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Where to Find the Best French Toast in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Nicole Gittleman
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Ahhh, french toast in Hoboken and Jersey City— bread battered and fried with a cinnamony, sweet wash of eggs, cream, and vanilla — the ultimate comfort food. What’s unique about french toast is that everybody has their own unique recipe, making it vary from person to person and restaurant to restaurant. It’s a breakfast item that can be easily remixed pending your choice of bread, use of nuts or chocolate, sampling of syrups, and assemblage of sides. Below, some of the best places around Hoboken and Jersey City to satisfy your french toast craving. 

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Anthony David’s {953 Bloomfield Street}

Anthony David’s

{Photo credit: @anthonydavids_}

Anthony David’s kicks it mostly classic by using Challah bread, nutmeg, and vanilla in its French toast recipe, but does it up a notch by including a dose of coconut butter. 

Court Street {61 6th Street}

Court Street’s french toast is a perfect brunch item – it’s made with thick-cut Challah bread and Grand Marniern. Plus, Vermont maple syrup. Court Street offers brunch on Sundays only from 12PM – 3:30PM.

Elysian Cafe {1001 Washington Street}

Elysian Cafe

{Photo credit: @elysiancafehoboken}

Don’t be fooled by what looks like a simple, classic french toast in this photo. Elysian Cafe’s cinnamon Amaretto french toast is drizzled with strawberry sauce and anything but simple.

Grand Vin {500 Grand Street}

Grand Vin

{Photo credit: @grandvinhoboken}

Adding a Parisian twist to the already French dish, Grand Vin prepares its french toast using almond croissants. Of course, no croissant french toast would be complete without strawberries, Nutella, and maple syrup on top, as well. Run, don’t walk, to Grand Vin for this dish. 

La Bouche {207 Washington Street}

La Bouche

{Photo credit: @labouchecafe}

If extra-thick slices are your thing, La Bouche is the place to go for great french toast. They top off the dish with fresh banana slices, strawberries, and whipped cream. The European-style cafe on Washington Street is a quaint space home to many more equally-as-delicious menu items. 

La Isla {25 12th Street or 104 Washington Street}

This French Toast is award-winning. La Isla’s French Toast recipe is so delicious and well-known, it’s even on the Food Network’s website. As it turns out, in Season 7 Episode 11 of Beat Bobby Flay, La Isla’s chef and owner Omar Giner beats Bobby with this incredible rendition of French Toasted. Spoiler alert: it’s stuffed.

Luca Brasi’s {100 Park Avenue}

Italian deli Luca Brasi’s has a robust breakfast menu, in addition to their sandwiches and Italian dishes. Their french toast is an homage to the classic and a great, sweet addition to a savory order. Who says you can’t have french toast for dessert? 

Madison’s Bar and Grill {1316 Washington Street}

Madison’s shows their expertise in French toast during their Sunday Bubbly Brunch and in the form of a specialty – creme brûlée french toast! 

Mikie Squared Bar & Grill {616 Washington Street}

Mikie Squared Bar & Grill

{Photo credit: @mikiesquared}

Brunch at Mikie’s isn’t complete without an order of their french toast topped with bananas and all sorts of berries. Couple that with a mimosa flight, and you’re in serious brunch business.

Otto Strada {743 Park Avenue}

Otto Strada

{Photo credit: @ottostradahoboken

Hoboken Girl Facebook Ground Insiders screamed their praises for Otto Strada’s french toast, which is made with Panettone. It’s topped with mascarpone, lemon zest, blueberries, and Otto’s homemade cinnamon syrup. Oh, let’s not forget powdered sugar, too.

Sorellina {1036 Washington Street}


{Video credit: @sorellinahoboken}

French toast at Sorellina is served standard with their house-made cinnamon raisin bread and cinnamon mascarpone. It’s the perfect fall brunch treat {amongst a ton of other, delicious items on their menu}.

Turning Point of Hoboken {1420 Frank Sinatra Drive}

Turning Point is a NJ-based chain of restaurant cafes that boasts an impressive brunch menu – french toast included. In fact, they have three mouth-watering, unique variations of the dish. The “OMG” is thick-sliced wheat french toast topped with sweet mascarpone, sugar walnuts, caramel, and chopped bacon. The “Corn Bread” is french toast dipped cornbread topped with vanilla mascarpone, fresh slices of golden delicious apples, honey, walnuts, and caramel.  And last {but not least}, the “Grand French” is thick-sliced brioche cooked in a batter of vanilla, whipped eggs, brown sugar, cinnamon & fresh cream.

The Little Grocery {1212 Washington Street}

The Little Grocery

{Photo credit: @thelittlegrocery1}

A la mode = oh my god. Neighborhood bistro The Little Grocery gets it right by offering their house special brioche french toast dish with a scoop of homemade gelato on top. 

