in the warm water. Focus on the comforting warm water wrapping around your ankles, scan the bottoms of your feet, breath in and out the calm scent, and imagine all of the racing thoughts leaving your head and dropping into the pool of water. Once you feel your body’s energy has shifted, drain the water and feel all the racing thoughts leave your space.

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Grounding crystals

Florals, Plants, and Stones

You can also invite Mother Earth into your home to root down. Buy some flowers to calmly admire or take care of a lush green plant daily. Stones, rocks, crystals and essential oils are all gifts our planet provides to us that you can use as tools to ground as well.

Essential Oils

Essential oils that are a thicker constitution {like vetiver, cedarwood, myrrh, black spruce, and frankincense} are extremely therapeutic when used for grounding techniques. One will surely see the added benefit when applied to the bottom of the foot, between the toes, or on the sternum daily. The more sap like the oil, the easier it can re-root {like a tree} the spirit into the Earth.

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Jewelry Stones and Crystals

Another way to bring Mother Earth into your home is carrying stones and crystals {like petrified wood, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, and hematite} in one’s pocket, as jewelry, or scattered throughout the home can provide a profound connection or pull towards the Earth. When selecting stones or crystals, choose what you feel pulled to the most {what catches your eye and holds your attention}. Hold the stone or stones in your hand and see what calms you or what does nothing at all. There is always a reason we do what we do. Our bodies are very intelligent, allow your intuition to guide the way, it will never be wrong.

Have you tried grounding to calm your mind? Let us know in the comments!

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