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Easy DIY Fall Floral Centerpiece {You Can Make Today}

by Arielle
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Thanksgiving is here — and with the holidays comes fun fall decor! If homemade hand turkeys don’t exactly match your vibe, don’t worry, because we have a chic {and easy} fall floral DIY for you, that you can literally do today. This project is quick, inexpensive, and will impress anyone from your roommates to your opinionated Aunt Martha.

What you’ll need:

-One medium fake white pumpkin – we used a trick or treating basket from Michaels, but if you can’t find one then a regular plastic pumpkin will be fine {note – if you go with a regular plastic pumpkin, you will need to cut the top off using a sharp knife}

-Floral styrofoam

-Fake flowers {when you buy these, don’t buy all of the same flowers – get some variety in type and color!}

-Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

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-A diagonal cutter like this one, or a very strong pair of scissors, for “pruning” your flowers {aka cutting the wires}

-Mini white pumpkins

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Putting it together:

Make sure your styrofoam fits inside the fake pumpkin, and hot glue it in place so that your flowers don’t move around as you’re arranging them.

Once the glue has set {3-5 minutes}, measure and trim your flowers so they will be visible – you don’t want them too long or too short, so measure twice and cut once!

A good way to make sure they are the right length is to measure them based on the height of the pumpkin, then take an inch or two off so that they will be secure in the styrofoam but won’t go straight through.

Arrange the bottom layer of flowers, then the next layer, and so on and so on until your pumpkin has a beautiful flower crown.

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For the mini pumpkins – snip the flowers off their wires entirely, and hot glue them to the top of the pumpkin. If you can, try to find pumpkins with small or no stems, so the flowers won’t have to compete – or you can always trim the pumpkin stems if you need to.

And voila!

This would look great on your kitchen table, coffee table, or countertop – wherever you want to add a pop of fall florals.

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