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Are E-Scooters Coming Back to Hoboken?

by Erica Commisso
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Last year, the City of Hoboken introduced a pilot program that saw electric scooters become available for residents to use. The pilot ended as the colder weather approached, {they were all collected on November 20th, 2019} and no official answer was given about whether or not we’d be able to use the electric scooters again in the spring. So for now, the current question at hand is — will we be seeing electric scooters in Hoboken again in 2020? Here’s what we know about e-scooters potentially making a return to the Mile Square this year.

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What the City Has to Say

If the City and governing body {Mayor and City Council} are comfortable with the parameters of a potential e-scooter contract, e-scooters could come back to Hoboken this year,” says Vijay Chaudhuri, Hoboken’s Community Manager. He noted that Hoboken officials have begun work into another program for small electric vehicles this year. 

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“Through this process, the City of Hoboken has put together a ‘Request for Proposal’ {RFP} from various micro-mobility companies to help determine the future of shared transportation services in the City. Shared services could include electric scooters, electric bikes, ‘normal’ bikes, and other options,” he said.

“While the City gathers this information, it will help provide insight into a potential ‘request for proposals’ that could provide the parameters for a potential contract with a micro-mobility company, or multiple companies,” he said. This means it may not just be Lime scooters and CitiBikes on the Hoboken streets this sunny season. 

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“Lime, along with any interested micro-mobility companies, could be considered for a potential contract,” Chaudhuri said, noting that any and all companies that submit their information to the RFP will be considered.  

The Timeline

As of right now, the timeline is not yet solidified, but it seems we will have an official decision by the spring. “Mayor Bhalla has asked Councilmembers Mike Russo and Tiffanie Fisher to help put together short term and long term recommendations for the future of micro-mobility services in Hoboken,” Chaudhuri said. “After interested micro-mobility companies respond to the RFP {due later this month}, the Councilmembers and Transportation Department will use the information to inform and collaborate for a potential RFP that could be sent out in the coming months. After receiving and evaluating the RFPs, the Mayor and City Council could then consider a potential contract by the spring.”

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The History

Hoboken became the first city in New Jersey to adopt e-scooters into the infrastructure. “I am thrilled Hoboken is leading the way for the rest of the state to implement an additional mode of green transportation,” Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla said in May 2019.

While incidents were recorded with Lime and OJO scooters after the pilot, which later saw OJO’s contract with Hoboken revoked, a large population of Hoboken residents seemed happy with the program, according to official and unofficial polls.

So, can we answer the question of scooters returning? Not just yet.

For now, though, Hoboken is collecting information about renewing the pilot program which seems promising for scooter lovers, but nothing has been set in stone just yet. 

Do you think e-scooters should come back to Hoboken? Let us know in the comments! 

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