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All the Local GoFundMe Campaigns that Need Your Help

by Corinne Batsides
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Since almost no one can leave the house or get too close to anyone else right now, it’s crucial for members of the community to find ways to support one another through this unprecedented and difficult period. One amazing — and easy — way to help out is to simply donate online. People all over Hudson County are starting up GoFundMe campaigns to support everyone from healthcare workers on the front lines who need the proper equipment to tip workers who are struggling financially.

As you’ve heard a million times before, every penny counts. And that could not be more true right now. Whatever you have to offer can really make all the difference in our community right now. To put it in perspective, some medical masks only cost around two dollars. 

If you’re ready to help out our community and be a part of the push towards getting to the other side of this whole disaster, check out this list of tons of different Go Fund Me campaigns in the Hudson County Area.

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If you have any questions about the individual campaigns, click the links + reach out to the founders to learn more  + email us at hello@hobokengirl.com if you know of one to be included!

Healthcare Workers + First Responders

Coronavirus PPEs for Hoboken

In this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, our Hoboken Health Care Workers, First Responders, and Essential Workers have a critical need for PPE – Masks, N95s and other things to protect themselves and the public.  All of us individuals, with our connections, creativity, and experiences can step up and help. Click here to donate now.

Donut Donors supporting NJ Health Care Workers

Mini Donuts NYC is raising funds to be able to send a little treat — some of their delicious donuts — to the people on the front lines of the war against COVID-19.  Donate here.

Easter Meal for Heroes @ Hackensack Hospital

Real Life Church wants to Bless our Heroes at Hackensack Hospital with an Easter Meal to show our appreciation for all they have done in this battle against the Coronavirus.  Please help us serve them an Easter Meal when you donate here.

Emergency Hoboken Shelter Pandemic Fundraiser

The Hoboken Shelter’s costs have increased rapidly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the virus, the shelter had to make the unfortunate decision to close down their April fundraiser. To make up for the loss in revenue, the staff is reaching out to the community for help. Your donations could make a huge impact by either providing a meal for a guest, sheltering a guest for an evening, sponsoring skill based workshops, and so much more. Get more info + donate here.

To give an extra hand, check out the shelter’s amazon wishlist here.

Face Shields for Jersey City Medical Workers

This campaign has organized a local group of makers and volunteers to help 3D print face shields, manufacture face shields via injection molding, and distribute these shields to local hospitals and first responders.  Any donations will allow them to get more materials to produce face shields, with a goal of producing 1,000 per week. Click here to donate now.

Feed An Amazing Medical Team

Help show care and appreciation for the medical teams at the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis and all their selfless efforts. All funds donated will go toward meal deliveries for all the ICU staff at Weill-Cornell as a small gesture of thanks for their work and dedication. Click here to donate now.

Feed the Front Lines: Hoboken/ Jersey City 

As the COVID-19 Pandemic is leaving hospitals overloaded with patients and dangerously low on supplies, doctors, nurses, and medical staff are working extremely long hours under very stressful conditions, often not having time to prepare or eat meals. With your help we can support our healthcare workers by providing free meals, delivered directly to the hospitals of Hoboken and Jersey City, giving our heroes one less thing to worry about. Donate here.

Frontline Food Boxes

Frontline Food Boxes is feeding frontline workers at multiple hospitals in NYC. The hospitals this campaign is serving include Weill Cornell, Bellevue, NYU, Mt. Sinai, NYP/Columbia, and many more throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. With your contributions, we are serving 200 meals per delivery, with multiple deliveries every week. Donate here.

Handmade Masks for Healthcare Workers

This campaign is raising money for a local sewing group to buy materials and cover shipping costs to produce handmade masks and deliver them to local healthcare workers. During this unprecedented national moment, we are all in this together. We are one community. Times are tough but if you can spare $1 it would make all the difference. Click here to donate now.

Heroes for Heroes

All of our amazing doctors, nurses and hospital staff are working long hours in a dangerous environment. This page is to raise money to organize meal deliveries for the healthcare heroes in our local hospitals. We will be organizing deliveries of Subway sandwiches {stores owned by local small business owners}, that are individually wrapped starting next week. Donate here.

Hoboken First Responders and Small Businesses

As a spouse of a law enforcement officer and a small business owner, Hoboken local Emma Smith wants to raise money in order to combat the effects of this pandemic on our community.  In an effort to help in any way possible, her campaign is now accepting donations of any size to help feed the Hoboken first responders — purchased from local restaurants. Donate here.

Jersey City and Vicinity COVID-19 Donation

TongYan School at Jersey City is initiating a fundraising event to take place in the local community. All donations will be used to purchase face masks, gloves, protective suits and other personal protective equipments.  The equipment will be sent directly to Envision Physician Services who will distribute it to the doctors at JCMC, Hackensack Medical Center and other hospitals in the area. Donate here.

