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All About Find & Revive: Vintage Fashion in Jersey City

by Erica Commisso
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For many young people, opening a store with their best friend, filled with clothes and fun home accessories, is a dream. Actually, striking the perfect balance of having a best friend and successfully working with them is a high-reaching dream. Childhood friends Kristian Herrera and Paige Rosales were able to do just that, as their dream became a reality through their shop, Find & Revive — a vintage haven based in Jersey City. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from this local spot.  

How JC Influenced Their Shop

Find-& Revive vintage jersey city

Kris and Paige grew up on the same block in the Jersey City Heights and have been friends since elementary school. “I didn’t realize how different it was growing up in Jersey City until I traveled far away. I think being raised in Jersey City made us tough and aware but it also made us tolerant and accepting,” Paige told Hoboken Girl. “When people say that Jersey City is a melting pot, they are not kidding,” Kris adds. “Growing up in such a diverse city influenced by so many cultures has been a blessing in disguise. I feel being exposed to different ways of dressing and self-expression has opened our minds to fun ways of dressing.”

Opening Find & Revive

Find & Revive vintage jersey city

This melting pot, they decided, was the perfect place to set up their vintage store, one of the women-owned, LGBTQ+-owned, and Latinx-owned businesses in the most diverse city in the USA. They use their heritage to stay motivated, they say, and count their strong NJ customer base combined with their hometown love as a good enough reason to keep their business local. 

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They officially launched their online store in July 2019 but, of course, spent a lot of time preparing and curating the collection they wanted to present to their community. They had spent a lot of time — over a decade — preparing for their dream to come true, after all. “I have an extensive background in retail where I was doing everything from shipment to visual merchandising to managing several stores at once, and I am also a drag performer,” Kris says.

Find & Revive vintage jersey city

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They also sold their vintage pieces of one of Jersey City’s beloved clothing boutiques, Mint Market.

Paige had taken a bit of a different path, but her experience helped her with the online store. “Before we officially launched, I was working as a graphic designer mainly in the restaurant industry. I still take on some freelance design projects outside Find & Revive as well,” she shared. But, their passion and experience came together to create their company. 

“Find + Revive grew into a business from our love of vintage fashion,” Paige told us. “We started seeking out unique pieces together when we were teenagers for Kris to rework for ourselves and also for friends and family.” It was a hobby for the duo for a long time, until Paige’s graphic design studies presented her with a branding project. The name and concept for an online vintage store were born, complete with a personal collection from both Paige and Kris, after seven years of wishful dreaming.  

Find + Revive’s Offerings

Find & Revive vintage jersey city

In terms of filling Find & Revive’s site with goodies, Paige and Kris “look for pieces we would personally love to wear or have in our own home. A lot of pieces in the store are pieces that are similar to what we already have in our own closets. We both love to shop until we drop, but we narrow each hunt down to pieces we absolutely adore,” they say. Basically, they wouldn’t ask others to purchase a garment they wouldn’t wear themselves. They’re heavily influenced by their own personal style.

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“I think we’d both say we’re chameleons when it comes to style,” Kris says. “I love classic lines and colors, well-fitted, tailored clothing, and tapered pants with a pop of color or print to spice things up.” Paige counts her style as more posh and minimalistic. “As obvious as it sounds, we both truly believe in dressing for the occasion and weather. My favorite vintage styles to draw inspiration from are the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘70s,” she says. 

Find & Revive vintage jersey city

Like many of us, Kris and Paige love fashion for the stories it can tell. “Our favorite pieces to sell are ones we know the most history on, especially if we have the chance to get to know the previous owner,” they explained. “For example, some pieces we’ve sold were items that older generations in our families have handed down to us. When we tell them we’ve sold their item or show them how a customer styled it or wore it to a special event it really warms their heart to see a piece they loved to be loved by someone else.” 

You can check out Kris and Paige’s unique vintage pieces at Find & Revive’s website. 


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