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The Beloved Point Pleasant Sinatra House is for Sale for $4.4M

by Sarah Boyle
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Everyone knows Frank Sinatra’s connection to Hoboken — but what some North Jersey residents may not know is that there is a house in Point Pleasant that has been dubbed The Sinatra House for its special connection to Sinatra’s music. The house, located at 175 Boardwalk + listed by James Ward with Keller Williams, belonged to the late Paul R. Smith —  a Sony Music Distribution chairman with an adoration for Frank Sinatra. Paul used to play Frank Sinatra’s music through speakers for all neighbors and passersby to enjoy from the boardwalk — and when he passed in 2002, letters from strangers requesting for the continuation of the music prompted his children to keep the tradition alive. Now, the children have come to the decision to sell the eight-bedroom home, which is currently listed for $4.4 million. Read on to learn more about The Sinatra House in Point Pleasant. 

sinatra house point pleasant front

(Photo credits: Shore Points Luxe)

The Man Behind ‘The Sinatra House’

This newly-listed house, located at 175 Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, was home to Sony Music Distribution chairman Paul R. Smith. Per NJ.com, Paul bought the house in the 80s, tore it down, and rebuilt what still stands today: an eight-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,600-square-foot home. After he retired, he moved into this home full time, and his family would come stay with him during the summers.

sinatra house point pleasant

(Photo credits: Shore Points Luxe)

If there’s one thing to know about Paul, it’s that he was a huge Frank Sinatra fan — so much so that he would play Sinatra’s music on exterior speakers all day during the summers from 8AM to 9PM.

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“It was always great when we were sitting there on the porch and different generations of people would walk by and stop and dance,” Paul’s daughter, Susan Stinneford, told NJ.com. “They would always say what great music it was. It didn’t matter if they were old or young.”

Paul passed away in 2002, prompting local strangers to leave letters on the doorstep of The Sinatra House, asking Paul’s children to keep the Sinatra music tradition alive. Locals and visiting passersby alike loved hearing the music from the boardwalk and had come to strongly associate this home with the Sinatra tunes it frequently played.

frank sinatra house wrap around porch point pleasant(Photo credits: Shore Points Luxe)

Paul’s children did their best to keep the tradition alive, but only two reside in New Jersey, making it challenging to keep up with the frequency with which Paul used to play the music. Now, after 20 years, the children have made the decision to sell the home — and Susan explained that the reason is because it feels like time for the change, especially since not everyone has the time to visit and make the most of the family home.

This means the home is now for sale — and as for whether the next owners will keep up the Sinatra tradition, we’ll just have to wait to find out.

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An Inside Look at ‘The Sinatra House’

sinatra photos sinatra house point pleasant

(Photo credits: Shore Points Luxe)

The Sinatra House is listed for $4.4 million It’s an eight-bedroom, four-bathroom home clocking in at 3,648 square feet. The listing labels it a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to both “own a piece of history [and] continue to write it.”

Located at 175 Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, this house is an oceanfront property and apparently boasts an enormous parking lot with space for 10+ vehicles, which is awesome considering how many people the house can sleep (25!). The home is charming, cozy, and filled with light wooden panels.

sinatra house interior point pleasant

(Photo credits: Shore Points Luxe)

The house has an open concept with water views from every window. There’s also a covered wraparound front porch from which Sinatra’s music once played, and the listing even encourages the next owner to crank up the speakers while enjoying the porch views.

So for those on the hunt for a shoreside home imbued with sentimentality, music, and history, now may be the time to take a tour of this unique spot — we’re guessing it won’t be available for long.

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