Tosti {1024 Washington Street} 

This cute little cafe offers french toast on the dine-in, takeout, and delivery menus! Pro tip – order a side order {yes, they offer this}  if you’re in the mood for savory, but need a little sweet. 

Jersey City 

Amelia’s Bistro {187 Warren Street}

Amelia’s Bistro is a super popular place for brunch in Paulus Hook. They’re known for their extensive menu and unique takes on classics. Their option for french toast is an indulgent, mouthwatering one – Caramel Crunch Brioche French toast that is cornflake crusted and topped with bananas and caramel rum sauce.

Beechwood Cafe {290 Grove Street}

This corner cafe on Grove Street in JC feels like a modern-day diner. They are open from early to late, and offer everything from eggs Benedict to pastries to classic brioche french toast {topped with fruit aplenty} and beyond.

Buddy’s JC {247 Washington Street}

Buddy’s JC

{Photo credit: @buddysjc}

While they’re known for their cereal pancakes, Buddy’s JC does have a place for french toast on their menu. They also have a brunch appetizer of sliced french toast sticks. Sharing optional!

City Diner {31 Montgomery Street}

You know you’re at a classic New Jersey diner when they offer over 5 variations of a breakfast item. Enter, City Diner. They have french toast stuffed with sweet cream, topped with cinnamon baked apples, “Elvis Goes Banana” style stuffed with peanut butter, bacon & sliced banana, topped with peanut butter drizzle, and MORE. 

Latham House {299 Marin Boulevard}

The french toast at Latham House is extra special – it’s made with pecan Challah bread and topped with warm caramel sauce and fresh berries. Good things happen when breakfast items borderline dessert.

Life Pancake Company {426 Jersey Avenue}

Life Pancake Company

{Photo credit: @lifepancakecompany}

For a unique spin on french toast, check out Life Pancake House’s Monte Cristo French Toast with ham, turkey, and swiss cheese. Don’t fear a lack of options, Life has an entire french toast menu with options like Nutella Berry, Banana Cream, and Jersey French Toast {with Taylor ham, egg, and cheese}. 

Light Horse Tavern {199 Washington Street}

While it may not be the first restaurant on this list to offer a croissant variation of french toast, it is the first {and only} to offer bourbon vanilla croissant french toast topped with fresh berries, of course.

Luna Restaurant and Bar {279 Grove Street}


{Photo credit: @lunajerseycity}

If you’re a sucker for a classic french toast done really well, make your way to Luna. They serve theirs up with a fresh strawberry sauce and mixed berries, to sweeten the deal and dish.

Mathews Food and Drink {351 Grove Street}

Mathews Food and Drink

{Photo credit: @mathewsfoodanddrink}

Full disclosure – these French toast sticks are not currently available on the menu but they are so delicious they deserve a space on this list. They come back around periodically, so they’re not to be forgotten. The delicious, airy yet rich treat is great as a shareable and breakfast appetizer.  

sam a.m. {112 Morris Street}

sam a.m.

{Photo credit: @sam_am_cafe}

Sam’s french toast is a local classic. It’s one of their staple menu items and most loved by locals. Periodically, the kitchen will reinvent their usual french toast as a unique special, such as cannoli french toast, raisin bread french toast, or a variation with fresh peaches and cream. Whatever’s seasonal and the team is craving!

Satis Bistro {212 Washington Street}

Satis Bistro

{Photo credit: @satisbistrojc}

Satis’ variation on french toast isn’t a variation at all. At this corner bistro in Paulus Hook, enjoy a classic brioche french toast with macerated strawberries, powdered sugar, and warm maple syrup. 

Skinner’s Loft {146 Newark Avenue}

This cozy bistro is great for a meal any time of day, but they certainly do brunch right. The french toast on their menu is a standout on this list – cornflake-crusted brioche french toast stuffed with cream cheese & raspberry preserves. You heard that right, stuffed. 

The Hamilton Inn {708 Jersey Avenue}

Hamilton Inn

{Photo credit: @thehamiltoninn}

Aside from toppings or unique flavors, the type of bread you use in french toast is what gives it its personality. The Hamilton Inn’s french toast is full of personality, made with cornbread and served with cinnamon butter and blackberry jam.  

The Kitchen Step {500 Jersey Avenue}

French toast from Kitchen Step is made with croissant bread, apple compote, and mascarpone whip. As you can imagine, it’s delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, make-a-reservation-for-next-week-to-get-this-again level good, as is everything else on this neighborhood bistro’s menu. 

Uncle Momo {289 Grove Street}

Uncle Momo

{Photo credit: @unclemomojc}

This French-Lebanese restaurant on Grove Street downtown is the perfect place to enjoy brunch on a sunny day. Their French toast is made with Challah bread and served with cream Anglais, seasonal fruit, and maple syrup.


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