Love Protects: Supporting Healthcare Heroes

Please donate to make sure our healthcare providers are properly equipped with the FDA approved protective gear they need—if doctors and nurses are healthy, we stay healthy. Donation money will also go to purchasing them food from local restaurants. Donate here.

Masks for our Healthcare Workers

The funds donated to this campaign will be used for shipping masks (KN95, FFP2, + surgical) from suppliers in China. The FDA has cleared these masks for emergency use. The members running this campaign have already identified medical staff and hospitals that are willing to take these masks. Donate here.

Masks ‘R’ Us! Help Protect Nurses with N95 Masks

This campaign knows a reliable supplier that can ship 10,000 medical-grade N95 masks to New York-Presbyterian in the next 10 days if they can raise $27,000 in the next two days. Every dollar counts. Each mask costs $2.70. 

The shipment will be handled by a senior nurse at NYP and will go directly from the factory to the hospital. Click here to donate now.

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Medical Masks for Healthcare Workers

Their goal is to deliver 5,000 masks to multiple hospitals in NY and NJ (to start). One of the campaign founders owns a company that manufactures products overseas + has secured several contacts through her manufacturers to order medical masks. Donate here.

Noms for Nurses and Doctors COVID-19

Noms for Nurses and Doctors COVID19 was started to send meals to nurses and doctors throughout NJ during the fight against COVID. All of the proceeds will go to buying meals from local restaurants who are also struggling in this fight. Supporting our local businesses and our frontline heroes in these difficult times is the goal. Donate here.

The USNS Comfort Troops Need Support

USNS Comfort will be arriving next week to take the burden off of the NYC hospitals so that they can focus solely on COVID-19 patients. 100% of the funds donated here will be used to feed them and do our best effort to put a smile on their face. They need tons of support as this ship is massive and fully staffed. Click here to donate now.

Small Businesses

Help Save the Little Play Co.

Local Hoboken theater, The Little Play Co., has a very real chance of getting shut down. On top of getting hit hard by the Corona Pandemic, its owner Tamara Soru was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been a very difficult time for her and her company, so her staff is rallying around her and supporting her through this campaign to save her small business. Donate here.

Jubilee Center

Coby Strell is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of All Saints Community Service and Development Corporation. Help raise money to support the Jubilee Center. Donate here.

Small Business Relief Fund

GoFundMe, Yelp, and Intuit QuickBooks have pledged to donate up to $1.5 million in donations into the GoFundMe.org Small Business Relief Fund. Until that Fund is depleted, GoFundMe.org will continue issuing $500 matching grants to qualifying businesses. Additional companies are expected to contribute to this Fund in the coming weeks, in order to provide much-needed aid to even more businesses across the country. Donate here.

 Symposia Bookstore

Help keep Symposia Bookstore alive. By donating money to this fund, you’re helping this community bookstore to pay its rent and expenses during this unprecedented time.

Click here to donate now.

V’s Barbershop {Jersey City} Barber Relief Fund

Being forced to temporarily close up shop has left the business unable to provide financial support to all the barbers, stylists, support staff and their families.  As many of you know, our barbers work on commissions and tips. They are the heart and soul of the business, the people you rely on for great conversation, friendship, and, of course, great haircuts. Click here to donate now.


Communication Tools for Ventilator Patients

After a week of testing the Vocable AAC app- which allows ventilator patients to use simple head/eye gestures to communicate with hospital staff and loved ones- this gofundme is aiming to raise money to purchase 25 iPad Pros (and stands) to be delivered to the entire unit. Donate here.

In loving memory of Eleazar Daniel Fernandez

Army veteran Eleazar Daniel Fernandez, the son of our dear Mayra Tellez passed away on March 28th, 2020.  Eleazar died abruptly of health complications a few days after contracting COVID-19 at the age of 25. The goal is to provide his mother, Mayra, and provide some financial relief as they face this difficult time. Please consider a generous donation toward funeral costs, and any other needs they will be facing in the coming weeks and months. Donate here.

IPads for Hospitalized COVID Patients

One of the worst aspects of the COVID disaster is inability of family members to see their loved ones in the hospital.  The social isolation is bad for patients and frustrating for loved ones.  Family members want to be able to see and says words of encouragement to their loved ones hospitalized or on ventilators.  Help raise money to buy iPads so patients can video chat with their loved ones. Click here to donate now.

Pedro LeBron “Pete” our JC Heights UPS friend

As most residents in The Heights of Jersey City have heard, a dear friend of the community, Pedro LeBron — also known as Pete — to COVID-19.  His energy was contagious and he was always able to brighten anyone’s day. He was also very popular in the dog community, and would go above and beyond to make others’ lives easier. He made such a strong impact on the Jersey City community, they wanted to give back to his family to help them deal with this unexpected tragedy. Donate here.

