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A Travel + Food Guide to Yankee Stadium and Citi Field

by Michael King
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According to the Hoboken Historical Museum, on June 19th, 1846, Hoboken’s Elysian Fields hosted the first recorded baseball match played by recognizably modern rules. The two teams were The New York Nine against the Alexander Cartwright’s Knickerbockers, the New York Nine coming out victorious. This game is said to have been the birth of modern baseball, America’s pastime. Now with summer in full swing and with the NBA and NHL seasons having concluded, its baseball season and usually around here sports fans fall into two categories: the Yankees or the Mets. If by chance you are heading to a game this season, here are the best ways to get there and what to snack on at first pitch. Keep reading for a travel and food guide to Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. 

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Luckily living in Hudson County, there are numerous ways of getting into the city, whether the final destination is the Bronx or Queens. Here is how to get from Hoboken or Jersey City to Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in New York City, depending on who you’re going to see.

Getting to Yankee Stadium via Public Transit

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The best bet to get to Yankee Stadium is the B/D or the 4 trains. Let’s start with the PATH train. Whether starting in Hoboken or Jersey City, take the 33rd street line and then make a quick subway change at the final stop at 33rd Street, which connects directly to the B/D underground. It does not get much easier than that. On the flip side, the WTC PATH line finishes at the WTC, relatively close to the 4 train Fulton Street station, which can be taken straight to the stadium.

The ferry is also a viable option. The ferry at Hoboken 14th street, Lincoln Harbor, Port Imperial, Paulus Hook, or Harborside will sail to 39th & 12th, which is the Midtown NY Waterway ferry station. With every ferry ride, riders can use the ferry buses for FREE. There are ferry buses that go west to east across 57th, 50th, 42nd, and 34th Streets, as well as a downtown option. From there, take the 42nd Street ferry bus to the B/D at Bryant Park or take it to the 4 train in Grand Central. The 34th Street bus will lead to the B/D in Herald Square or the near 33 Street/Park Avenue South stop for the 4 train.

Getting to Citi Field Via Public Transit

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The 7 train is the option to get to Citi Field. The best way to get on the 7 train is probably the ferry or an NJ Transit bus. Taking the ferry from the Hudson County stops mentioned above land at 39th and 12th, from there jump on the 42nd street ferry bus straight to Bryant park to get on the 7 train. It’s smooth sailing from there to the stadium. If a bus to Port Authority is easier, note there will be walking a short travel distance from Port Authority to Bryant Park before getting to that same 7 train.

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With all the options stated above, driving is also always a possibility. Driving, however, all relies on situations like tunnel traffic, stadium parking, and stadium traffic after the game — not always the most convenient circumstances. Parking usually is $25-$35 for each stadium. For Yankee Stadium, there are parking lots on each side of the stadium. For Citi Field, parking is also right outside.

The Food

All that transporting is probably going to make game-goers hungry. Here are some A+ foodie spots in each stadium to check out.

Our Food Picks in Yankee Stadium 

A Lobel’s Steak Sandwich {Available in sections 133 + 321}

Prime USDA New York strip loin, coffee spice-rubbed, smothered in gravy, and served on a fresh brioche bun — that’s what diners can enjoy in a Lobel’s steak sandwich. This sandwich has become a staple among Yankee fans. Continue the tradition but make sure to grab a napkin or two.

A Crispy Maple Chicken Sandwich {Available at The Batter’s Eye, The Triple Play Stand in 205 and sections 107 + 331}

This is a new item on the Yankee stadium menus. A spicy maple drizzle, white cheddar cheese spread, pickle, and chicken all on a butter-toasted bun. This rookie, which has a little spice kick, has a bright future in the big leagues.

Garlic Fries {Available in Sections 108, 205, + 331}

Walking around the stadium, game-goers will find that hundreds of people have these in hand. It’s the perfect complement to many of the sandwiches found around the concourse. 

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Our Food Picks in Citi Field

Shake Shack {Available in Section 139}

This fast-casual burger chain has become a homegrown favorite. The line may be long but the reward is oh so good. Plus, don’t skip an order of the waffle fries — they won’t disappoint.

A Fuku Fried Chicken Sandwich {Available in Section 141}

A perfect fried chicken sandwich, with a kick. Pick up a Milk Bar cookie to finish off the meal with something sweet.

An Emmy Squared dry-aged burger {Available in Section 104} or an Emmy Squared Detroit-Style Square Pizza {Available in Section 412}

One location serves the burger, one location serves the pizza. Fans can try one, but it is probably worth it to try both — your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

What is your favorite food found inside the stadiums? Let us know in the comments!

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