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Venti Food Truck: A Traditional Taste of Italy on Wheels in Jersey City

by Nicole Gittleman
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In the last 200 years, millions of people immigrated to the United States from Italy, the majority of which came from Southern Italy. With Ellis Island nestled between the beautiful state of New Jersey and New York, it’s no surprise that many Italian immigrants chose to dig their roots in cities nearby the Hudson River. Given this history, it’s also no surprise that northern New Jersey has become quite a hub for high-quality, authentic Italian food. Thankfully, Jersey City has Venti Italian Specialties to keep the spirit of Italy and its culinary traditions alive and on-the-go. While there are plenty of delicious Italian restaurants in the area, Venti Italian Specialities is an Italian deli food truck and catering business that is committed to preserving the Italian-American deli tradition.

venti italian food truck

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“La Famiglia” Behind The Food Truck

In 2018, brothers Joe and Nick Ciancimino put the pedal to the metal and introduced a new food truck in Jersey City – Venti Italian Specialities. The idea to open a food truck was born out of the brothers’ mutual interest in paying homage to their Italian roots and more importantly, their family. The Ciancimino brothers are both first-generation Italian-Americans, whose parents and grandparents immigrated to the United States from Sicily. Beyond teaching them how to cook and prepare delicious Italian specialties when they were younger, Joe and Nick’s parents and grandparents instilled in them a passion for food, and along with that, a love for fine, fresh ingredients.

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In Italian, Venti means 20. Growing up, the Ciancimino brothers lived on 20th Street in Bayonne. The name, just like the inspiration for opening up an Italian specialties food truck, ties back to family. “Venti” pays tribute to the neighborhood Joe and Nick grew up in, but more specifically the house they grew up in. The house they lived in on 20th Street wasn’t just where they called home, it was the foundation in this country for Nick and Joe’s grandparents when they first came to the United States. The name also signifies the brother’s commitment to making people feel at home when they take a bite out of anything from Venti Italian Specialties Food Truck sandwich. Joe says, “even though we are a food truck we want our customers to feel at home and give them a sandwich they’ll truly enjoy.”

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Committed to Quality

Venti Italian Food Truck is certainly a family affair. Both Joe and Nick work the truck on a daily basis, ensuring they’re providing the highest quality ingredients and experience to their loyal customers. Their commitment to quality runs deep. Joe shared with Hoboken Girl that, “Venti Italian Specialties has always taken pride in our food and who we are, and in what our food represents. We work hard each day to preserve the Italian-American deli tradition and to bring each of our customers a taste of what is familiar, a taste of what they remember when they were growing up. We enjoy interacting with our customers and getting to know them.”

venti italian food truck

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Every morning, the Venti Italian Specialties team prepares fresh, homemade mozzarella, sauce, and chicken cutlets from scratch. The ingredients are sourced from only the finest distributors and every sandwich ordered from the truck is made to order. The menu ranges from hot to cold sandwiches and salads, all piled high with the ingredients of your liking. Often, there are other delicious Italian delicacies to add on to your order like fresh olives, homemade chips, cannolis, or Venti Tomato Sauce to-go.

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According to the Ciancimino brothers, their “signature and most popular sandwiches are our chicken parm with vodka sauce, our spicy Italian, our classico, and our chicken cutlet made with housemade bruschetta and fresh mozzarella.” With options like these, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

Track Down The Truck

venti italian food truck

{Photo credit: @ventifoodtruck}

Venti Italian Specialties Food Truck can be found Monday through Friday on Sussex Street at Exchange Place in Jersey City serving up lunch normally between 11:30AM-3:00PM The Ciancimino brothers do periodically open for dinner at random locations throughout Jersey City. The schedule does change from time-to-time, but follow @ventifoodtruck on Instagram to know exactly where the truck will be and when.

The brothers also offer catering, thanks to the mobility of a food truck kitchen. You can reach out to Joe and Nick at [email protected] to learn more about their catering offerings.

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