We Got You: Hudson County Hunger Project

The Hudson County Hunger Project is a group of dedicated community members, restaurant owners, and students within the NJ/NYC area working to address hunger in Hudson County during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are working to coordinate free boxed meal deliveries to JC’s most vulnerable groups. Partnering with local eateries, drivers, and the Hudson County Health Department, meals are created to order. Donate here.


Restaurants + Tip Workers

Barcade Jersey City Staff COVID Relief Fund

With the drop in business leading up to the bar and restaurant closure combined with the indefinite loss of work on our parts, Barcade is struggling to survive and provide for its staff. Click here to donate now.

Bark Buildings & Community Support

Bark Buildings is turning their focus to how we can all help our local community by donating to its hard-working and caring team of 20+ part-time dog walkers who are feeling the abrupt impact of this virus. Donate here.

Baristas + Bartenders

This gofundme is for Bartenders and Baristas throughout Hoboken and Jersey City who are in need of assistance due to Covid-19. The goal is to help keep all the community’s bartenders and baristas afloat until they can resume work. Donate here.

Dosa Spot COVID-19 Relief in Jersey City

Support your local Authentic Bangalore/Mysore style Dosa, Idli, Vada + Filter coffee spot. Donate here.

Fire + Oak Jersey City Staff

Many people depend on Fire and Oak for great food, great drinks, and a great experience. But let’s not forget the people who depend on Fire and Oak for a living and.to provide for their families. 100% of these funds will be distributed among Fire + Oak Staff staff. Click here to donate now.

Grand Vin COVID-19 Relief in Hoboken, NJ

GoFundMe COVID-19 Small Business Relief is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Grand Vin. Donate here.

Hoboken Tipped Workers Relief Fund:

Any amount would be greatly appreciated — the money will be equally split to all the bar staff. Hopefully, this gets them through the next few weeks. Donate here.

Jersey City COVID-19 Relief Fund

With these trying times, our city is in need of some assistance. A lot of residents have jobs that are incapable of converting to remote work, therefore halting their income. Team GREYLAYERS has set up this GoFundMe to ask for support for these people left with no income. Click here to donate now.

Kitchen Step Employees Need Help

At this time, Kitchen Step has found it best to halt delivery service as well, in hopes that proactive, voluntary measures such as this, will effectively contain the spread of the virus. All proceeds will be split among staff. Click here to donate now.

Manny’s Tipped Employees

The proceeds from this Go FundMe will be split equally among all of Manny’s tipped employees. This uncertain time is difficult for everyone, and they appreciate anything the community is able to give. If you can’t give, please share this page with friends and family throughout the community. Donate here.

Onieal’s Hoboken Tipped Employee Relief Fund

There is no option for these tipped employees to work from home. While this is a trying time for everyone, they are humbly asking for your help. A  little bit can go a long way for the staff. All donations will be split up between bartenders, servers, and barbacks. Donate here.

 Satis Bistro COVID-19 Relief

Help out the staff of Jersey City’s own Modern European Cuisine restaurant. Click here to donate now.

Six 26 COVID-19 Relief in Jersey City

GoFundMe COVID-19 Small Business Relief is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Six 26. Donate here.

Six26 Tipped Employee Relief Fund

The majority of Six26’s staff relies on tips to maintain their livelihood. Even though the restaurant is closed down, the staff all still has bills to pay. Donate to support the tipped employees of this instrumental part of Jersey City’s LGBT+ community. Click here to donate.

Tutta Pesca Tipped Employee Relief

While everyone is struggling to keep their family calm, safe, and taken care of, if you’re able to make even a small donation, you could make a huge impact on the livelihoods of these tipped employees. Tutta Pesca would be so grateful for your selflessness at this trying time. Donate here.

White Star Warren Tipped Employees

The abrupt nature of this situation has left tipped employees without a way of making a living. The proceeds of this donation page will be split equally among them. Click here to donate now.

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Angela CARES Inc.

Angela CARES Inc. has distributed over 150 bags of “grab and go” groceries to low-income seniors as they self-isolate, and continues to fundraise to do another round. Donate here

Boring Cakes

Help raise funds for The Center for Food Action {CFA} with your purchase of a coronavirus cookie set. Donate to the fundraiser here.

Bound Jewels

When you order, you get 15% off your purchase + 15% of the money is donated towards a local food pantry. Buy here to help donate.

CarePoint Health

COVID-19 is straining healthcare systems across the United States.  These healthcare systems are running short on much needed supplies and personal protective equipment for their employees.  If you or someone you know has personal protective equipment (i.e. – gloves, face masks, N95 face masks, gowns, face shields, etc.) or supplies (i.e. – hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, etc.) that could be donated, please visit this website to learn how to can donate here.

