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A Trip to Victory Point, Jersey City’s Newest Game Shop

by Diana Cooper
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Victory Point, a new game store for purchase and play, recently opened in downtown Jersey City — bringing together a community of game board and card game enthusiasts. Located at 112 Brunswick Street, Jersey City, Victory Point hosts events, including pre-releases for trading cards, and even tournaments. The idea originated from three pals who were looking for something different to do after their full-time jobs. Read on to learn more about Victory Point in Jersey City.

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Coming to Jersey City

Victory Point garnered the interest of Jersey City residents weeks before opening. A Reddit page posted a photo of the store’s ‘Coming Soon’ sign with the description “board games, cards and collectibles.” The doors officially opened on Saturday, May 18th, and since then, locals have been sharing the news via word of mouth and even stopping by to check it out.

The owners tell The Hoboken Girl that since the store’s opening, the event nights have drawn about 24 people thus far and the recent Magic: The Gathering’s pre-release event for Modern Horizons 3 cards had 14 attendees – one person even came from Philadelphia. “So far, we love the outpour of support from the community. We’ve had a lot of people come in to say hi, offer to help plan events, or make a purchase,” the owners shared.

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The masterminds behind Victory Point are Jersey City residents Nanyou Guan, Philipp Starovoytov, and Barry Chau. “We decided to open the store because all of us are either gamers or collectors. We’ve been to similar stores in other cities and have been waiting for one to open up in the Jersey City area,” the owners explained.

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“Compared to Play! in Hoboken, we’re more focused on board games, trading card games, and tabletop games. So that means our space is dedicated toward those hobbies and we have a larger selection of board games available to play in store.”

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They noted that it was “inconvenient” having to go to Hoboken, Bayonne, or New York City for a game store. “We also thought it would add variety to the city since there are plenty of bars and restaurants, but not a lot of options for entertainment or if you wanted to do something other than eating or drinking with friends,” the pals added.

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Nanyou, Philipp and Barry, all first-time business owners, have other jobs (such as software engineer and software developer) outside of operating Victory Point, which is why during the week the store is open after 6PM. 



What’s Inside

Upon entering the Brunswick Street property, visitors will receive a warm welcome by one of the owners and get introduced to the new game store. Visitors can make a purchase from a variety of trading cards (such as Pokemon, Disney Lorcana and Magic: The Gathering) and collectibles and/or sit at one of the wooden tables and play a board or card game. There are even some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase.

The entire back wall of the store is stocked with hundreds of games to select from. These include the popular games Codenames and CATAN, as well as the classic board games, such as Clue, Checkers, Monopoly and Scrabble.

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Victory Point has become an official partner of game manufacturers, which allows the store to host tournaments with games, something the owners haven’t seen at other nearby game stores.

“We have a vast selection of board games for play and we continue to add more. Whenever someone comes in with a game suggestion or asks for a specific game to play, if we don’t have it, we will look into acquiring it. We do the same for trading card games, so if there is a trading card game that they’re looking for we will try to add it to the store,” the owners told HG.

While the majority of items are retail price/similar prices seen at other stores, Victory Point does have some rare finds, such as a $300 Secret Lair Commander deck: Raining Cats and Dogs.

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Check It Out

The hours of operation and prices for play and purchase can be found outside the storefront as well as on the website. It costs $10 per person to play on the table space with Tuesday through Thursday being unlimited time and Friday through Sunday being a three-hour limit. Space can be reserved online or by walking in.

Tickets for events range from $10 to $60, depending on the type of event. Game nights are every Wednesday and tickets purchased in advance are 20 percent off ($9.38 per person). The description reads: “Whether you’re a strategy master or a newbie looking to learn, our diverse collection of games has something for everyone. Meet new friends who share your love of board games and enjoy a night full of laughs, competition, and good times. Join us for an unforgettable evening of gaming fun!”

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The owners told Hoboken Girl that they are planning events around other games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lorcana, Warhammer 40,000 and so forth. They concluded, “Generally anything the community wishes to host. We want our space to be a haven for all hobbyists and gamers because there is no outlet for those communities in Jersey City currently. Please feel free to reach out to us to plan, host, or request any events you’d like.”

Victory Point is open Tuesday through Thursday from 6PM to 11PM, Friday from 6PM to midnight, Saturday from 10AM to midnight and Sunday from 10AM to 11pm. The store is closed every Monday. For more information, visit victorypointjc.com.

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