Shake Shack in Hoboken Has a Projected Opening Date

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The news {and a few rumors} that popular burger chain Shake Shack is coming to Hoboken has been buzzing around the city for a while now. However, that news {that we originally reported on back in October 2019} is finally starting to become a reality. Known for its cheesiest of cheese fries and loaded shroomburger option for vegetarians, Shake Shack has now announced a projected opening date for the Mile Square location. Read on to learn more about the Shake Shack coming to Hoboken.


The Opening Date

Shake Shack will likely be opening in “quarter 2 or quarter 3 of 2020. It’s definitely still happening,” Michael Rawlins of RIPCO Real Estate {the company behind Shake Shack’s NJ locations} said, according to The newest Shake Shack venture will be taking over the space at 107-111 Washington Street.

Shake Shack in Hoboken

Back in 2017, Shake Shack was in talks to come to the very same spot in Downtown Hoboken — the three vacant lots next to the Walgreen’s on 1st and Washington. According to Jersey Digs, the Mile Square City-based firm Nastasi Architects drew up plans for the lots, which featured five stories and more than 10 rental units. Shake Shack was reported to have taken the retail space on the building’s ground floor. Hoboken Girl reached out to Natasi Architects at the time to confirm, and they shared that the deal had fallen through.

But by April of that same year, the Hoboken Zoning Board had squashed the plans. Well, not squashed them, so much as denied them. By the next release of the next round of renderings, Shake Shack’s signage was dropped from the images.

At the time, there was no legal documentation that confirmed Shake Shack’s participation in the deal. However, the Zoning Board allegedly heard testimony regarding the application. Apparently, Shake Shack and Nastasi had reached a deal.

But ever since the Zoning Board dropped Shake Shack in 2017, not much word has been heard as far as what’s happening at 107 Washington Street. Until now, that is.

Back in October of 2019, the company’s official hiring page published a listing for a position at a Hoboken location, indicating that the Mile Square will soon be getting a new burger spot. Now, with the news of the projected opening date, that burger dream is about to become a reality in Hoboken.

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Chain Stores in Hoboken

Chain stores have a history of inciting public outrage in Hoboken. Chain makeup store Sephora came to Washington Street in 2018 and stirred up some controversy and Domino’s recent return to the Mile Square was not without debate.

After all, Shake Shack is coming to a high-competition burger area — what with Bareburger down Washington Street at 5th, Arthur’s just a block away on 2nd, Zack’s over on Willow, and Birch Hoboken over on River Street. Such a big move from a corporate restaurant begs the question for a lot of residents with businesses in town:

Will Hoboken be able to maintain its humble, mom-and-pop shop origins? We definitely hope so.

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And while Shake Shack has established itself as one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains, we can’t forget its very humble origins. The original Shake Shack started out as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park back in 2001. In 2004, SS upgraded to a hot dog stand, and the milkshake brand didn’t get a brick-and-mortar restaurant until 2010. Now years later, there are over 100 locations throughout the United States.

Not to mention, burgers are a hot commodity in our area. Thick, juicy patties {and vegetarian/vegan options for all you plant-eaters} can also be found in nearly every food establishment in town — Johnny Rocket’s, Mill’s Tavern, Grand Vin, The Ainsworth, Onieal’s, Arthurs, Moran’s, and more. For more on where to score a delicious burger in Hoboken, check out our guide to some unique picks in Hoboken.

What are your thoughts on Shake Shack coming to town? Tell us in the comments below!

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