Community FoodBank of New Jersey

Community FoodBank of New Jersey is the state’s largest anti-hunger and anti-poverty organization, and partners with volunteers and food banks across New Jersey and Jersey City. Donate here.

Family Promise of Hudson County

Family Promise of Hudson County is an interfaith family homeless shelter in Hudson County that is re-housing families in individual homes so they can self-isolate safely. Donate here.

Greater Good Events

The Greater Good Events is partnering with @milksugarlovejc to have the community purchase 1000 cookies to donate to the Jersey City Medical Center for their medical teams. Order cookies here to donate.

Haven Adolescent Respite Center

Haven Adolescent Respite Center is continuing to support youth and families through one-on-one and group online counseling, crisis intervention, tutoring, and connecting families in need of internet access. Donate here.

Hoboken Crossing Guards and Traffic Controllers

According to City Council president Jen Giattino, crossing guards who had to be furloughed due to the closing of schools, are a vulnerable group within the community right now, in need of assistance.  Many of them live paycheck to paycheck, and their last pay check from the city has finally come. This campaign is to help support these crossing guards until schools open back up and they can support themselves once again. Donate here.

Hudson County Hunger Project

Hudson County Hunger Project is a group of dedicated community members, restaurant owners, students, and a virtual volunteer team in the NJ/NY area, coordinating free boxed meal deliveries to JC’s most vulnerable groups. Partnering with local eateries, drivers, and the Hudson County Health Department, meals are created to order. Donate here.

Keller Williams Red Day 2020

Keller Williams Hoboken organized this Fundraiser to serve hot meals to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. The shelter’s kitchen is no longer open due to COVID, so they cannot accommodate the same amount of guests each evening due to social distancing. The goal is to purchase meals from local restaurants and drop off the meals to the shelter, in order to support local businesses while also supporting the shelter that does so much for the community. By donating just $5-$15 you will help local restaurants deliver one meal to feed one person daily at the shelter. Donate here.

Mayor’s COVID-19 Relief Fund

Mayor Steven Fulop asked the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation (JCEDC) to create the Jersey City COVID-19 Relief Fund. This Fund will provide resources and support to the City’s most vulnerable residents: it will help us minimize hardships for needy families and seniors by improving access to food and other necessities. The Fund will also invest in our local economy by helping small businesses and nonprofits — the backbone of our neighborhoods— get back on their feet. Donate here.

Jersey City Medical Center

Jersey City Medical Center has created a dedicated Emergency Response Fund to support its comprehensive emergency care efforts. Donate here.

JP’s Bagel Express

This Hoboken bagel shop has launched a donations initiative that can be found on the websites “online ordering” tab. Through the generosity of the community, the shop plans to consolidate all donations received during the week on Sunday and arrange food deliveries to local front liners that are working so tirelessly to serve the community. Click here to donate.

Lo and Rae Swimwear

Get 20% off sitewide with code “STAYIN” + 10% of all sales are used to buy food to donate to the Hoboken Shelter. Buy here to help donate.


Margherita’s is donating 50% of all gift card sales to its service staff. Purchase gift cards here to help donate.


Local shoe store Morlees is donating non-slip shoes to healthcare workers at Jersey City Medical Center so that workers have dedicated shoes in the facility that they do not have to bring home. A $35 donation covers one pair of shoes, and their current goal is to provide 75-100. To donate: Venmo Robyn Grodner @Morlees.

St. Lucy’s Homeless Shelter

St. Lucy’s Homeless Shelter is a 24/7 emergency shelter facility for homeless men and women that connects clients to health, unemployment, job training, and job search. addiction treatment, and other resources, as well as conducting outreach services for unsheltered people who are homeless. To help them collect resources to protect staff and clients from the high risk of COVID-19, designate your donation to “St. Lucy’s”. 

Temple Beth-El

Temple Beth-El has created an Amazon Wishlist to help stock their food bank.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home is a volunteer-run 501{c}{3} that helps refugees and asylees who have resettled in Jersey City. You can donate here to help their ongoing tutoring, job support, food & supply runs, child enrichment, and myriad other forms of support continue during the COVID-19 crisis. They’ve also set up an Amazon Wishlist to provide Chromebooks to families without devices to continue their children’s’ education during this time.

York Street Project

York Street Project’s homeless shelter for women and children is in particularly urgent need of funding to be used for supplies to fight COVID-19. Donate here.

Since we’re all stuck at home, looking for ways to help the community out, please take the time to consider donating to any of these causes. It’s an unprecedented time + these organizations, businesses + individuals could really use the help of the community now more than ever. 

Know any other GoFundMe campaigns that need help? We’re trying to stay as up to date as possible.

Please email hello@hobokengirl.com with updates. Thank you!

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