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Fridge Food Essentials to Keep Up Your Wellness Goals While Staying Home

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Instead of thinking of this time as a time of self-isolation, let’s just pretend this is the blizzard we never got — when you’re snowed in, all cozy on your couch, drinking wine with your neighbors, baking cookies, and making that delicious chili recipe you’ve been saving up. So while you’re staying home, we want offer some tips to help you stay on track of any wellness goals you’ve set for yourself. Being consistently home can lend itself to a few slip-ups when it comes to healthy eating + lifestyle habits, so local dietitian Vanessa Rissetto is here to share some grocery items to have on hand to help you stay on track of those goals while staying home. 

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What You Should Remember

Now that the toilet paper, Tylenol, Kim Crawford, and organic ground turkey have seemingly vanished from the ShopRite shelves, the real question at hand is what are you going to do to stay on your wellness plan and not succumb to the boredom that will definitely set in at some point as you stare at the same refrigerator?  

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These are trying times. There are tons of news updates flying around seemingly every second and the kids are off from school, which is awesome — except that on top of our actual jobs, we will also have to be elementary school teachers, short-order chefs, and janitors. The natural progression here would be for everyone to start eating their feelings with all this added stress coupled with the fact that you’re strictly staying home, but we are here to tell you, “NO NO NO!” 

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You’ve been through worse — if you’re reading this, remember that in 2016 you got through Prince, Muhammed Ali, Alan Rickman, and David Bowie passing away in the first six months and you survived 2012 aka Hurricane Sandy season — so you can definitely survive 2020 and stay on top of your wellness goals for the year with a few simple tips.

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What You Need + What to Eat

One such tip is to stop going to the supermarket altogether. Whole Foods, Fresh Direct, and even ShopRite will come to your door. You also don’t have to buy everything at once because the supermarkets are getting deliveries every other day. We recommend you adopt this far more civilized way to procure your groceries. ShopRite on a regular day causes us great stress so this is not any better. It allows you to plan what you want to get in peace and quiet and also ensure you get the items that you need. And, if you’re anything like us, whenever you go to the supermarket, you get distracted by those delicious-looking snacks that should stay on the shelves or you get annoyed because you can’t find what you want and leave without the things that you need. 

So, follow our advice — crack open your laptop, visit your favorite home delivery supermarket site, and add these items to your list for a delicious and healthy time at home.

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Breakfast Items + Ideas: 

  • – Yogurt {dairy free} + 1 tbsp chia + 1 tbsp peanut butter + raspberries
  • – Overnight oats
  • – Van’s Waffles + peanut butter + berries
  • – Soft boiled eggs + Everything But the Bagel Seasoning + spinach + ¼ cup sweet potatoes

Lunch Items + Ideas:

  • – Tuna
  • – Eggs
  • – Bagged lettuce
  • – Shaved parmesan
  • – Beets
  • – Blue cheese
  • – Balsamic
  • – Grilled chicken + lime juice
  • – Couscous + Brussels sprouts + eggplant + tahini lemon dressing
  • – Black bean burgers {made from scratch}

Dinner Items +  Ideas:

  • – Organic rotisserie chicken {3 lbs} + lemon + onions + white wine {sauce} + roasted broccoli + salt/vinegar roasted potatoes
  • – Drum sticks + asparagus
  • – Meatloaf + spinach + ¼ cup brown rice

Dessert Items + Ideas:

  • – Gluten-free banana bread {either store-bought or one you make at home}

Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t drink and have fun with your friends or spouse — of course not. And no, you don’t need to hide all the Girl Scout cookies, either. But we do think that this plan can help you stay on track for your wellness goals is arguably a very trying time. 

We know a lot of people are very worried about what the future holds, so we want to wish you a safe and healthy few weeks as you try to look after your families and stay well. One more thing, wash your hands! 

What are some of your go-to recipes to make while home? Let us know in the comments!


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