New Food Truck ‘Disco Dillas’ Coming to Hoboken Next Year

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A new food truck called Disco Dillas will make its debut next year in Hoboken, and those who were in town recently might have gotten an exclusive sneak peek. Run by two siblings, Disco Dillas will have Hoboken residents flocking to the decked-out party truck upon its arrival. 

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Disco’s Debut in Hoboken

Disco Dillas, owned by siblings Lexi Cassitto and Joe Cassitto, made a pop-up appearance in Hoboken on Thursday, November 11th through Sunday, November 14th. Hoboken Girl has learned that the pop-up was more of a trial period and that the truck will be returning full time in the spring.

“We just had our opening weekend where we were testing a lot of things and testing different spots. We did [the pop-up] to work out the kinks and start to understand what our process would be, but the plan right now with it turning cold is to take a break for the winter and to open in the spring full-on,” Joe tells Hoboken Girl

The brother-and-sister duo’s goal in mind is to bring a “fun addition to Hoboken” in the form of a “flashy truck.” And so far, the community was loving it!

disco dillas debut hoboken food truck

^ Lexi Cassitto and Joe Cassitto, owners of Disco Dillas

“Our food truck, being as audacious as it is with disco music playing and the colors and eventually hopefully lights, we’re drawing people in before they’re even realizing they’re hungry, and [then] they walk up and they’re like, ‘Woah, you’re doing dillas? Great, let me get one!” Lexi, a Brooklyn-based resident, shares.

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“Everybody walking by was dancing, which was really fun. We had a couple of people come back the next day and order again, and we sold out of everything. So we were pretty happy with that. I do really think that it was definitely a confidence boost to get that kind of feedback.”

More Than Dillas

Lexi, who has been part of the food industry since she was 14 years old, currently runs a bar at an upscale fine dining place in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. She frequently visits her brother, who’s been a resident of Hoboken for the past nine years. Together, they came up with an enticing menu for the truck’s grand debut in Hoboken.

disco dillas food truck

“We’ve had some really unique ideas so far and a lot of them did really well [the first weekend]. We did a buffalo chicken quesadilla, we had a pulled pork with mango slaw, we had a lamb massaman (that’s an Indian recipe) and we had an eggplant caponata that we kind of morphed into a quesadilla,” Joe says. 

“The goal for us is to create some creative spins on quesadillas like recipes that nobody would think to go into a quesadilla. Now, we’re going to spend the winter either refining some of those or adding some new ones. Our plan is to rotate some recipes in and out throughout the season and just mix it up and keep it interesting.” 

How the Idea Came About 

Joe spills that the food truck idea came about during the beginning stages of the pandemic when he struggled to find a convenient place to pick up lunch.

“I found myself working from home every day and realizing, ‘Hey every time I need to get lunch, I either need to order delivery or I need to go walk somewhere.’ The idea at the time, during the early days of the pandemic, was, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a food truck in Hoboken that was on the move and you can kind of catch it as it comes nearby?’” Joe shares.

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“I think being in Hoboken and knowing the food trucks I love the food trucks that we have [already] our thing with our truck was to create more of a vibe where you come up and there’s music playing, and a really large serving window where we can kind of interact with our customers while they’re eating and everyone’s dancing.”

So what kind of “disco” music will be playing? “It’s a little bit of a mix of the whole traditional disco that everyone kind of knows the songs and then there’s definitely a new wave of disco that’s been gaining some steam over the last five years, ‘nu-disco,’ and it’s more like a blend of old disco sounds and the new house music sounds that you might hear,” Joe says.

Coming to Hoboken This Spring

While they will be taking a break from operating the business during the colder weather, the Cassitto siblings will still be brewing up new ideas for when the truck relaunches in the coming months.

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As far as where Disco Dillas will be parked in the future, Lexi and Joe say nothing is set in stone, but it’ll definitely be in Hoboken since that’s where they have their permits. And, the truck will be open for both lunch and dinner and will remain open until the trucks have to shut down for the night.

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There’s more to come, such as expanding the truck’s reach by offering delivery service. The owners also have goals of hosting events with the bright pink and blue truck.

“We want to do a little bit more than just serve food. We want to create a fun place to hang out and spend time in Hoboken as well. We’ve had ideas to have a roller skating dance contest outside our truck,” Joe says. “My sister and I, we definitely love hosting events and cooking for other people whether it’d be barbecues, holiday parties, things like that. It’s always been an interest of both of ours.”

Be sure to follow Disco Dillas on Instagram, found here, for more updates.

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