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This Hoboken Resident Just Hosted The Galentine’s Day Party of Our Dreams

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Galentine’s Day is just around the corner {AKA tomorrow}, and there are a number of ways to celebrate in town found here. For some, the celebrations might take place at a fancy dinner or a special event, but for others, a house party is where it’s at. But it’s not just any house party. It needs to be a real banger {and by banger, we mean filled with pink treats, heart-shaped pizzas, a Burn Book, and swizzle straws, obviously}. And one Hoboken resident did just that this year, with serious pink evidence below. 

galentines danielle tullo

^Danielle Tullo, Galentine’s Day host extraordinaire

Read on to find out how Danielle Tullo, a local Hoboken girl {and senior editor at Her Campus}, hosted the pinkest, cutest, girliest Galentine’s Day party of our dreams.

Galentines tips

{All photos courtesy of Danielle Tullo}

First things first — as a former editor of House Beautiful, Danielle’s apartment is a Galentine’s Day DREAM any day of the year {and we know this because it’s next on our list of Hoboken Homes features for the month, just sayin’}.

But when it comes to Galentine’s Day, Danielle’s theme level is 100, and for good reason. “It’s easily my favorite day of the year — regardless of it being a fictional holiday created in a Parks and Recreation episode —because it involves the best women in your life paired with a boozy brunch, making it triumph over any other day.”

The holiday is unofficially celebrated on February 13th —Valentine’s Day eve — but Danielle throws her extravaganza on the Saturday prior each year {though a boozy brunch on a weekday does sound dreamy}.

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Galentines girls

Brunch started at 12:30PM in Danielle’s Hoboken apartment, and the only thing required of her guests was that they had to wear pajamas and be ready to drink a whole lot of bubbly.

Galentines stirs

 To start off, Danielle prepped enough mini bottles of LaMarca Prosecco to feed a small girl gang {or just her guests, NBD} and a custom stir stick with their name on it.

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galentines bar cart

“I got the stir sticks on Etsy, and once they finished their mini bottle, they could head to the bar cart to pour themselves a mimosa. The stir sticks were great for guests to know which glass was their own and, of course, made for a great Instagram.”

Galentines pizza

Next up? Heart-shaped pizza, of course. “I had a heart-shaped pizza bar, featuring plain and pepperoni, as well as a Nutella pie that I got from Joes Pizza in Summit, New Jersey. Full disclosure, my sister owns the pizzeria, but I’d argue that they make a heart-shaped pie better than anyone {and it tastes amazing}.”

Galentines fries

 In addition to pizza, Danielle served McDonald’s fries {because duh}, and wraps.

Galentines cookies

On the dessert menu were heart-shaped cookies and macarons from Baking Mama in downtown Hoboken, along with cookie dough cups from MDoughW, a Miami-based baker.


^Baking Mama serving up all the pink

“MDoughW is responsible for making me love cookie dough more than I already do,” Danielle explained. A definite must. Danielle also had custom M&M’s. “We also had blow pops, and, my favorite — Ring Pops that I put in actual ring boxes, which I ordered off of Amazon.”

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galentines day

For decorations, this seasoned Galentine’s Day party planner ordered a custom decal off of Etsy that said, “you’re like, really pretty,” for mirror selfies, and a ton of balloons. “I got the balloons from Hudson Paperie, which included a mix of 36-inch pink and white latex ones, as well as silver mylar ones that spelled ‘babes.’”

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Galentines decor 1

For the party, Danielle got her hair done at Up + Out. “I told them I wanted to look like Ariana Grande {LOL}, and the dress I wore was from Dor L’Dor in Hoboken.” The brunch party went until 7:30PM, and the playlist the crew listened to is on Spotify in case you’re planning this for your own celebrations.

Galentines polaroids

galentines polaroids 2

But perhaps the best Galentine’s Day treat? Danielle’s slightly sweeter take on a Burn Book — which said Galentine’s Day — for guests to write notes in and throw in photos of the Polaroids they were taking.

galentines burn book

Find out more of Danielle’s Galentine’s Day party tips on her Hoboken Girl Instagram take over, happening on @HobokenGirlBlog this evening.

Have any Galentine’s Day party tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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